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Tracy Weber

Written by Bernard Lopez

(b. July 14, 19??- d. May, 1981)

Tracy Weber Tracy Weber (19??-May, 1981)
(Artist) Tracy Weber was murdered after "Sure Shot" broke, she was shot and killed by someone who was aiming for her brother.

Sure Shot

Photo of Tracer Weber inspired scholarship invite submitted by Swing Phi Swing Social Gellowship Inc.
Tracy Weber


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Charles Roland Sales |

I was with Tracy at North Carolina A& T. We were Richard B Harrison Players together at Little Paul Roberson Theatre together doing a few plays together. The most memorable being Porgy and Bess.I was so distraught the way she left us, as a matter of fact I was like a big brother to her in school. I even brought her home one semester gratus. God bless her memory.

Cynthia Carter |

What a STAR! I can still see her laughing. Always smiling! Always singing! Loved singing in the rain. She loved being fly too! We went to Andrew Jackson High School in Queens. A great friend. She always made me listen to her music tapes, so it sounded so familiar when I heard this record on the radio going across the Triborough Bridge - the Yankees had a game that night and much traffic... I went beserk screaming. People got out of their car to see what was wrong. Sure Shot came out eight months after she left. When she went to college, she was mad she had to study classical music LOL! At one time she sang back up for Evelyn Champagne King and sang a little louder than she should have. She told me it was not favored. Tracey Weber is forever loved! Thank you for her tribute.

Billy D Cooper |

i was 16,Tracy just 12 days short of13 when i 1st heard her sing at her bro's/my sis's wedding.i was totally floored.i don't even remember what she sang.i just remember it was from the soul.It's 42 yrs later and i just heard Sureshot on the radio and it's brought tears to my eyes.She's gone and so is Sis.But hearing this 4 the 1st time in decades warms my heart knowing peopl don't 4get.
ps-i believe it was Tracy's Uncle-not brother-that was to be the lone intended victim.She is buried here in the Bronx with her uncle Alton Baker.Her only brother Gregory was then a police officer

Jody |

I was a young teen and watched a local Sunday MorningTV show called Gospel Expo taped in High Point, NC when I saw and first heard Tracey Weber sing lead on a song with A&T State University Fellowship Gospel Choir I have been trying to locate since around 1975 titled, LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED. JUST PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD. HE HAS ALREADY GIVEN US SALVATION. JOY IN SORROW. HOPE AND PEACE FOR TOMORROW. JUST PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD. I also remember buying and dancing to SURE SHOT, AINT NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE. SURE SHOT BABY. I was so deeply hurt when I heard of her murder. It really bothered me. I believe she would have been big. I loved her voice. If anyone has her or know who the actual writing of the song is by please contact me at mr.jodywalker@yahoo.com Thanks in advance and be blessed.

Fernando Martinez |

Tracy, sadly was shot to death on May, 1981. You can change death date on presenting profile.

boxcar the desert storm nomad |

oh.............anyone has any more info on her music and music career i would love to know more about her or history growing up in NYC or when she went to A & t PLEASE PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO E MAIL ME at jtoe@sbcglobal.net take care ! " boxcar " !

boxcar the desert storm nomad |

I heard " sure shot " for the first time on 94.3 WYBC FM New Haven ,Connecticut here in 2013 on the friday night dance party ......... WOW ! She is beautiful ! And her song is awesome ! Growing up in Cincinnati,Ohio I listened to 70's and 80's soul and never heard of her and we in southwest ohio had WBLZ AND WDAO FM in Dayton booming out the latest hits from bootsy to atlantic starr ! But now living here in Connecticut Tracy is played all the time and she is loved and missed by me and it is really sad what happened to her . She was real talent and may she R.I.P. . If any one out there knows her family or friends i would like to tell them i am sorry to hear she died and hope that i can offer words of comfort .................. take care....... BOXCAR !

Glenn Caldwell |

I'll leave the same message that I left on another website. I was a music major with Tracey at NC A&T. Her talking voice was so sexy that we all knew that her singing voice had to be great. I posted a picture of her, and of other folks, on my FaceBook page. Look under Great Years At A&T. The pic was taken in front of Frazier Hall, the music department. We took several classes together. My facebook with her pic is below. Tracey's pic is on the 7th row from the bottom - extreme right.


