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Carol Douglas photo from the cover of the Burnin album.

Carol Douglas, the Disco singer who is best known for Doctor's Orders and the 1975 Disco hit, Midnight Love Affair is interviewed by member Dayna Newman.

Carol Douglas, the is interviewed by member Dayna Newman

Carol, first off let me apologize for assuming things and not hearing both sides of the story before I spoke or wrote. I have nothing, but the best of wishes for you and Sharon Brown and you know I'm talking about the People's Court dramarama girl.

That's ok baby, I'm not worrying about that. I know what really happened and I'm going to tell you right now!

Oh where are my nerve pills when I need them. I think I'm as Janice McClain would say, "Smack Dab In The Middle."

L.O.L., ok Darlin' here is the real story, First of all Sharon Brown has issues: in 2003 I was getting ready for the Disco Ball at the Taj Mahal (Atlantic City, NJ) and decided I didn't want to stay with Sharon anymore.

I had only stayed there for about six days anyway, so she was obviously bitter about that situation.

When I went to pick up my belongings she said that it wasn't the right time and gave me some excuse so I never did get them from her. When I went to stay with her the phone was even cut off. I moved in with Sharon in the first place because I was recording in the Bronx and it was so much closer for me, I am not ashamed to say I am a New York City girl.

She even threw away a picture of my mother that you get from the funeral with the bible verses on it. I don't think she knew that she threw it away, but if she would have given it to me when I went to get it that time she wouldn't have misplaced it and threw it away. It was something that was irreplaceable to me.

Here's a quote and PLEASE do quote me on this, If I didn't have another picture of my mother and if I wasn't the lady of class that I am I would have given her a Bed-Stuy A*S Whoopin! That's a Brooklyn term.

KA PLUNK... "I fainted." "Smelling salts applied." Girllllllllllllllllllllllllll, oh my.

We were going to blend our talent together and try and get something good going because the same person that discovered me discovered Sharon Brown, It was Eddie O'Loughlin. And I was not homeless, I was staying with my hair stylist I had lived at my previous residence for 26 years.

Listen to Midnight Love Affair by Carol Douglas:

OK I'm going to move us in another direction. Although you have just as much right to say your piece as did Miss Brown.

Carol, what song would you say best represents you as an artist?

I would say "Midnight Love Affair" because it's elegant and sexy, yet very classy.

Yes, that's a lovely song and my favorite of yours second only to "I Fell In Love For The First Time Today". That I personally feel was under rated. You can hear it playing softly in the background right now.

Thank you, that is so sweet. I love that song too.

Out of the producers you have worked with which one was your favorite?

Eddie O'Loughlin of course, John Fitch and Rueben Cross. John and Rueben did Shame for Evelyn "Champagne" King as well.

As much as I love your songs and all the ladies I have interviewed so far "Shame" is my all time favorite Disco song. I can't lie about it. Which artists are your favorites to work with?

Oh I would say I loved working with Sylvester, Grace Jones, Keith Harrell, France Joli, Taana Gardner, Carol Williams and so many that I can't name them all but those are my favorites.

It seems like most people loved working with Sylvester, I bet he was a scream to work with and so talented. You were nominated for a Grammy for your album Burnin that's a lovely honor because many disco acts were overlooked at award shows except say someone like Donna Summer.

Yes, I feel very blessed about that I'm proud of that achievement.

Why did you fire your first agent Jay Ellis?

At that time Jay was also managing Gloria and he was pushing her to do shows and he made us like a package deal "If you take Carol you have to take Gloria too" and I didn't care for that so I hired Norby Walters.

I know you were a child star, who are some of the celebrities you worked with?

Oh my I worked with Cicely Tyson, James Earl Jones, Glen Thurman, Gregory Hines and quite a few more.

I LOVE Cicely Tyson she is a fabulous actress and a classy lady.

Where was your favorite place to perform?

Well Studio 54 of course, The Red Parrot, Bonds International... Actually I really love entertaining anywhere, it's a passion. Let me tell you this story.

I love stories. hehe. I'm all ears.

White label promotional 12 inch of the Carol Douglas album on Midland-RCA Records.
White label promotional 12 inch of the Carol Douglas album on Midland-RCA Records.

One night Gloria Gaynor and I were both going to perform at 54 and when we came out of our dressing rooms we had the same outfit on, we looked at each other like oh no you don't. But I was going on first so I looked at Gloria as I walked on stage and said I guess you will have to change. We did a television show in Paris one time and she had to know what I was wearing as not to make the same mistake as at Studio 54.

I 'm not going near that one, lol. Didn't you and Gloria get along with one another?

She doesn't even speak to me. She has parties at her mansion and doesn't invite me. I can't wait to go on Oprah and call it out. I will also call things out when I write my book.

Don't be shamed to call it out baby! Everyone else has tell-all books, give us some real juicy stuff, Miss Carol. Can you tell us the title of the book?

Mother Always Knew (The story of the first lady of Disco).

I can't wait to read it as I'm sure the rest of your many fans feel the same way.

I know there has always been a dispute over the first lady of Disco as to whether it's you or Gloria Gaynor, because you ladies started around the same time. Although I think Doctors Orders was the first mega disco hit from the two of you. And both of you ladies are so very talented. Do you think that might have something to do with the static between the two of you?

I have no animosity towards Gloria Gaynor but I suppose that might be the reason she doesn't speak to me.

Okay, let's talk about people you love in the business, who would you say are your best friends in the industry?

Taana Gardner and Carol Williams.

Carol Douglas album artwork.
Carol Douglas album artwork for Come Into My Life.

Oh Miss Tanna's my girl and Carol Williams is a doll, you pick lovely friends Carol.

What are you cooking up as far as music goes?

I am remaking Doctor Orders as an R&B song, and a song called It's Only In My Heart and I will be performing with the Ink Spots and Full Force and a new artist called Boogs.

Thank you so much Carol you have been so gracious and a pleasure to talk to.

Now I see why everybody wants you to interview them Dayna. Go ahead girl and feel free to call me anytime.

Oh you know I will. Much Love to you bye bye.

–The End

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