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John T. Kmetz

Written by Phase Linear Darrel

Club sound system designer/installer (b. 1954 - Present)

John Kmetz grew up in Brooklin New York he worked for Rosner Custom Sound Long Island New York installing Disco Sound systems and custom home systems mostly for stars.

Darrel Fisher Kmetz moved to Seattle and worked for Pacific Sound & Light run by Alan Butterworth where he did many disco installations including The Sanctuary/Monastery Axelrock, WREX BrassDoor and more. John goes independent and becomes the sound and lightman for the Monastery/Sanctuary Disco.

Other clubs he installed systems for include Neighbours Disco, Oz Night club, Celebrities Bar & Grill, Club Encore, Plus he installed a sound system in Cairo Egypt for the Owner of Neighbours Disco. His company is Shakin Sound Reinforcement.

(Photo above of John Kmetz taken in June, 2008 submitted by Phase Linear Darrel)


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Carl Morgan |

Hey This Message Is For John Kimetz Hey John When I Was 16 To 18 I Lived With You All And Helped Clean Up In The AM And Messed With John Celluch Back In The Day I Have My Own Collection Of Classics Thanks To U Both And Wanted To Say Hey Thanks 4 All The Great Memories And Wonder Do U Remember Me?

Phase Linear Darrel |

John Kmetz's picture was taken by Michael Kerasotes,IV of Lynnwood Washington, on June 15 2008 while visiting John.
Darrel Fisher (Phase Linear)


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