Turner Battle |

Tracy was cool ! Very talented, understated, funny and personable. At A&T, I accompanied her many times on piano.....GREAT voice and original sound. Seems like yesterday. "Sure Shot" is a great tune and I can't tell you what a kick in the gut it was for me hear it right after Butter's death. Talk about on the verge...... Keep flying Girl !

Josephine |

@Michelle Lewis I am Audra's Best Friend MiMi is my mom #2 always...I was at the house when they got the call I tried too find you on Facebook to no avail.

Blue |

Sorry I meant NY Post.

Blue |

Well the article that is in the Tracy "Butter" Weber tribute video (it's from the 1/9/82 NY Daily News) that Swing Phi Swing on You Tube says she was killed in May 1981. She was a pretty girl ... so sad.

Edgar Morales |

OMG! Sure Shot is a great song, it transpires a nice vibe; what about the Róisín Murphy song 'Let Me Know'? , it contains a samle of Tracy's song.

Nicky Braddy |

Thank you Michelle its funny how someone can have such a profound effect on your life.Tracy was that person for me her star would have risen thru the universe.All of these years later i still am amazed
how talented she was and also a sweet person.
The record was held back until November of 1981
it is such a shame that she never got to sing it
live because she was really great on stage.
I am happy that people all over the world still
can hear her her great talent.

Bernard Lopez |

To the DiscoMusic.com visitors:
Last night, May 31, 2010, the site had a loss of data in the master database. As a result we had to restore from a backup, but a day's worth of comments were lost. Once such comment is the following which I had a copy of so here it is again:

From: Michele Lewis

@ Nicky - I am trying to find out because I really don't remember. I remember the funeral well but I can't remember much else about that day. I asked my mom (Tracy's mother was my mother's maid of honor 55 years ago) - the places she said have no record so I am taking other measures. I may call her brother but there is no guarantee that he'll remember but he might. I will definitely let you know as soon as I find out cause know I want to know too! I thought she died in May of 1982, but my mother says it was May of 1981. I know it was May and it was right before Sure Shot was released. From what I can see it was released in 1981. True?

Michele Lewis |

Tracey was my cousin. Her birthday was July 14. I remember the day she died. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I remember her singing Alfie and standing in her living singing the Stylistics. I remember her singing with a group and for some reason I remember their names as the Crippled Crabs. Her house was the 1st place I ever heard the Stylistics entire album. I happened to see the flyer on a friend's FB page today. She and I were born a month apart. Of course, I knew her mother, father, sister, brother. To clear up misinformation - they were not gunning for her brother. She was with her uncle and they were both killed. They had a double funeral at Abyssinian (sp?). I remember the first time I heard "Sure Shot" - I was riding across the GW Bridge and almost wrecked my car. It is still hard for me to hear the song without crying. I had pictures from when we were young - some were lost in a move. I'm betting that my mom still has some. I miss Tracy and know that she would have been really big had she lived. Thanks for the tribute Swing Phi Swing - it's a beautiful thing.

Nicky Braddy |

Pat thank you and all of your sisters for your inviting me to your warm and wonderful celebration of the life of Tracy Weber, it was quite emotional for me. I loved her so dearly and I am so happy that a new generation will be able to hear and learn about her incredible talent. Tracy, it has been along time but still feels like yesterday I will always miss you and thank you for letting me share in that beautiful voice of yours.

D hughes |

I feel like I am a part of history. I want to thank you for inviting me to share this event with ur sisters in extending "Butter's" legacy. Unfortunately I will not be able to join u along with family and friends. I have one request. If time permits, could you play Sureshot as if it were Tracy's album release party.
God bless. I will be thinking of all of you.

jerseyswing |

Nicky pls.pls.pls. join us on Sunday if you can!!!! we would love to have you speak to her awsome talent and energy call me 973-464-0173

ALL ARE INVITED to come out...pls spread word!

Nicky Braddy |

I think that it is wonderful what you are doing in Tracey's honor. She left us way too early but i know that beautiful and powerful voice is ringing through heaven. As the writer of the song Sure Shot, it still pains me everyday that the world did not get to hear more of her wonderful talent, but with power of the new technologies a new generation will be able to hear her. She was and still in my heart is my dear friend.

