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Raul A. Rodriguez

Written by Bernard Lopez

New York Disco DJ and Disconet Remixer (b. 19--(??) - January 4, 2012)

Raul RodriguezThe late Raul A. Rodriguez is one of a group of legendary New York City Disco era DJs who not only spun at many local clubs, but also went on to remix Disco records.

Raul is most notable for his residency at New York-New York and Bonds International on Times Square and for his many classic remixes for Disconet including the highly sought after remix he did of Abba's "Lay All Your Love On Me in 1980. He also produced such notable hits as Man Parrish's "Hip Hop, Be Bop".

Black and white profile photo of Raul Rodriguez submitted by Fragelina Canedo.

Photo below of Raul Rodriguez hard at work in the recording studio submitted by Lina Rodriguez.
Raul Rodriguez

Photo below from Ton Flasza.
Description: Hi Bernie, here is the first pic of Raul. This is when he visited with us in 1983. This is in a Night Club a friend of mine used to own outside of Amsterdam.
Raul A. Rodriguez - 1983

Listen to Raul's most famous remix/edit of Lay All Your Love by Abba:

Raul's remix of Roni Griffith's (The Best Part of) Breakin' Up:

Man Parrish and Raul Rodriguez production of Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop):

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David Noller - Dynamix II |

I have to agree with Freddy Fresh, COD in the bottle was groundbreaking and sticks with me to this very day as one of the inspiring blueprints for the future of electronic dance music to learn from.

Chris |

Just saw the news about Raul's passing....two years later. I wanted to stop by and pay my respects. I don't know much about the early 80s electro scene (before my time), but Raul/C.O.D.'s version of "Uphill (Peace of Mind)" was featured in "Year of the Dragon." which is one of my all-time favorite films.

For those who haven't seen the film, the song blares on the soundtrack while Mickey Rourke's grizzled police captain chases a Chinese mafia lord through a crowded dance club, beats him in the bathroom, then chases down two of the mafia boss's gun-toting girls. The whole orchestration of the scene is pure bravura filmmaking on director Michael Cimino's part, and Raul's song totally elevates the film. In the nearly 30 years that have passed since the film's release, countless fans have written: "What song was that in the club scene?!" all over message boards. I've turned countless fans onto that song as a result. :)

RIP Raul. Your work is forever immortalized is one of the finest and most underrated cop films in cinema history.

Duane Thamm Jr. |

Raul made such a huge difference in my life. First time I heard his Abba Disconet remix I was hooked. I got a 24 track recording studio and helped many other dance artists during the Chicago house music craze. Thanks Raul.

dj mighty master cee |

so sorry to hear about the lost of DJ Raul I still mix hip hop b bop with in the bottle in pack the dance floor in Richmond VA here's another one

Mark Berry |

Yes, was sad indeed...Mark

joe |

I've been searching for information on Raul Rodriguez for years. Been in touch with Man Parrish and John Robie a while back, asked them about Raul's whereabouts and what he was producing, never got an answer and had lost contact since....Now that I find info, he's passed. Very sad to read this. Never knew him personally, only admired his music, yet I feel a tremendous loss. Weird. God Bless him and his family and anyone else that feels the same as I do.

Vicky Germaise |

I'll email you photos. They are old B+W prints, so it will take me a minute to find them and scan them but I'll do it as soon as I can. Thank you. This is a great idea. I am sure he would love the tribute.
PS - I am sure Randy has pix too.

Randy Klein |

Raul Rodriquez, Vicky Germaise and I wrote 'Watch The Closing Doors' for the group IRT. Raul came into my apartment and set up the TR808 drum machine and said this is the beat. Vicky wrote the lyrics and I played the piano. We recorded it at 39th Street Music studios. The song has been written about in many RAP anthologies. I didn't know much about the beat. Raul made me hear it. I thank him for that. My song writing instincts and Raul's street instincts worked together. I know he is looking down on me now and still saying, 'feel the beat'. Dance in Heaven Raul. You will be missed.

