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Marty Angelo

Written by Bernard Lopez

Disco DJ, sound system designer / consultant and creator of the Disco Step By Step (tm) Television Show in Buffalo, New York

Marty AngeloMartin Angelo is a jack of all trades in that he was involved in many facets of the early Disco music scene in and around Buffalo, New York from as early as 1969. In addition he was the manager of such groups as Raven and the Grass Roots (Midnight Confessions).

Marty's biggest claim to fame besides being one of the first Disco DJs in Buffalo and early member of the New York Record Pool as well as I.D.R.C. was to create and produce the first television show dedicated to Disco music and dancing called Disco Step By Step (tm) in 1976. The show was instrumental in breaking many new Disco songs and it featured hustle dancers, interviews with Disco stars and prominent industry people such as Eddie Rivera and others along with a weekly music chart.

Marty Angelo helped organize the World's Largest Disco event on September 8, 1979 at the Buffalo New York Convention Center, which attracted over 14,000 people. He brought several Disco DJs and artists to hold an event that many consider the Woodstock of Disco.

Angelo is still heavily involved in the music industry and is a regular consultant on many Disco related projects such as the PBS TV special "Get Down Tonight" and the exhibit "Disco: A Decade of Saturday Nights" in New York.


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Emily DePrang |


Thank you for your page. It's very useful! I hoped you could give me a contact email or number for either Marty Angelo or someone else who devoted their lives to disco. I'm writing a book and that would be very, very helpful.

Please let me know.

Thank you so much,
Emily DePrang


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