Toby |


Thank you for the lovely invite. Wish I could attend. I'm in Los Angeles! Please keep in touch re: the scholarships in Tracy's name. When I can, I will gladly contribute.


My e-mail is sonodolcezza@mac.com

I have to search my closet and see if I can find pictures of Tracy and me when we were kids. I recall a few we took at the Woolworth's photo booth. Looking back, I cringe at the criticism we had to endure from schoolmates and peers who were raised with narrow minds, who didn't approve of a black girl and a white (Jewish!) girl being so tight. After getting pushed and kicked many times, we finally found a simple solution. If anyone tried to provoke a fight, we would stand and face them proudly--and SING. Music was the most powerful force. Tracy's voice especially. She could have stopped wars single-handedly when she sang!!!!

Love one another, children. It's all you have to do.


jerseyswing |

TRACY WAS INDEED A BEAUTIFUL SISTER INSIDE AND OUT...She was a true sister of SWING PHI SWING(sisters with interest never gone promoting higher intelligence supporting women in need of growth)!
all of her blood sweat and tears for this organization have not been forgotten we hold her memory in high esteem, speak her name each day and continue to carry the torch ahe lit)

All are invited to join us in honoring her memory and extraordinary talent while providing scholarships to three talented college students from the NY Tri-State area.

Toby Ms Hughs Angie Lisa Aggie Pride pls come as as my VIP guests. ALL PLEASE MAKE AN ffoRT TO JOIN US ON THIS SPECIAL DAY
THE SPOT is located 45 Commerce St. Newark,NJ 1 blk from Newark Penn Station. Tickets are only $12 in adevance and $19.69 at the door. If cost keeps you from attending COME ON & JOIN US - ask for Sis. Pat Chalmers at the door - I'll comp your ticket. If anyone is on contact with the family and other friends pls share the invite and feel free to call me at 973-464-0173 if you have questions.

D hughes |

I woke up late this Saturday and checked my iPhone and saw email from berniemusic. The first thing I said was o lord I hope it's not a response in the form of a debate. When I opened my email and saw a picture of Tracy or lovingly know as Butter, I cried. I can't explain why maybe because the 11 year girl inside me remembering sureshot has a face to go with the song finally. Thank you. No more wondering. She was just as real and beautiful.

Angie |

In Spite of all she went through she had to be a SWING!!!

Angie |

Who could ever forget those broad red lips, long natural finger nails, blonde short crop, and that range, WOW!! You didn't know if you were in the presence of an Angel, one of the first DIVA'S. We know about Chaka and Minnie, But ladies and gentlemen there was only one BUTTER! You should have known BUTTER!!!!!

Angie |

I remember when Tracy Weber pledged Swing at NCA&TSU. In 1975-76.Cooper Hall!

jerseyswing |



I first heard this song in 1982, while a freshman at North Carolina A&T and heard the tragic news about the artist and I neve forgot this song some 28 years later...glad to see it has some followers....

D hughes |

Thank you for sharing yourselves and time for ms. Weber.
I appreciate the connections which at times was not easy. I am elated to know Tracy had sisters. If their are any nieces I am sure they are beautiful just like their auntie. As for her brother I hope he was able to live his life and surround himself with love and family. As for myself I will not be returning to this site. I feel I have found closure for an 11yr old girl in Harlem listening to sureshot from the radio at her friends house such a time ago. Wondering. Tracy was just like me. She just wanted to be.
God bless

Toby |

Just found this web page. OMG. Tracy was my best, best friend in Junior High. People called us T 'n T. We were in Borough-wide and then, City-wide chorus together. She had the voice of an ANGEL. I remember her singing "Alfie" solo at a show and you could hear a pin drop. Her mother and sisters were beautiful people. I get tears in my eyes thinking of the Saturday afternoons we spent traipsing along Jamaica Avenue window shopping, eating donuts at Chock Full O' Nuts, laughing and gossiping about cute boys. We went to different High Schools and lost contact until 1981. She was SO excited about her life, her future. That smile, that voice. Ugh. Our loss and heaven's gain.

Love you always, T.

