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Vivien Vee

Give Me A Break b/w Remember (12")

Vivian Vee - Give Me a Break - Launch records label scan


Side 1
Give Me A Break 8:55

Side 2
Remember 9:08


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Launch Records (US) / 1980 / NC 1003
12" single 33 ⅓ rpm vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Produced by Giancarlo Meo
Arranged by Claudio Simonetti

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Give Me A Break


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Harold J. Tipping |

TY Bernard Lopez and that worked!

Bernard Lopez |

Harold, did you not even click on the Disco Discharge link I placed in my previous post? It's the exact CD you want.

Harold J. Tipping |

To: Bernard Lopez, ty but Amazon lists 5 different Disco Discharge cd's so would you happen to know which one has the song in question on it? Amazon doesn't list song tracks for their cd's which I just do not like at all but have no other options.

Harold J. Tipping |

Please let me know if the song give me a break 12" version is available anywhere at any price in CD Format as I do not have the old school style turntable to play it on! Also, I'm ready by Kano 12" version in CD Format! Please let me know as Amazon does not have it and the Disco Volume 2 with it is not available!


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