Vince Unto

Vince Unto, the lead vocalist of Executive Suite speaks to about the making of their 1973 Disco hit, When the Fuel Runs Out and how Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates gave them their name.


Mantus was the Disco group from Brooklyn that hit it huge with (Dance It) Freestyle Rhythm and Boogie to the Bop. They talk with about their beginnings, the band's breakup and now their regrouping.

Jerry Miller

Disco DJ Jerry Miller talks to about the dance music scene in Portland, Oregon during the 1970s and 1980s. Can one vacant Victorian house really hold a load of Disco partygoers?

Tony Carbone

Tony Carbone along with Arthur Baker and Russell Presto produced and wrote many songs including Northend: "Kind of Life," Michelle Wallace: "Happy Days," and "It's Right." Get the full story on Anthony Carbone in this exclusive interview.

John Ceglia

John Ceglia, the New York Disco DJ who spun at legendary New York discos: New York-New York, Bonds, Underground, River Club, Studio 54, Ice Palace, Pavilion, The Saint... talks to Lots of Disco history here including notes on Jim Burgess and Roy Thode.

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Ray Velazquez

Ray Velazquez has been involved in dance music since 1973 by way of David Mancuso's Loft and Eddie Rivera's IDRC and later his tenure at Vanguard Records. Read's exclusive interview for more.

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Dan Pucciarelli

Dan Pucciarelli is a Brooklyn Disco DJ who began spinning in discotheques as early as 1975. He's been the guy behind the mixing and music at countless Brooklyn and Manhattan clubs as well as doing stints overseas in the U.K.

A. J. Cervantes

AJ Cervantes speaks to about his days as founder of Butterfly and Destiny Records and the various groups such as THP Orchestra and Saint Tropez that he signed to his labels. Includes a discography of Butterfly and Destiny 12 inch singles and LPs.

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Tony Valor

Tony Valor is best known for his Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra and Fantasy's "You're Too Late" records. Tony Valor speaks with about his music career and TVI Records label.

Robbie Leslie

Robbie Leslie was the DJ at New York's finest clubs such as the Sandpiper, 12 West, the Saint, Studio 54, Underground, Palladium... In this interview he speaks with about his DJ career.