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Eruption (LP)



Side A:
1. I Can't Stand The Rain (6:33) [Donald Bryant / Ann Peebles / Bernard Miller]
2. Movin' (5:00) [Randy Muller / Wade Williamston]
3. I'll Take You There (2:50) [Alvertis Isbell]
4. Computer Love (4:35) [Kolonovits / Diesel]

Side B:
1. The Way We Were (4:20) [Marvin Hamlisch / Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman]
2. Do You Know What It Feels Like (4:46) [Eric A. Kingsley]
3. Be Yourself (3:42) [Morgan Perrineau / Steve Smith]
4. I Can't Carry On (3:23) [Morgan Perrineau / Steve Smith]
5. Wayward Love (3:50) [Gonzaes]
6. Party, Party (3:35) [Gerry Williams]


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Hansa International Records (Germany) / 1977 / 25 721 OT
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm Vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

A Frank Farian - Rainer M. Ehrhardt Production (P) 12/77

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Chart Positions:

LP: USA #133


I Can't Stand The Rain:
USA #18 (pop), #6 (disco), #30 (r&b), UK: #5, Germany #7, France #5, Italy #17, Netherlands #5, Belgium #1, Switzerland #8, Finland #12, Sweden #2, Australia #1, South Africa #5

Party, Party:
Netherlands #16

Some band information:

Eruption was formed in London 1974. Band's name was at first The Silent Eruption. Members were Precious Wilson (vocals) [b. 18.10.1957 Spanish Town, Jamaica], Gerry Williams (keyboards), Eric Kingsley (drums), Greg Perrineau (guitar) and Morgan Perrineau (bass). In 1975 they won the English Soul Competition called "Soul Search" among 400 other artists and got record deal with RCA. First single "Let Me take You Back In Time" stayed in the soulcharts for over half a year in 1976 and also made the regular Top 50. In 1977 Boney M. producer Frank Farian saw a gig in Germany and offered a contract immediately with Hansa International. Band was renamed Eruption and Precious Wilson became solo vocalist (she made before backing vocals). They had two worldwide hits: "I Can't Stand The Rain" (1978) and "One way Ticket" [from the album "Leave A Light"] (1979). In 1979 Precious Wilson left the band and started her own solo career. Kim Davies became the new vocalist of the band. But success dropped down and the band was finished in mid-80's after two more albums ("Fight Fight Gight", Hansa 1980 and "Our Way", Jupiter 1983). In 1980 they had one minor hit ("Go Johnny Go") in some european countries. Precious Wilson is still active artist and sometimes also permorms under the name of Eruption.

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KoolChris |

"I Can't Stand The Rain", and "I'll Take You There" are great tracks. Will please Boney M fans...


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