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Written by TROY

DOB: 1969 - Present

Alisha Alisha began her career in the mid 80's with her debut album (VANGUARD) "ALISHA" which featured the hits, "All Night Passion", "Baby Talk", and "Too Turned On".

Since her debut album, Alisha has had two additional albums. Her second album (RCA)"NightWalkin" was released in 1987 and featured the song "Do You Dream About Me" from the movie Mannequin. It also produced "Into My Secret" which reached #97 on the pop charts.

Her third album titled (MCA)"Bounce Back" was released in 1990 and featured "Wrong Number" and the title song dance hit that played on the radio and dance clubs all over. In 1996 Alisha released a dance single titled "Wherever the Rythm Takes Me" by (CRITIQUE/FEVER RECORDS) and most recently, in 1999 she sang the title track to the Molly Shannon movie, "Superstar" with the song "You Wanna be a Star" (JELLY BEAN RECORDS). Alisha still performs frequently for different venues and her songs are still heard on both radio and compilation dance cd's produced.

Alisha is currently working on some new projects in 2005 and is looking forward to making a comeback very soon.

Listen to All Night Passion by Alisha:

Listen to Baby Talk by Alisha:

Listen to Too Turned On by Alisha:


Your Comments

Dayna* |

All Night Passion was the Jam In My Opinion..
The other tracks were floor burners as well.
Good to see you looking so good and still doing your thing Alisha.
Love Dayna

vyniljunkie |

I think she was a Miami native who has had a lot of success. I remember playing her TOO TURNED ON for 100,000 people on a fourth of July party on the beach for POWER 96Her songs always got a strong response.

Kevin Doering |

Loved Too Turned On. Excellent production values

Robert Quezada |

Alisha had a song Called Number one I can't find it?

Delmar Browne |

The Comeback is on!

Glad to hear that Alisha is making a comeback!

The hits on Vanguard stand alone in your claim to fame!

Too Turned On, Baby Talk and All Night Passion were my favorites and the mark was made for an up and coming artist!

Keep The Vibe Alive and Stay Positive!

Delmar Browne

DJ Jeff Yahney |

hi alisha hope all is well dj jeff yahney here its been a long time.


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