Kelly Marie

Kelly Marie as a blonde in 2007.

Kelly Marie, the British Disco singer best known for her hit "Feels Like I'm In Love," is interviewed by member Dayna Newman.

Kelly Marie interview written by member Dayna Newman.

Kelly Marie, First off thank you for taking the time to do this brief interview with me, I only have a few questions nothing stressful just some Fan F.Y.I.

It's my pleasure Dayna, Thank you.

Listen to the original British version and video of Feels Like I'm In Love by Kelly Marie:

I know Feels Like I'm In Love was originally written for Elvis Presley, but he died before he could record it. That song was a massive hit for you in the UK as well as a big hit here in the States. 1980 was a monumental year for you, when you play it all back in your head what are some of the best memories you have?

 God I have so many memories my first number one in France with Who's That Lady With My Man and hits like Help Me, Run To Me, Make Love To Me all charting in countries before Feels Like I'm In Love had even been released in the UK.

Did you have as much fun performing that track as people did dancing to it? It was such a feel good song.

Yes, I still love performing "Feels..." after all these years it still gets people on the dance floor at party's, Disco's, etc. Most DJ's still play it after all these years so that can't be bad things can it?

Listen to Run to Me by Kelly Marie

Certainly not, it's what most artists strive for. Have you toured with any other artists and if so who would you tour with again and who would you not?

No ,I didn't tour with any artist's usually just myself and two dancers but have met so many nice people doing Television shows over the years.

Kelly I really LOVE your song Love Trial how did that song evolve and did it have much dance floor success?

 Sadly Love Trial didn't get the airplay even though a lot of people liked the track. Sadly one radio station dominated the airwaves in the 80s and if they didn't like your track they wouldn't play it! They thought "Feels..." was stupid but hey the public didn't and sent it to number one : )

Make Love to Me is another of my favourites. It was a big hit in Australia. Was it marketed in the US as well?

Yes Make Love To Me was marketed in the USA it was released on the Vanguard record label same record label that also released Run To Me in the USA but they didn't meet with much success which was a shame.

What has been your favourite venue to perform in and why?

No, I don't have a favourite venue! But when I do a show and see people dancing and singing along with my songs that makes me happy! That leaves more of an impression on me than the actual venue.

Did you work with any musicians that were from other bands that you were aware of and who wrote and produced most of your work?

I worked with Ray Dorset from the group Mungo Jerry who wrote Feels Like Im In Love we recorded some other demo's like Don't Stop and Come Deeper I also had the pleasure of working with the late Joe Dolan Sister Mary & the Disco Diva, Tina Charles we recorded some old tracks and gave them an up tempo beat!

Tina Charles seems like a lovey lady. Bernie The Owner of recently did an interview with her.

If you could have any DJ in the world, living or dead remix your music whom would you choose?

I loved Bobby "DJ" Guttadaro's remixes in the USA that he did with the songs from the Feels Like I'm In Love Album especially New York At Night as for today I think it would still have to be Stock Aitken and Waterman a Kelly Marie PWL album hmmmmmm Send Pete an e mail aha ha.

I LOVED Bobby "DJ" Guttardo as well. He was a great DJ.

Listen to Take Me To Paradise by Kelly Marie:

What new projects can we be looking for in the near future from you or is there anything you have recorded recently that you would like us to know about?

Sadly nothing new recorded at the moment I have had many offers on different projects, But you will all know when the right project comes along as I will. I have a new CD out! The Very Best of Kelly Marie it was released on the Sanctuary label in the USA late 2007 with many new to CD 12" Remixes.

Sounds delicious I'm there as I'm sure MANY of your fans will be as well.

Kelly, Who were / are your musical inspirations?

I loved Joan Armatrading, Paul McCartney, Marc Bolan and was also a big Neil Diamond fan.

Well girl. My head is in a spin, my feet don't touch the ground and thank you so much for your time. You are a lovely lady and we love you.

Thank you Dayna for taking the time to ask me these questions Just keep enjoying the music. Loads a Love Kelly Marie xx

–The End

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