Robbie Leslie

Robbie Leslie was the DJ at New York's finest clubs such as the Sandpiper, 12 West, the Saint, Studio 54, Underground, Palladium... In this interview he speaks with about his DJ career.

Michael Sutton

Interview with Michael Sutton a.k.a. Mike Sutton, best known for co-producing Down To Love Town by the Originals, writing Cheryl Lynn's Shake It Up Tonight, and part of the husband and wife singing duo, Mike and Brenda Sutton.

Jimmy Yu

Jimmy Yu was the Disco DJ at several discotheques in New York City and Miami during the 1970s Disco era. He is interviewed by Bernard Lopez of

Tina Charles

Tina Charles is the British Disco singer best known for her 1970s hits, "Dance Little Lady, Dance." She speaks about her Disco days in this brief Q&A with Bernard Lopez of

Loleatta Holloway

Loleatta Holloway (b. November 5, 1946 - d. March 21, 2011) Interview with the gospel turned Disco singer known for her work on the Salsoul record label and numerous Vince Montana disco productions. She talks about her career, Dan Hartmen and others as well as the shady music business practices like Black Box lifting her vocals. She is interviewed by member Dayna Newman.

Stephanie De Sykes

Stephanie De Sykes, (Stephanie DeSykes) is best remembered for her early solo hit, Born With A Smile On My Face and as one of the vocalists on Cerrone's disco classic Love In C Minor, and several Alec R. Costandinos' disco projects such as Romeo and Juliet... She is interviewed for by Jussi Kantonen who is a DJ and author of the book Saturday Night Forever. Enjoy the Stephanie De Sykes interview.

David Mancuso

David Mancuso interview: The host of the Loft and founder of New York Record Pool talks to about the 1970s New York dance music scene and his Loft rent parties.

Boris Midney

Boris Midney interview: Boris Midney is a Russian born musician, composer and photographer who defected to the United States in the 1960s and immersed himself in Jazz with the Russian Jazz Quartet. In the 1970s however he discovered Disco or it discovered Boris. Midney's two biggest Disco studio groups were Beautiful Bend and USA-European Connection. member, Jussi Kantonen interviews Boris Midney. 

Boris Midney - The Interview.

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a Grammy winning songwriter, producer, arranger, mixer and remixer, who has worked with the likes of Madonna, Guns n' Roses, Wu Tang Clan, Whitney Houston, Blues Traveler, Metallica, Korn and others. In this interview with Bernard Lopez of, Steve Thompson describes his start as a DJ/remixer in the 1970s Disco era, New Wave/Alternative/DOR remixer for the like of Talk-Talk in the 1980s and his move to extensive producing and writing from the 1990s onward.