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Beautiful Bend

That's the Meaning / Boogie Motion b/w Make That Feeling Come Again / Ah-Do It (12")

Beautiful Bend


Side A
That's the Meaning / Boogie Motion (7:25)

Side B
Make That Feeling Come Again / Ah-Do It (7:30)


Record Label, Year of Release & Catalogue #

TK Records (US) / 1978 / TKD 106
12" Single 45 rpm vinyl record

Production, Musician & Recording Credits

Producer(s) : Boris Midney for MiSound Productions

Record Collector Notes & Audio-Video

Beautiful Bend is a studio group which was the brainchild of famed Russian Disco producer Boris Midney. There was only one Beautiful Bend album (the one with the bent candle on the cover) and that was on Marlin Records while the 12 inch Disco single shown here was on TK Records.

That's the Meaning / Boogie Motion is awesome Boris Midney classic Disco track which was also featured throughout the 70's & 80's TV show Dance Fever.

This Beautiful Bend track also appeared in the cult movie Liquid Sky. The LP from which this is taken is a "must have" for anyone into lush and layered sounds. There's plenty more Boris Midney material scattered throughout DiscoMusic.com. Best of all, most of his work is now (finally!) available on CD.

Listen to That's the Meaning by Beautiful Bend:

Listen to Make That Feeling Come Again by Beautiful Bend:

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vyniljunkie |

You want real old fashioned DISCO, get your hands on this record. It is DISCO at its best, with two intermingling songs that can be played with, remixed and edited. It is great dancing music. It played in the PRIME TIME for a while, but wasn't durable enough to be a DISCO CLASSIC. Still, we are talking about a period of a few to six months worth of constant nightly play. A pretty good record. On my scale, it gets an 8.

dancekid |

I had the oridinal "Beautiful Bend" album. I have been looking for one to replace the one
that has gone missing for years. Does anyone have any ideas?

I do have the 45 12", but I would like to full song "Make That Feeling Come Again" that was in the album.



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