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Alec R. Costandinos

Romeo and Juliet (LP) - (Alec R. Costandinos and the Syncophonic Orchestra)

Alec R Costandinos
Alec R Costandinos
Alec R Costandinos
Alec R Costandinos


Side A
1. Romeo & Juliet (Acts I & II) 16:08 (Alec R. Costandinos)

Side B
1. Romeo & Juliet (Acts III, IV & V) 17:25 (Alec R. Costandinos)


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Casablanca Records and Filmworks (US) / 1978 / NBLP 7086
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm Vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer(s) : Alec R. Costandinos
Composed by: Alec R. Costandinos
Arranged by: Don Ray (Raymond Donnez)
Written by: Alec R. Costandinos

Recorded at Trident Studios, London, September 1977
Engineer: Peter R. Kelsey

Guitars: Slim Pezin, Rick Hitchcock, Chris Rae,
Bass: Herbie Flowers
Drums: Peter Van Hooke
Percussion: Chris Karan, John Dean, Frank Ricotti
Keyboards: Alan Hawkshaw, Raymond Donnez, Alec R. Costandinos
Synthesizer programming: George Rodi
The Pat Halling String Ensemble
John Watson Brass Section
and the Birds of Paris

The singers: Sue Glover, Sunny Leslie, Stephanie De Sykes, Kay Garner, Joan, Vicki, Alec Costandinos and Stephen

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

The classic story of Romeo and Juliet is the backdrop for perhaps Alec R. Costandinos' most famous Disco epic.

"Romeo and Juliet" is perhaps Alec R. Costandinos' best known work. It's a Disco rendition of Romeo & Juliet that just about everyone has heard and loved since 1978. If you are new to his music then you are in for a treat. While you are at it check out Alec Costandinos' other studio works like Love and Kisses . . .

Original pressings of the Romeo and Juliet LP contained the lyrics in English and Old English on the inner sleeve. This was deleted from later repressings. Thanks to Bill Maldonado of New York City for the scans of the lyrics sheets

A one sided promo 12" single which is heavily edited was also released for DJs only.

While the entire LP of Romeo & Juliet was released on compact disc as Love & Kisses / Alec R. Costandinos & The Syncophonic Orchestra Greatest Hits, it is now long out-of-print and very hard to locate. Also, some past releases have his last name spelled incorrectly as "Alec Constandinos" instead of Costandinos.

So what became of Alec R. Costandinos? From our discussions, he said that he is now married and still involved with music. He also has made many award winning commercials for Perrier... Not a bad life, huh? Enjoy the music.

Listen to Romeo & Juliet by (Alec R. Costandinos

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Added by Bernard Lopez


Your Comments

jesus sanchez |

i would like to obtain this letter, this is my favorite song, please help me. thank you very much

Double R |

This was the first commercially available song recorded and mixed using a Studer 24 track, 2 inch wide analog tape recorder. THE definition of disco...

Oswaldo Guerreiro |

Adding to some other precedent comments. In my humble opinion this all time favorite is the best disco ever produced. With two whole sides filled with changing striking disco tunes, nicely sung, with smart orchestral arrangements and on top of all that...shakespearean lyrics !! As said the "Crème de la crème" of the disco music, brightly composed and produced by the great Alec R. Costandinos. The best disco music will live on forever in this masterpiece.!

Miguel Rosario |

cool music- how can i get this music, very nice.

dennis house |

...actually, it was the first 48 track recording...not 24 track. Being a true dance enthusiast, I like Act IV the best because of the words, and the feeling the music gave and for a dancer it was full of wonderfull expression.

sandra lopez |

I love this song. Brings back a lot of good memories. Who ever says. They don't like this song should not listen 2 music at all because they don't know music. Stick 2 things u know. I love this song. They should bring this song back. Love it!

Laurie Maitland |

No, I don't like the sound of "Romeo & Juliet" by Alec R. Constandinos & The Syncophonic Orchestra w/ The Birds of Paris, because it is too Europop/discoish for me; I like the edited version of "Rock Your Baby" by George McCrae, who sings like a woman in her middle pop register, better than that.,

Joseph Abeyta |

I danced my a** off during the whole disco era. Had a large collection of dance music and have transfered much of it to cassette,video and some cds. Have special ordered some european disco music, mostly 12" singles. The music was the greatest. Glad I found Youtube. Have4 gotten alot of missing music. DISCO 4 Ever!!!

