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If There's Love b/w Hazy Shades of Love (12")

Amant - If There Is Love


Side A
If There's Love (11:18)

Side B
Hazy Shades of Love (8:50)


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

TK Records (US) / 1978 / TKD 115
12" Single 45 rpm vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer: Ray Martinez
Horns and strings arranged by Ray Martinez and Carlos Hernandez
A Jim Burgess Mix
From the Marlin Records LP "Amant"

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Amant was another of producer Ray Martinez's studio groups that he helped to launch from his home base of Florida. Latin rhythms, percussion and swirling strings were a trademark style for Martinez and his Amant project.

This is the 12 inch version of "If There's Love" on TK Records mixed by the late Jim Burgess. For mixing I play the 12 inch, but since it is edited, I prefer the complete LP on Marlin Records for home listening.

Listen to If There's Love by Amant:

Listen to Hazy Shades of Love by Amant:

Ray Martinez also produced Sassy and Passion as well as Amant's later track called "New York Nights.".

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Added by Bernard Lopez


Your Comments

Bobby |

I remember Richard Noriga who played bass (and guitar) and did vocals along side Maria Elena Guerrero with the Ramiro Cervera orchestra out of San Antonio, Tx in the 1980's to late 1990's..I played lead guitar with Ramiro for several years.
Is this the same Richard? I know he was a news reporter in SA and later moved to Laredo. Tex as anchorman...I retired from SBC Telco and the Richard I knew, his ex wife worked with SBC telco who I spoke on occasions when I was an active employee.

vyniljunkie |

Ray Martinez was a personal friend, whose son broke my heart. But this record kicked a**! A great DISCO song, I'm hesitant to call it a CLASSIC, but if it isn't, it almost is! Plenty of breaks, easily mixed in and out of. On my scale from 1-10, it gets a solid 8.

Richard (Amant) Noriega |

Here is my new email address:
ronori@stx.rr.com Please email me anytime. I have left television broadcasting for the time being and have my own public relations company called "The Idea Lab".
Richard Noriega

Richard (Amant) Noriega |

I have changed my email address. The correct one is listed here. Ray Martinez is tops. Thanks to all Amant fans. I also was lead singer in most Passion tracks as well. Thank you for appreciating everything we did back in the days.
Richard Noriega

dj mandrew |

The break in this record kicks a**! While I've always loved this record (I remember calling a radio station in Chicago demanding to know what this song was), its timelessness was lost on the Phoenix crowd. However, the break with the drums and handclaps worked as a fun bridge to other songs, and kept the boys dancing even during the techno era. It also worked well with the Boris Midney stuff of the period.

Delmar Browne |


Much respect to your lead vocals on all of the Amant LP's.

From a voice to a presence in Laredo is a great look!

I loved If There's Love!

I played it on my Mix Show for the KTU Studio 54 Clubhouse back in the days!

amant |

I am Richard Noriega, the lead singer on all the Amant LPs. I am searching for Ray Martinez.

I am now a news anchor at the CBS affiliate in Laredo, Texas and I would appreciate anyone who can put me in touch with Ray.
Thank you.

originalbigm |

This song reached number 5 on the Billboard Club play singles chart in 1979


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