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Kathy Blanchard |

I am Brian Soares' younger sister, Kathy.

Brian and I were a musical duo and inseparable-from our very early days, as young musicians and actors in community theatre.

I toured with Brian-as part of the musical group-Secret Ties-during the late 80's and helped promote the songs, "Dancing In My Sleep", "Rio" and "One Night".
Brian and I also co-authored the musical play, "The Red Ribbon" (copywritten)Library of Congress 1995-2009.
The loss of my brother was the most painful experience in my life. For thirteen years-I have felt a void that will never be filled. Brian was my very best friend and confidante. He was the JOY of my life. He was brilliant, funny, fun, creative and luminous.
This February 15th-will mark the 13 years since his passing. I miss him every day.

I will try to scan in some photos of Brian and submit them to this webpage-so, that you may all share in the memory of this truly remarkable man.

Love and Peace to All~
Kathy W. Blanchard

danasingasong |

My name is Dana Farber. I sang on two 12" single albums with Brian Soares and David Diebold. The albums were Rockit "Down to Midnight" and "Magic". I stopped singing to raise a family and recently found this site. I wasn't aware of Brian's passing and am very sad to read of it. He was very talented and a nice person judging from the time I spent with him in the recording studio for those two songs. My email address is danasingasong@hotmail.com if you would like to contact me.

Angela |

Brian was my Uncle, I met him for the first time when I was seven. I remember that he looked so much like my dad that from behind I could not tell the diffence. From the first time I met him we had a bond we both shared love for one thing: music. For a short time he watched me while my parents worked, he taught me how to make my first sock puppet. Uncle Brian passed away on my thirteenth birthday. I honestly believe that he took a piece of me with him when he went. Not a day goes by that he does not cross my mind. If anyone has any stories I would love to hear them. My e-mail is angfauteux@yahoo.com Now at the age of 24 I just wish he were here to meet my two girls and inspire them as he inspired me.

vyniljunkie |

DANCING IN MY SLEEP was a classic. Brian was its creator, so he is a classic. I never met him, but I played that song so much, that I had to make a comment. Reading his background, I am surprised of it. From the corn fields to Silicone Valley> Good job, God bless.

cwmurphy |

I also knew Brian, but back in 1974-1975 while he was in college and I was a senior in high school. We dated most of that school year. He had a full-ride music scholarship at John F. Kennedy College in Wahoo, Nebraska. He sang in their show choir-type group called "The New Generation" and played the lead when they did a shortened version of Godspell.
We put together a little vagabond group of high school musicials (not worthy of Brian's music), but it gave him something to work with while he was biding his time in the Midwest (not exactly the music capitol of the world)!

Also during that time, the local ABC affiliate in Omaha was doing an early patriotic special for the upcoming 200-year anniversary celebration for the U.S. They put out a call for a patriotic song for the special, and Brian submitted a tape and won the contest. He and I, and two other girls went and recorded the song, along with some other of his songs at the studio. I've called the station (after I learned of Brian's death), to see if they still have the tape, but they don't keep anything back from so long ago. I do remember that Brian didn't even like the song he wrote for it, he thought it was a really cheesy and cutsy, but evidently the producers really liked it!

He was such a talented songwriter, and had a voice that was so amazing. We spent many hours sitting at the old black, upright piano in his fraternity, working on his music. I'd help him with arrangements by singing the harmonies so he could hear them. I too have an old cassette tape with some of his songs from that period. There was one he wrote about me called "Baby Buffalo" (was never sure I was real fond to the title). Does anyone know if he ever did anything with that?

Finally, in the spring of 1975, he left for California to pursue his music. The last I heard from him was in the summer of 1978 when he called from California to catch up and said he had an upcoming audition with Warner Brother records, I believe.

Jan, would love to correspond. E-mail me at cwmurphy75@hotmail.com!

Cheryl Warren

ninemoonsdoula |

Brian was a very dear friend. I met him in 1980, and we were inseparable for a couple of years. Musical success was a dream at that time, although he was the most talented musician I have known to date. We once stayed up all night and wrote a song together, then saved pennies to rent a studio, and recorded it. I still have the original casette tape of "Got Me By the Heart" I lost touch with him in 1983, and have always hoped that on day our paths may cross again. It is with great sadness that I read your post. I am so happy that he did make his way with music, and will miss him terribly. If anyone else knew him, I would love to correspond. Sadly, Jan French


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