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Amant (LP)



Side A
1. If There's Love 14:33

Side B
1. Hazy Shades of Love 13:29


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Marlin Records (US) / 1978 / MARLIN 2227
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm Vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Produced by Ray Martinez
Written by Ray Martinez
Horns and strings arranged by Ray Martinez and Carlos Hernandez
Conducted by Carlos Hernandez
Assistant to the producer: Gus Perez

Drums: Gus Perez
Bass: Arnold Paseiro
Keyboards: Ray Martinez
Synthesizers: Terry Weiss and Ray
Guitars: Marc Vuksanovic, Alfons Kettner and Ray
Percussion: Richie Puente, Gus Perez and Ray
Strings: Jorge Orbon String Ensemble
Trumpets: Carlos Hernandez
Saxophones: Chris Perez
Trombones: Luis Perez
Background vocals:
"If There's Love:" Richard Noriega Jr., Martha Roque
"Hazy Shades of Love:" Richard Noriega Jr., Madeline Faiella and Shane

Engineer: Ray Martinez
Mixed at Sigma Sound Studios, New York City
Mixing Engineer: Michael Hutchinson
Mastered at Sterling Sounds, New York City
Photography: Dan Barba
Model: Amelia (Amy Lopez)
Art direction: Rik Ogden
Album design and coordination: Ray Martinez
Very special thanks to Henry Stone, Ray Caviano, Jack Kratish, Steve Alaimo, Jim Burgess and Michael Hutchinson
"A Jim Burgess Mix"

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Amant was another of producer Ray Martinez's studio groups that he helped to launch from his home base of Florida. Latin rhythms, percussion and swirling strings were a trademark style for Martinez and his Amant project.

There is also a shorter 12 inch version of "If There's Love" on TK Records mixed by the late Jim Burgess. For mixing I play the 12 inch, but since it is edited, I prefer the complete LP for home listening.

Ray Martinez also produced Sassy and Passion as well as Amant's later track called "New York Nights."

Ray Martinez was kind enough to tell DiscoMusic.com and its members about the making of this classic Disco album:

Thanks for the compliment !!! You are about right, from beginning to end it was about a month. The actual track was done in Miami, in one evening (drums, bass, and piano). Then all the overdubs (guitar, percussion, etc.) were done probably during that same week. The vocals were done after that in one evening. I took about a week to write the strings and horns arrangements, and to book the session. Then I went to New York, and along with Ray Caviano, we listened to it for about a week or so, and decided to go for the final mix. Ray Caviano contacted Jim Burgess, and within two weeks, I went back to New York, and we mixed it at Sigma Sound in two days. It was mastered at Sterling Sounds in New York the following week.

So all in all, it was probably about 4 to 6 weeks. I also, during the sessions, do not work on one song at a time. When I cut the tracks and do all recordings whether tracks, instrumental overdubs, vocal, or string and horns, I work on several songs at a time. at least two per session, if possible.

By the way, the project was possible thanks to Ray Caviano. He was the one that really helped me convince T.K. on the 'Amant" idea. Without him, it would have probably never happened. "THANKS RAY!"

Total time - 4 to 6 weeks.
Pre and post production time - about 30 hours.
Actual recording and mixing time - about 75 hours.

Listen to If There's Love by Amant:

Listen to Hazy Shades of Love by Amant:

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Added by Bernard Lopez


Your Comments

jose |

remember hearing this song on a 8-track dico hits Fell love with midnight love affair .played that song many times before deployed overseas.still got that 8-track

Sylvain Gagne |

I know that he did another song.. but I can't find it.

The song was called "If You Just Knew How Much I Care About You"

Do you know anything about that track ?


Patti P |

i totally forgot about this song!!!!!

Barbara Chase |

Once again OMG!! This artist always was one of my favorites!! Especially this song!
At one point in my life I owned over 3,ooo albums, this was a favorite. I had a temperature controlled closet set-up where I kept them. After I bought them, the turn table didn't get much play from them, as I would record tracks and make different tapes, etc. No one was allowed to handle them, covers included, but me. They were my way of communicating.
I came home from work one day and someone had broken into my apartment and stolen all of my collection among other things. I was devastated, just devastated. It took me 15 years to be able to discuss it.
Unfortunately nothing was ever recovered, so I thank you for existing, and letting me relive some great memories.

johnny Music |

Another great dance number, dancing at the DCA club in phildelphia
wee hours

vyniljunkie |

This LP is great, two fantastic DISCO songs. On my scale it gets a TEN.


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