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Richard Bernstein

Written by discodevil

(1939 - 2002) Graphic artist known for his work on several Disco albums.

Richard Bernstein I only know that Richard Bernstein created a lot of the covers for Interview magazine, and album covers such as "Love Sensation" by Loleatta Holloway and "Portfolio" by Grace Jones. I was given a poster book of his when I did not know who he was! I only kept two pictures from that book silly me! Grace Jones and Divine!

Richard Bernstein
Photo of Richard Bernstein taken in November, 1980: © Tobi Seftel.


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Billy Smith |

I have the popper (1977) print sign by Richard personally.

tobi seftel |

Iphotographed the above photo in Nov. 1980. Therefore I would like to have a photo credit!
(c) tobi seftel

BillyNYC - Billy Smith |

Remembering Richard.... I was in Central Park today in the Ramble area and past by the tree where one Sunday afternoon - Richard was standing behind the tree saying to me, while I was passing by... psssssssssss.... Billy have any blow? This was back in 1977/8


I am always interested in buying any Work by Richard Bernstein - I also have work of his for sale. Contact me at dkb@comcast.net if you are interested in eihter.

I knew Richard at hte Chelsea HOtel and at Studio 54.

Billy Smith |

Hay, Doc54

remember Raven of 54?

Raven lives near me in East Hampton.

ted |

Hey...I know the Grace Jones print very well..I have a full size,framed and signed lithograph of 8 faces inc grace Jones,divine,jodie foster,diana roos and bianca jagger..oh and debbbie harry
am the the lucky one but i might want to sell it as i'm moving i have proof it was signed in japan in 1982 and i was there do you care?

doc54 |

he owed me 150$
..gave me a bad check
but i 4 gave him...


remember Raven of 54?

Patricia Jordan |

Dear Richard,
You gave me your first Grace Jones fan! Where is the "Archie" comic book series that we designed and photographed so meticulously with Baby B nipping at our heels? Where is Archie" and where are you? The ghosts of the Chelsea dance to your rythms, swoon for piellea (sp) and reflect the colors of your artistry, your brilliance and your love.... Soon deer friend, soon we will again trip the light fantastic in swirls of color and Warhol...

Love lives on...Patti

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Richard, Remember oou pool house? with Grace in it!!!!! LOL!


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