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Debbie Jacobs

Undercover Lover b/w Don't You Want My Love (Promo 12")

Debbie Jacobs - Dont You Want my Love - record label


Side A
Undercover Lover (6:30)
(Paul Sabu)

Side B
Don't You Want My Love (7:53)
(Paul Sabu)


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

MCA Records (US) / 1979 / L33-1823
12" single 33 ⅓ rpm vinyl record - white label promotional copy

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer(s) : Paul Sabu
Executive producer: Mark Kreiner and Tom Cossie for MK Productions in association with The Record Logic Group
Arranged by Paul Sabu
Unichappell Music Co., Inc. / Kreimers Music Inc. BMI

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Debbie Jacobs is a Baltimore native who had a string of Disco hits with her two most memorable songs, Undercover Lover and Don't You Want My Love appearing on this promotional 12 inch single from MCA Records. This was also released as a very limited edition red colored vinyl promo with the same catalogue number.

The two songs are taken from the 1979 album, Undercover Lover (MCA 3156) which has been reissued on compact disc.

Debbie Jacobs also did Hot, Hot Give It All You've Got and continued into the '80s with some Hi-NRG tinged songs on Personal Records like Dr. Music, but going under the name Debbie Jacobs Rock.

Listen to Don't You Want My Love:

Listen to Undercover Lover:

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vyniljunkie |

TWO OF DISCO'S ALL TIME GREATS??? I will definitely agree with DON'T YOU WANT MY LOVE, but UNDERCOVER LOVER while a simply fantastic song, and a DISCO CLASSIC on its own, I wouldn't call it an ALL TIME GREAT. But a ten on anyone's scale!!!

patashnik |

beaglemaster is right, this record is totally amazing. It was also the record that was playing when I first walked into a proper club, and has remained a favourite ever since. Paul Sabu was in top form when he produced this. It has everything: the perfect beat, a wah wah guitar sound intro, syn drums, double hand claps, strings, background singers going 'one, two, cha cha cha'. Debbie Jacobs was never really able to match this and 'Hot, Hot...' but in those two songs she had two of disco's all time greats.

GroovinYou |

Released now is "Undercover Lover" album by getdisconnected in remastered form, featuring 12" cuts of 'undercover lover,' 'don't you want my love,' 'hot hot give it all you've got' and more!!

beaglemaster |

Debbie Jacobs...
"Don't You Want My Love".....is one of Disco's greatest songs!


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