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C.J. and Co.

Devil's Gun (LP)

CJ and Co. - Devil Gun
CJ and Company Devils Gun


Side A
1. Devil's Gun (7:14)
2. We Got Our Own Thing (9:30)

Side B
1. Free To Be Me (5:03)
2. Get A Groove In Order To Move (5:11)
3. Sure Can't Go To the Moon (7:30)


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

Westbound Records (US) / 1977 / WB 6100
LP-album 33 ⅓ rpm vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer(s) : Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey
Horns and strings arranged by Mike Theodore
Mastered by Jose Rodriguez at Frankford - Wayne Mastering Labs, New York
Mixer/Remixer : A Tom Moulton Mix

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Here's a classic Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey production on the Westbound label. C. J. & Company had great success with the title track "Devil's Gun" and "We Got Our Own Thing."

CJ & Company consisted of Cornelius Brown Jr., Joni Tolbert, Connie Durden, Curtis Durden and Charles Clark.

A highly recommended limited release CD containing two of C.J. and Company albums is available.

Listen to Devil's Gun by CJ & Co.:

Listen to We Got Our Own Thing by C.J. & Co.:

Listen to Free To Be Me by C.J. & Co.:

Listen to Get A Groove In Order To Move by C.J. & Co.:

Listen to Sure Can't Go To the Moon by C.J. & Co.:

Added by Bernard Lopez


Your Comments

alonzo haralson |

@Niece my name is Alonzo "AL" Haralson and I'm one of the road musician who played back up for CJ & CO I'm the trumpet player just ask your mom about me. I've been trying to get in contact with some of the surviving members can you have your mom to contact me here's my e-mail alonzoharalson@yahoo.com

Lisa |

WOW, bringing back the days. So many out there I cannot even remember the names until I hear them, and this is certainly the place to hear outstanding classic disco tunes. Playing this now while cooking and moving to the beat!

Robbie Fields |

I was never much of a disco person but Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's in London was my kind of club and Devil's Gun during the early summer of 1977 was the soundtrack.

The production had a huge influence on my own work as a punk rock producer a few years later. Funny, but true.

At the time, I knew nothing of the music's provenance. It didn't matter. But those who involved can take pride in what they created and I hope that they saw pay days later in their careers.

Robbie Fields
Posh Boy Music

Derrick |

As hard hitting today as it was in 77'. Wow.

mr. Harris |

I MUST have this lp (on ) CDs where??????????

Perry F |

@ Gerard from Brazil:
Much respect to Mom!!!!

This will always be my favorite!

Niecie |

I'm proud to say that my mother is one of the singers of C.J.& Company. It's nice to read all the comments of how people like their music.

Gerard from Brazil |

I have an alternate version of devils gun as heard on the 3 hour interview of Tom Moulton on the show of Monica on a NY radio station, that reminds me that I am still after the 19 minute Tom Moulton remix of the Trammps - disco inferno
anyone can tell whether that has been released on Atlantic?

Perry F |

You nailed it, vyniljunkie . Thanks for bringing back some memories, too.
I'd always let the intro creep in realllly slow, sliding the pots up to just let it be heard,then back it out. When it took over the mix the bass would rattle the glasses on the tables. We would sometimes just let in a little of the bass line for a false start. Lot's of fun to spin.

And how about the solid jam at 4:22?

vyniljunkie |

Listen, DEVILS GUN had such a fantastic introduction. It was perfect to long blend mix. Set them up, and let them play. It had such energy, such fantastic rhythm that it was a DISCO CLASSIC even before I was through playing it. Fantastic record for re-mixing, excellent Dance song! WE GOT OUR OWN THING was also an excellent DISCO CLASSIC. I used to play both these songs back-to-back, with some other song as a buffer. I loved this album. An easy TEN on my scale from 1-10.

Chuck |

Sure miss That Tune...i have the Vinyl..copy!...one of the Best!....

Shari Bye |

Both of these songs were the absolute bomb baby.. I was about 13 yrs old and "clubbing" for me at that age was the jam in the park, these 2 songs were definitely featured tunes.

MrBillDiscoShow |

Devils Gun intro is hot! Lyrics hotter :()

Delmar Browne |

"Devil's Gun" and "We Got Our Own Thing" were Classics in the Disco mode!

Mike Theodore was a great producer!

Dennis Coffey get props too!


CJ and Company was a neighborhood success story in my town of Detroit, Michigan. When I was sixteen, Charles Clark gave me my first proffessional gig as a Conga Player for CJ and Company; we did 1 gig at a VFW Hall then we were slated to open for the P-Funk and I didn't get a call for that gig, but I DID get the gig with P-Funk directly after. THANK YOU CHARLES CLARK!!! Thank You WESTBOUND!!!

originalbigm |

Achieved No.12 on the Billboard Black Albums chart and No.60 on the Pop Album chart.

"Devil's Gun" the single reached No.1 on the Club Play Singles chart,No.2 on the Black Singles chart and No.36 on the Pop Singles chart.


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