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Mick Jackson

Written by kerrymatthews

February 11, 1947 - Present

Mick Jackson Mick Jackson ( Michael G Jackson) is best known for writing the disco track BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE. It is estimated to have sold in excess of 120 million copies worldwide since it's release in 1978.

Mick has worked with many artists such as David Knopfler, Eric Burdon, Lisa Stansfield, and Barry Manilow.

He is currently finiishing an album of disco/dance tracks and is working with an up and coming artist Dan Rowe / No Silence.



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Brian Wilding |

Nothing to do with the song, but more about a short period of Micks life before hand.
I knew him from about 1967 to 1970 ( at Paderborn ) and at that time he used to be my barber, along with being the barber for about another 200 squaddies. How he managed to wangle that sitter of a job I'll never know but Good Luck to him.
I know Mick was very much into music then as he was with a group that did quite a few performances for the Sgt's / Cpl's messes. One of my lasting impressions is of his performance of Hey Jude in the Cpl's Mess at Hameln ( 35 Engr. Regt. ) and I think that was one of the last times I saw him as I was posted to Hong Kong 3 days later.


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