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Beautiful Bend

Make that Feeling Come Again (LP)

Boris Midney - Beautiful Bend - Make that Feeling Come Again
Boris Midney - Beautiful Bend


Side A
1. That's the Meaning 8:24
2. Boogie Motion 5:08

Side B
1. Make That Feeling Come Again 11:20
2. Ah-Do It 4:30


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Marlin Records (US) / 1978 / Marlin 2218
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm Vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer: Boris Midney for MI Sound Productions
All songs composed and arranged by Boris Midney
Eugenia Publishing Co. and Sherlyn Publishing Co., Inc. (BMI)

Beautiful vocals by Xo-Xo
Keyboards and Sax: Boris Midney
Bass: Bruce Weeden
Congas: Larry Washington

Thanks to Ray Cavian and his NYC "Soul" crew

Special thanks to Jane Boning, Mitchell B. Booth, Ed Cascarella Group, Cocotte, Dick and Annabelle Dilworth, Bee Hovey, John Hunt, Igor "Kandey" Kondakow, Barbara A. Lowrie, Jude Mollenhauer, Eileen Moriarty, D.M., Bob de Pasquale Group and Ponchic.

Engineered and mixed by: Boris Midney
First Engineer: Bruce Weeden
Secoind engineer: Mike Bonghi

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Russian born Boris Midney's 1978 epoch album, Make That Feeling Come Again! under the studio name Beautiful Bend, was a Disco tour de force. He brought it all to life at his Eras recording studio in New York City which boasted 48 trracks. Layer upon layer of sounds are built up to create this symphonic Disco masterpiece that manages to blend his classical and jazz background with the thumping sounds of Disco and a little funky guitar thrown in for good measure.

If you enjoy the music of Alec R. Costandinos, Voyage or Boris' other groups like USA European Connection then Beautiful Bend is a must! An edited 12 inch single was released on TK Records of the above tracks, but it is the complete album shown here that needs to be heard to appreciate the scope of Boris Midney's work. A now out-of-print release of Beautiful Benddid appear on CD and can still be found.

While it was not the theme song to the late 1970s television show "Dance Fever," portions of "Boogie Motion" were used as the background music between dancer's routines.

That's The Meaning \ Boogie Motion

Make That Feeling Come Again

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Added by Bernard Lopez


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Barbara Chase |

OMG!! I spent hours dancing to this music! I love it. Music like this in the disco era, I'm sure, is the reason that I have problems with my feet to this day. I wouldn't have it any other way however!! Good on you for this site! I'm estatic!!!!!! Do you remember La Bionda? I think one of their albums was called Sandstorm.

Tony |

First of all, I LOVE THIS SITE!
Secondly, This particular lp brings back fond memories....I used to dance to these tracks!
They were beautifuly produced, and heavily played, and were a croud pleaser.

I will do my entire music search on sites like this!
Keep it comming!

vyniljunkie |

This album had three out of four cuts that were of high quality. It received enough play, but not as long a time frame as the first album. On my scale from 1-10, it gets a 7.

Michael Serben |

Nice site...

MrBillDiscoShow |

His best work - till remember hearing this to 16mm XXX in the RT41 outdoor drive-in!


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