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Ralph Carter

Young And In Love (LP)

Ralph Carter
Ralph Carter


Side A
1. Higher And Higher 5:41
2. Extra Extra Read All About It 5:16
3. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart 5:31
4. When You're Young And In Love 4:25

Side B
1. Love Doesn't Grow On Trees 2:16
2. Baby It's True (Cause I Love You) 3:39
3. As Long As There's Love 4:04
4. A Song In My Heart 5:00
5. Number One 2:58
6. Headin' Back To Love Again 3:25


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Mercury Records (US) / 1976 / SRM-1-1080
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producers: Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

When You're Young And In Love:

Ralph Carter performing the song on Soul Train:

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Jerry |

I was so in love with Michael. After hearing him sing at Thelma's wedding my loved for him was locked in for life. The "Militant Midget" is mine, the rest of you guys stay away. (Big Smile)

Isaiah |

What ever the reason, im young and new to the TV land "Good times"....Im so in love with good times and im in love with Micheal evens. I think in his day he was so damn hott

j,moore |

I have watched and heard mr Ralph Carter over the years and he has not changed a bit still looks younger and is in good health he is a regular household name with me and my famliy we love him and we also prays for him daily and i hope he does a lot of comeback not only singing the love ballards but he also is a gospel singer in which i hope to sing a duet with him someday May God continue to Bless And Keep Him this is coming from his adopted alabama Little brother jimmy moore

carmen |

It was said years ago that he was gay and was HIV+. Now he's open about being positive and speaks about it a lot. I remember him on good times, but never thought he was all that.

sydney |

I think he was really cute and he was a awesome singer

vyniljunkie |

This was a pretty good album, it had the hit WHEN YOU"RE YOUNG AND IN LOVE, but also that entire first side was playable. Not by me, but other deejays played it. On my scale from 1-10 it gets a 7.

freddyinptown |

Ladies, I have a feeling you'll soon think Ralph is more beautiful than ever.

We almost lost him to HIV many years ago. He survived it, and from what I have read remains a prominent activist to this day. (What less, really, would you expect from righteous young "Michael?" :))

As he grew out of his mini-Dashiki and into designer jeans he turned on a lot of guys, too, I assure you.

StarChild Nicole Dolison |

Today, Ralph Carter turn 45 years old and all of us fans of him would like to wish him a Happy 45th Birthday! We love you Ralphibaby!

JoAnne |

well what do you expect christa? the man is old. he looks so different now and short, but not that short.

Christa |

ralph became even more sexier by his late teens and that really turn alot of younger women on. he has really changed now, and looks old. He doesn't show his sexy side no more.

StarChild Nicole Dolison |

Ralph Carter had some sex appeal and talent. But today, I still don't hate Ralph Carter! He still looks good today in his mid-40's but i want him back into singing business and do a comeback album!


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