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Teri DeSario

Moonlight Madness (LP)

Teri Desario
Teri Desario
Teri Desario


Side One
1. Moonlight Madness / 4:59
2. Heart Of Stone / 3:25
3. With Your Love / 4:26
4. Hold On / 4:54
5. Dancin' In TheStreets / 3:10

Side Two
1. Sell My Soul For You / 5:39
2. Goin Thru Emotions / 3:28
3. Fallin' / 3:18
4. Yes I'm Ready /3:05
5. You Got What It Takes / 5:16


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Casablanca Record and Filmworks Inc. (US) / 1979 / NBLP 7178
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits


Side 1: 1. Teri Desario-Bill Purse. Blitfistly Music (BMI) 2. Joey Carbone Resurrection Music Inc. 3. Joey Carbone-Karen Tobin Resurrection Music/Sixty-Ninth Street Music (BMI) 4. Frannie Golde, Albert Hammond Albert Hammond Music (ASCAP) Braintree Music/Goldie's Gold (BMI)5. William Stevenson, Marvin Gaye, Ivy Hunter Jobete Music Company Inc.

Side 2: 1. Lionel Azulay Carbet Music/Harrick music Inc. 2. Joey Carbone, Richie Zito, Larry McNally Resurrection Music/Sixty-Ninth Street Music (BMI)/McNally Music Publishing (ASCAP) 3. Words by Carol Bayer Sager Music by Marvin Hamlisch Chappel Music/Red Buller Music/Begonia Melodies (BMI) 4. Barbara Mason Dandelion Music Co. (BMI) 5. H.W. Casey, Bill Purse, Teri Desario Harrick Music/Sherlyn Music/Blitfistly Music (BMI)

Recorded at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles and Devonshire Studios, Los Angeles, Engineered by: Erick Zobler, Mixed at: Devonshire Studios by: Humberto Gatica, Photography: Harry Langdon.

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Moonlght Madness is a nice LP by Teri DeSario with most of tracks for dance and sweet ballads you can enojoy this album from beggining to end easily, the disco or dance tracks are "Moonlight madness", "With your love", "Sell my soul for you", "Goin thru emotions" and "You got what it takes" maybe the best dance track of the lp very in the style of Celi Bee's music, "Dancin' in the streets" is just another cover of this song i prefer Jager/Bowie version of the 80s, this album includes the well known ballad "Are you ready?" duet with HW Casey just for this track i got the record andgot the rest disco songs that are cool :)

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vyniljunkie |

Open up this album and take out the sleeve. There is a close-up picture of Teri there that makes men drool Look at that face!! She was so pretty!! I would have married her, instead I married her clone!! As for the album, yeah, it was great. Who cares when you are looking at that face!! SHE GETS A TEN!!!


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