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lamar taylor |

To lyricthai, my email is ltaylor6cw@yahoo.com Contact me and we can talk about the Wiz.

Rick Propper |

I worked and Car pooled with Flemming in the early 90's, we both worked at the Saturn Corp. in Spring Hill, Tn. We also lived in the same apartment complex in Brentwood, Tn

Karl Wilken |

Hi, I worked with Fleming at Dupont in Flint. Fleming use to sing all night long to us when he ran the glue machine and i set the tubes for crimping. Great guy, think about him everytime I hear Rock The Boat.

lyricthai |

Lamar Taylor,

I read your comments and I was particularly interested in your reference to The Wiz. My mother, Carolyn Johnson, was a McCree production of The Wiz when I was really small. I'm sure I must have met Mr Fleming along the way. I'd be interested in talking with you about your time with McCree. If you're willing please shoot me an email. Thank you.

Lamar Taylor |

I remember Fleming Williams when we did a play in Flint called the Wiz. He played the Scarecrow. We had a lot of good times together doing the play at the McCree Theatre in Flint.

Elizabeth Mathews |

We will keep the memory of my cousin and his legacy alive. We miss Bobo with all our hearts.

michael shansky |

i met fleming about a year before his suicide, at a small bar in the woods near idlewild, michigan. we became friends, and, since i am a pianist, began to meet at my house and worked up a set of standards, blues, etc, which he performed at a local bar in big rapids, where i live, with a bass and drummer. his mother attended, as i recall. his amazing voice and chops, enabled him to sing nat king cole, johnny mathis, blues, soul, show tunes, etc. the packed audience went wild for him. unfortunately, that was our last time together. i remember him telling me how he was delivering newspapers at dawn in LA when car went by with the radio blaring "rock the boat". he never received anything for his work....the injustice of it all , i believe, ultimately killed him inside....he was a beautiful man.

Ian Fleming Mathews |

to be honest he killed himself due too an addiction that took him from us, it was a tough time for my family and mainly for my Aunt. He will always be remembered, Love Ya cousin.

Larry |

Fleming died Feb 15, 1998 in his hometown (and mine) of Flint, MI after a lengthy illness.

I knew Fleming and had the privilege of producing his last record. I'll add a link soon, so check back for a lasting treat!

He was a joyful, warm, and kind man missed by everyone who knew him. Peace Flem...

Larry Arnold

If interested, visit my site set to go-live 2nd week of Jan 09... it is lawrencharles.com

vyniljunkie |

DON'T ROCK THE BOAT by the Hues Corporation, is this the first DISCO song?? There are a lot of people who certainly think so. I know that they were amongst the first, and at one point, they carried the torch as the most popular DISCO song. For about three or four years, this was what DISCO was about. A smooth dance song, with a catchy chorus that had the average person on the street singing it. In the early seventies, next to the term DISCO in the dictionary was a picture of Flemming Williams and the Hues Corporation. He will be missed by family and friends. But the DISCO world will also morn the passing of one of the FIRST!


hi i was wondering when he died i can't find the death date i'd like to know please ty.


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