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DJ Houseman

Written by Houseman

St. Louis, MO Disco DJ (1959 - Present)

DJ Houseman DJ Houseman (aka Glen Williams) began spinning records at the age of 18 in 1978 at St. Louis, MO's infamous Zebra Lounge. Houseman got his first break when the head jock, at the time, attended to business out of town. By getting the crowd wound up, Houseman was immediately offered a permanent residency.

From there Houseman consistenly broke new ground at the Zebra by playing R&B Disco, Disco, House and Importes. The crowd was predominantly black and Houseman was successful to keep the dance floor moving with everything from Sugar Hill to Pat Benatar to Void Vision from 1978 through 1986.

During this period DJ Houseman belonged to the mighty Chicago "Let's Dance" record pool. He was one slot down, #6, from the legendary Hot Mix 5 slots who were completely burning up WBMX and WGCI radio in Chicago.

DJ Houseman has a unique ability to play, as they say - everything. His versatility to play house, disco, high-energy and industrial provided him opportunity to play at all the large clubs in the metro area.

In 1986 Houseman acquired a warehouse space in the now stylish downtown St. Louis entertainment district known as the Washington Strip. The space was set to be an art gallery / nightclub that would promote various music, performers and artists. At the time, it was beyond the St. Louis entertainment scope and was discouraged from a central business area.

Houseman then started another club in midtown St. Louis where he continued his efforts promoting new music whenever he could. After that, he did a minor stint in New York before setting up residence in Atlanta, GA in 1989 where Houseman continued to play music at various clubs, late night parties and underground events.

He was part of an underground social movement in Atlanta that promoted local and abroad artists. DJ Houseman moved back to St. Louis in 2001 and has kept up with music as relaxing therapy from his main job as President of a small web development firm.

Houseman has since developed Virgo Lounge.com as an online outlet to help promote the artists who produce quality garage, house and disco based music.

It is of note that to this day people in St. Louis ask for DJ Houseman to again play on a permanent basis.


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