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Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch

Superman b/w One Love (12")

Celi Bee - Superman - One Love


Side A
Superman (5:09)

Side B
One Love (8:08)


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

TK Records (US) / 1977 / TKD 37
12" Single 45 rpm Vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer: Pepe Luis Soto in association with T. Rossi

Arranged by H. Garrido

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Celi Bee's real name is Celida Ines Camacho.

Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch also took a stab at yet another Disco version of "Superman." Other artists who did a version of "Superman" were Herbie Mann / Patrick Adams.

"One Love" on the flip is a classic Disco track that is sure to please and appears as the A side on another TK 12 inch Disco single.

Celi Bee later dropped the Buzzy Bunch from the group name.

Listen to One Love:

Listen to Superman:

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Added by Bernard Lopez


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alexandre |

I LOVE THIS CELI BEE's song!!!it's a real disco classic...

Susan |

I had a 12" single of Celi Bee's Superman from Atlantic and I am dying to find the B side. It was spelled something like Etaugui or Etauigai. it's driving me crazy. ant=ybody heard of it?

vyniljunkie |

When CELI BEE came out with SUPERMAN, I was still in NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY. This song ruled the dance floors. Every DISCO in the tri-state area was playing this song in heavy rotation,early in the night, during PRIME TIME, and late to get more excitement in the dance floor, a way of making the people stay a little longer. It always worked to perfection. You couldn't miss with it, it always worked. The recording lent itself to major re-mixes and excellent entry and exit mixes. A DISCO CLASSIC in every sense of the term. A must have! I remember later, now spinning in Miami, that SUPERMAN would pack the floor! An excellent OLDIE in the middle of PRIME TIME level mix set. An obvious TEN on my scale from 1-10. Loved it.

remicks |

When Patrick Adams learned that Meco was already working on a pop version of SUPERMAN using John Williams actual movie theme .... and knowing what Meco did previously with Williams' STAR WARS theme .... Patrick Adams decided instead to use this Celi Bee SUPERMAN related song with Herbie Mann . Their version of this song was a medium chart success.. .

chris |

Celi Bee did a very sexy ode to the Man of Steel here , a pretty great funky groove and a good beat ...RU


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