Vicky Germaise |

Raul was one of the dearest, sweetest, funniest and most naturally talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He had an easy grace that made you want to be around him. We spent many, many nights at 39th Street Music writing songs and making records from midnight - 5am, when the time was cheapest!! Randy Klein, Raul, Bob Fish, Paul Brown, the changing cast of talented singers and rappers and musicians that made up our various groups. When we finally made a little noise with "Watch the Clsoing Doors", I remember climbing into Randy's broken down pickup truck, in the dead of winter -- all of us IN THE BACK, uncovered, with the group, heading through the Lincoln Tunnel to play at some club in Newark. The group would soundcheck at 1am and go on at 5am. Raul would keep us laughing the whole time. I never saw the man in a bad mood. Ever. He would come at a moment's notice if you needed him to fix something, or hippify something, in the middle of the night!! There was ONLY ONE RAUL. I hope he knew how much he was appreciated and loved. I'm afraid his gift was far greater than he knew. I have some photos that I'll post on FB. Love you always, dear Raul. ~your friend and fan, Vicky Germaise

Donna Valenti |

This message is for Luis Perez...


I am an old friend of Raul's, and read your comment. I am very sorry for your loss. Raul was great people, and it's a loss for many of us as well... I wanted to ask you if you could please give some more information, such as where we can send a condolence card, make a donation in his name, etc. if you don't want to post that info here, i understand, and will give you an email address if you want to pass that info to me. I'd really appreciate it.

Mark Berry |

Hello All,

First off, my condolences to the family...my prayers go out...

My name is re-mixer/producer Mark S. Berry (Alisha, Poussez, Cameo, Gwen Guthrie, Kool & The Gang, Joan Jett, etc) and Raul & I were the best of friends...we were very close during the late 70's through the 80's...I was Raul's engineer at Vanguard Records in-house Studios were I worked from 1977-1987and engineered many of his dance remake hits ie; Two Sister's, Man Parrish, Roni Griffith etc. and literally all of the Disconet remixes that he and Mike Wilkenson did...

I had actually spent the last couple of years trying to find him, but could not make contact for some reason...I regret not being able to tell him what a great friend he was...he was good friends with my ex-wife, came over swimming in the pool during the summers and would affectionately call my 4 year old daughter Raquel, Raquelito...I would hang out with him at New York, New York & Bonds and watch & listen...it was very educational for me to watch him spin...

Although we lost contact in the early 90's, I felt the need to reach out to him and say hi...so I will do that now...

My prayers go out to his family, he was a good friend and got me through many crises...


walter mengoni |

My Condolens to Raul's Family

Donna Valenti |

I was so upset to hear about Raul's passing today. He was one of my favorite people when i was in the music business starting back in the late 80's... he was talented, sweet, lots of fun to hang out with, and always there if you needed him. i've been looking for him for the last few years to say hello and catch up, with no luck. i was hoping to get info about the wake, but that was yesterday, according to what i'm reading. i must have listened to hip hop bee bop a thousand times today. i send my sincerest condolences out to Raul's family, and hope that if it's possible for him to know i'm thinking about him, he gets this message!

Casey Jones |

Raul hired me as his assistant DJ at New York New York in 1979, and took me with him to Bond International Casino when it opened in 1980. We worked together on projects at Disconet for "Captain Mike" Wilkerson, and remained friends for several years. Over the last few months I'd been asking around Facebook if anyone knew of his whereabouts... So so sad to hear of his death!

Janet Casale |

My condolences to Raul's friends and family. May he rest in peace.

anonymous |


i am not sure of the details but i was told that donations can be made towards a college fund for his two elementary school age daughters.

Keith Dumpson |


John Ceglia |

So sad to hear the news of Raul's passing. Another one gone too soon. I owe Raul a debt of gratitude for hiring me to be resident DJ at New York-New York when he moved over to Bond's, and thus giving me my opportunity to move to the city. One of the nicest people I've ever met in the business. My condolences and prayers go out to his family.

Jose Bonilla |

Hi Lou Perez,
Any plans here in NYC for a wake and funeral. He was a good friend of mine years ago. Would like to pay my respects.

Riceandbeanz |

I only discovered Raul's musical genius a few years back. I had no idea how much he contributed to the dance music scene. RIP Raul.