Dave Ard |

I had 4 vinyls,Love and Kisses,Paris Conn,and Hunchback and also Romeo and Juliet. Lost the forst 3.I can get Cerrone CDs but no Alec.Whats up with that.Alec was the greatest Symphonic artist ever.Anyone know how I can get Vinyls or CDs?Hope hes still active.

Bill M. from NYC |

I have the original lyric liner sheets - the pictures on this page of the liner sheet are mine - I scanned and provided them to Bernie. If you want the lyrics, let me know: nycsteeler@gmail.com

maria |

I´m looking for the romeo and juliet lyrics, of alec r. costandinos



Skip Voros |

I have over 500 mint disco LP's. Romeo and Juliet was the first CD to be burned. Thats the rank of a master piece. Cerrone, Donna, and Giorgio are next.

angel rivera |

The rhythm section, especially drums & bass, are superb. Peter Van Hooke on drums and Herbie Flowers on bass are "gods" laying down their beats for "Romeo & Juliet", as well as "The Hunchback". These guys are awesome...not to mention the guitars and all the rest of band...absolutely superb. As a musician, I applaud Alec R.Costandinos for putting together such a powerful "band-sound". I'd give anything to see, (hear and experience) this "orchestra" play Romeo & Juliet LIVE!!!Would this miracle ever happen?!Also, you can't leave out "The Birds of Paris"(female singers)...they too are absolutely awesome! Long live that great disco sound!

Felicia |

I heard romeo & juliet for the first time about 4 years ago. If it is on cd PLEASE let me know! I absolutely love it!

Sven |

Ut's a crying shame that Romeo and Juliet CD is so hard to find. Likewise the Love and Kisses albums....(I had one of them on vinyl but it was stolen). Have actually never heard Romeo and Juliet but if it's anything like Cerron'e s Love In C Minor I'm going to love it - if I ever find it to hear it!

Cory Ander |

it certainly IS beautiful, but most of his work IS.

vyniljunkie |

Being Greek, Alec Costandinos welcomes all comments from his home land. You go Filippos!! This album ruled over all dance floors when it came out!!

Filippos |

Hi from Greece iam 33 for me this is the song that starting to listen Disco music! I have this LP it is a masterpiece of disco music!!!

vyniljunkie |

This is a staple in everyone's collection. I believe I have at least three copies myself. Words cant tell you how fantastic a DISCO album this is. You are just going to have to find out yourself. A solid TEN on my scale from 1-10.

jare |

How can I get the lyrics?

Danny |

This is absolutley the best disco album ever. Everytime I listen to it it brings me back to my youth of a mobile DJ spinning at house parties all over Brooklyn. Every time I put this record on the crowd would go wild!

RKLee |

I have the vinyl LP, and Acts 1 & II are my all time favorites. I have digitized this LP and now I can listen to it without the concern of wearing it.

MrBillDiscoShow |

I gave the 12" Act I/II single away as a birthday present - sill didnt marry me :()

Delmar Browne |

Disco within a story at its finest!


nicolas |

I was too young to appreciate this disco classic from 77 (my birthdate...) but i really think it's one of the 3 best of my 400 disco albums collection.
I unfortunately can't find the CD of this pearl and I'd like to know where I would get it.
thanx for the site which is very good for my disco culture.

Double R |

I think this is the first record every recorded on a 24 track machine....

DaddyGoodTimes |

I have the Unidisc Cd of "Romeo & Juliet" still love it after all these years and listen to it frquently. Beautifull music.
My all time favorite piece of music of any genre.

Bill M. from NYC |

My all-time favorite disco album. An absolute classic. Beautifully produced, played, and sung, what more can you say? What was truly amazing was the fact that Alec Costandinos took Shakespeare's own words (the lyrics in Old English on the liner sheets) and incorporated them into this production to absolute perfection! Awesome memories, simply awesome.


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