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Carol Williams with microphone performing on stage.

Carol Williams who is best remembered for her SalSoul Disco hit, "More," which was produced by Vincent Montana Jr. is interviewed by member Dayna Newman.

The following is an interview with singer Carol Williams kindly conducted and provided by member, Dayna Newman.

Hi Carol: You were the first female artist signed to the Salsoul label. That's quite a milestone in disco history. Disco was in its early stages at this time as well. Did you have any idea that Disco was going to blow up like it did? And how did the whole Disco explosion affect you?

I had no idea that Disco would take off the way it did, it hit so fast... I mean you could work anywhere and everywhere sometimes doing 2 and 3 gigs a night, and it was wonderful. My song "More" from Lectric Lady was the first 12 inch ever to be sold to the public; the second was Ten Percent by Double Exposure. Of course the DJs had access to them, but this was the first time the 12 inch was available for public distribution.

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Carol Williams black and white photo.
Carol Williams black and white photo.

WOW! That was another milestone, you were quite the innovator Miss Carol~!! Very impressive. How was it working with producer Vincent Montana Jr.?

He was the easiest going producer I have ever worked with. He let me do my thing, I had creative freedom with him, it was great.

Is there a city or venue that you held a special place in your heart, or you just liked the energy?

I would have to say Toronto Canada; they were into Disco before the States. And of course New York, Studio 54, Zanzabar, The Garage and a club called New York, New York. I remember working a show at New York, New York with Luther Vandross and Gwen McCrae. It would be so packed that it would take like 40 minutes to get from the dressing room to the stage. I remember thinking am I ever going to get there!!! "Laughing"

I know you have toured with a lot of other talented artists, can you tell me which you had the most fun touring with?

Carol Williams album cover for Lectrik Lady.
Carol Williams album cover for Lectrik Lady.

Carol Williams: I used to love watching Loleatta Holloway, she was so much fun and that was really the only chance I had to see her perform because I was so busy myself. Then there was Sharon Brown, Claudja Barry, Carol Douglas, The Salsoul Orchestra of course. The Trammps, Tavares... There were so many. Gloria Gaynor and I are good friends, but we never worked together. She's a wonderful entertainer.. I have opened for James Brown, Ray Charles and Dizzy Gillespie. They were all wonderful to work with and so talented!

How exciting, so much talent. You really did work with the best. I know you wrote some songs for Lectric Lady. What songs did you write?

Your So Much a Part Of Me, My Time Of Need and Come Back.

How was it doing an album with Tony Valor?

Tony let me write everything I wanted to. It was very rewarding.

I love the funky R & B feel to "Can't Get Away" That's the song that got you booked into Paradise Garage. What did you think of Larry Levan?

Larry Levan was an unbelievable DJ. He was way ahead of his time and could work the crowd like they were his puppets.

AMEN Sister... Larry Levan could do no wrong in my book.

Miss Carol what can we expect from you in the future, any projects in the works?

My wheels are always turning. and I'm working on a few things. You haven't heard the last of me!

Can't Get Away (From Your Love)

I would hope not, you have too much talent to waste. I'm trying to get you ladies down here to Florida to do a Diva revue. I'm working on it, I'm just waiting on the venues to take their thumbs out of there behinds and put their money where their mouth is~!!! I love Ron Richardson to death, "Your Manager" he has a lot of talent within his grasp. Is he always so sweet and so personable?

Ron is the kind of person that when you meet him it's like you have known him forever, he's a wonderful man. And manager, he works hard.

That's a very accurate description I think the world of him. Carol you told me that when you were a little girl you knew you were going to be an entertainer. Its as if the spotlight were waiting for you to grow up so it could shine on you. Thank you so much for granting me access into your world. You are a true lady and great talent. I will talk to you soon Love Dayna.

–The End

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