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Fly Away (LP)

Voyage - Fly Away


Side A
1. Souvenirs 6:18
2. Kechak Fantasy 3:02
3. Eastern Trip 2:09
4. Tahiti, Tahiti 5:07

Side B
1. Let's Fly Away 5:07
2. Golden Eldorado 4:56
3. Gone With the Music 6:42


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Marlin Records (US) / 1978 / MARLIN 2225
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm Vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer: Roger Tokarz

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

If you thought the first Voyage album was good, then prepare yourself to be blown away by "Fly Away" - their second and awesome album. Side A is segued together to form a beautiful Disco classic with a worldly feel.

Listen to Souvenirs by Voyage:

Listen to Souvenirs by Voyage:

Listen to Tahiti, Tahiti by Voyage:

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Added by Bernard Lopez


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gilson |

If anyone can helps me with the lyrics to "Golden Eldorado" and "Gone With The Music" to Voyage band, I would be incredibly thankful. Peace" Gil-Brazil.

vyniljunkie |

I can't find any"warped" sound on my copies. Maybe it is you who are warped/ That is a joke, I've been called warped many times! You could have a sensitive ear, or maybe it is my ear that is not sensitive enough. At least you liked the music, but not the pressing. Try it on CD??

DJMandrew |

So you don't think I'm hating all over this record I should reiterate that I truly like the album overall.

But the first album is still better ;-)

DJMandrew |

I can't say objectively if I liked Tahiti Tahiti. I've never heard a copy of the song that didn't wow perceptibly. Annoyed the crap out of me. And it was an off-center pressing. I remember watching the needle move back and forth while it played. It wasn't terribly noticeable to the ear in the cuts on the outer edge of the disc. But by the time you got to that cut on the inner part of the disc and added in the centrifugal force on the stylus... very distinguishable. Maybe it was the instrumentation that amplified it to my ear. 'Fascination' by the Human league also had an organ line that sounded like a warped record to me. I didn't play it much.

Anyway I've had 3 copies of the Souvenirs album all bought at different times in different cities and they all did that on that song. I tried phasing Tahiti once with 2 of the pressings and it was a train wreck!


If You like this music , so you're a DISCO MAN , the best disco group ever they played all kind of music very well and professionally , Western , Eastern ,and Latin music as it should be.

vyniljunkie |

It came in a little lower, but not off. Sometimes vinyl gets affected by temperature, if it is too cold, it takes away from the sound's quality. We know what happens if the temperature is too hot. Also, some pressings are not equal to others. Maybe you got one of those. Or maybe you just didn't like it??

Mandrew |

To each his own I guess... but I do have to say that the intro to Kechak Fantasy is freakin' awesome! Always loved that part of this album.

Your vinyl copy of Tahiti Tahiti didn't sound "off"?

vyniljunkie |

MANDREW had a bad night. This album is just as good, if not better then the first one!! SOUVENIRS!!! That says it all! This is a DISCO CLASSIC of an album. A 10 on anyones scale, except DJMandrew's!!

DJMandrew |

Every pressing I have heard of the LP sounds as if it was pressed off-center throughout Tahiti Tahiti, a fact that I found annoying. Side 1 is musically better than side 2, which loses focus and continuity.

Personally I think the first album was a much more cohesive and excellent project, though it is hard to get Souvenirs out of your head after hearing it.


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