Lou Perez |

Good morning,

Raul was my first cousin, we grew up together in NYC until I moved to Miami. Raul passed away from complications due to a severe stroke suffered on Dec 17th, 2011. He had an additional stroke the day of his death. He should be remembered very fondly by all of his fans, past and present, for all his contributions. I remember him as my brother and a great musical innovator and producer. Being in the business as musical director of Miami Sound Machine from 1980-84, I was fortunate enough to be present at some of Raul's recording sessions in Miami, working with the biggest names in South Florida. He was a master of his craft and the coolest person I ever knew. He will always be loved, respected and remembered by his family, friends and many fans across the world!

Thank you,

Best regards,

Luis "Wichy" Perez

Bernard Lopez |

Can you tell us the cause of Raul Rodriguez' death? Thank you.

anonymous |

RIP 01/04/2012, Legendary NYC DJ Raul A. Rodriguez. Service and funeral 01/07/2012.


was there also a Raphael as a DJ in the early 80's? I remember a gay black wonderful DJ, I thought his name was Raphael!

cachy |

Ruly good ol times !Iasked my husband to look u up we were talking of our Disco days and I told him I hung out with the best D.J.'s.He was looking for old disco songs to listen to and I was going down memory lane I'm so happy you made it in the field you always loved and were so good at.It would be great hearing from you after all these years to catch up .Remember Ipanema and Adonis?

Frank |

Hi Raul, We always said hello to each other. I was the first bartender you saw when you walked into the dance floor area. I hope you are well. I am trying to locate more pixs of BONDS.

Thanks, Frank


Hi Raul, me and my sister Kerri used to come to Bonds and leave our pocketbooks with you (I think it was you) and we would do lines together, sometimes it was yours, sometimes it was ours. We used to 'do the hussle' and loved Bonds. Do you remember us?

Santiago |

It seems like we are all searching for him.
Any facebook contact??


Frank |

I was a bartender at BONDS. Is there a website that would have an extensive list of pix's of the nightclub?

Fank |

Hey Raul, I was the first bartender as you entered the dance floor.Do you have any pix's?. You played some awesome music.

Haydee Fuentes |

I was Raul's friend back in Elementary and Middle school. Does anyone know how I can reach him?

Haydee Fuentes

Anatika |

Hi Raul

You have here one of your best fan...

Anatika from Maryland

Freddy Fresh |

COD ' In the Bottle )Best tune in history of Dance Music=
Thanks for making history
Freddy Fresh
I Did a song with your partner Man Parrish

Ton Flasza |

Hi Raul,
Drop me a note if you get this email. We met a few times in New York and also in the Netherlands, when you stayed my old friend Ed Smit.
DJ Ton Flasza (netherlands 1977-1984)


To Jose Hoyos,
I think your talking about the Resident DJ to the Fun House John Jellybean Benitez he dated Madonna,and helped make her who she is today....peace

Sam |

I think he also played at Broadway 96 in the heydays. What ever happened to him?

Jose Hoyos |

Raul maybe you are the DJ I used to see in this club in the 80's called FUNHOUSE in New York city. The one who dated Madonna. Boy you are a lucky b******.You were great on those days.I still missing those night on THE FUNHOUSE.What are you doing now? still DJing??? Rock the house....

haydeef |

I am looking for an email address for Raul Rodriguez. We went to the same grammer school "Holy Name of Jesus" class of 1971. I've looked for him for years and just found him on this site.




Jerel Black aka Dancinboy |

Raul Rodriguez is responsible for so much of the early 80's new york sound. He was a dj at Bonds and also worked at Disconet. His re-edit of Abba Lay All Your Love on Me was by far the best extended re-edit of its day. The Two Sisters project was a blueprint for what would become freestyle music from the vinyl to the artwork. His work with Man Parrish including Hip Hop Be Bop,Rama and COD were breakdancers dreams.
Any Electro dj worth his salt should know the name Raul Rodriguez. if you don't ...start lookin!!! also of note thats 808 beats and vocals but amazingly no cheese at all!! Also Raul sold his 808 to none other than a dude by the name of Mantronix!! so what does that tell you!!


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