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James Wells

Written by Bernard Lopez

(19?? - ????)

James Wells(B: 19?? - D: ????) James Wells is best remembered for his late 1970s Disco classic, My Claim To Fame. He apparently recorded as late as 1987 with the UK Hi-NRG track, Great Minds Think Alike.

My Claim To Fame


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LeiQ Utley |

I love that anthem I remembered it since i was a little girl or young teen, I recognized good music vocals. He is a true singer with a voice that has animation \. When he sanged My Claim you can feel it as well as see it. I wish he was around touring here in NY. I miss him music of that era

vyniljunkie |

I remember TRUE LOVE IS MY DESTINY and MY CLAIM TO FAME. They both received heavy play in DISCOS everywhere. His talent was there, it was obvious. The fact that he didn't become a household name takes nothing from his accomplishments. If you love DISCO music, you know I am right. GOD BLESS!

Damien Minor |

Hey did James Wells die? Does anyone know when he die? But he was a great singer.

wquinn |

I have a great pressing on disc...and "True Love is My Destiny" still gives me chills

DeeJayDoc |

A Great Addition To The Disco Years. While His Contribution Was Small It Was Still Powerful.

My Question To All Is, Do You Know Of A Pressing Of His LP (On CD) That Is Of Good Quality?

The "Hot Productions" Material Is Terrible And Does Not Do Justice To Mr. Wells Material.

marcelino63 |

His song True Love Is My Destiny - still gives me chills and makes the hair on my arms rise - by far one of the best disco songs - it is in my top ten list.

hello, everybody!


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