Kevan Tynes |

Tracy "Butter" Weber sung with me in Betty Davis's FUNKHOUSE BAND in 1976 when Betty was in Europe. FUNKHOUSE Band members are leader Fred 'Funki' Mills,Carlton'Carlos'Morales {of Julian Lennon's 'Vallotte'album}, Semi 'Nicky'Neal,'Pappy',Larry,and Nat Corbitt.Most of us were former members of "The Mighty Majors" band.

greg love williams |

gnr records welcome to the rain,

greg love williams |

hey rich what happened to you on face book ,i still have a copy of shue shot,along with most of your hits, you should put out a comp, on them, also the keboard player, from 196 and 115 ave,is from the group groove theory, darrel,great guy,call me sometimes,

dayveen |

thank u. i have a picture of her in my mind as to what she may have looked like. i remember girls in harlem getting their hair braided with gold woven in between the plaits. i had gold small clamps put on my braids instead. i smile as i type this,

Angie Womack |

I met Tracy in August of 1975. We were freshman's at North Carolina AT. I loved her with all my heart- I heard her singing through a window at our dorm (Cooper Hall) she lived directly above my room. We became best of friends and were even in a play together, "Fiddler on the Roof"- our director was Dr Kilimanjaro. The most exciting year of my life!!!

lisawj |

I think I had a singing class with her at Hunter College. She was very sweet and supportive. She had braids with gold ribbon woven through them. One day she got up at the piano and sang "Where Is Love", and it was amazing. The only other thing I heard her sing was a powerful version of "New York State of Mind". She had an incredible, amazing voice and unique phrasing. I got chills the two times she sang in class and have never heard anyone sing those songs as beautifully. She must have dropped the class, because we never saw her again, maybe she was recording, it was around the same time. Last thing I know about her is that she used to sing back up for The Staples Singers. I never knew if it was the same girl, Tracy Weber, that sang Sure Shot and have also been searching for a picture of her. But it really has to be because of the magnificence of the voice. May she rest in peace and let the music live forever.

dayveen |

i remember sure shot when i was 11 years old leaving in harlem. it got heavy radio play. i was so jealous cause i wanted to sound like tracy. i remember my girlfriends telling me she got killed by the mafia. i didnt believe it then. i want to know after all these years what did she look like and how old was she when she died?



TruckTurner |

Hi all, and especially hello Richard,

I just stumbled across this thread while trying to find some more info on 12" containing the Larry Levan vocal(!) cut timing 7:18.


Well, but the above became irrelevant because I was shocked heavily twice while reading this page. First of all because of the very tragic death of this talented singer. RIP Tracy Weber!

But WAIT...How can it be that nobody mentioned the following song yet:
>>> "Let Me Know" by Róisín Murphy <<<

It definitely contains a sample of Sure Shot - well not directly a sample...but it clearly 'borrows' (better yet STEALS) the hook melody of Sure Shot.

To convince yourselves:
(skip to 0:53)

@Richard Bassoff: I really hope you (and Nicky) received heavy royalty for this from EMI records since this was a pretty big hit on the dance charts across Europe in 2007 (see some stats here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%B3is%C3%ADn_Murphy)
As I cannot see any credit given to you I'm afraid this sample wasn't cleared. Or is the hook too short to claim any royalty? I'm not into all these law things - but it smells like a rip off to me...

Just search the comments on YouTube for "Sure Shot" and you'll see how many other people think that the Original version in fact is YOUR SONG!

Best regards,

PS: Did I mention that I love this song - though I don't come from the Disco-Era (I'm 32 years old from Hamburg, Germany)

friend |

I grew up with tracy on 199 street st albans queens.We had a little singing group , of course she was the only one who could sing. Even then at the age of 9 or 10 we all knew she had a special voice. I remember singing(trying to sing] Going to the chapel of love, at ps 136 on 201 street and 115 ave. She was great i was scared to death, she sung the whole song by herself . Tracy was a sweet giving person, her whole family was cool her mother was everyones mother. As children we had our whole lives ahead of us , i was shocked and hurt when she was killed.. Tracy was at the wrong place at the wrong time this i know, she will always be remembered by me as a happy cheerful loving chilhood friend.

Rusty Bee |

Yep and some people on youtubes (above link) comments identify it as a sample, but most probably some keys are just replayed (i have and like both records). Roisin mainly wrote the lyrics but i think Andy Cato wrote most of "Let Me Know" music, frankly using bass and keys from "Sure Shot" in a contemporary way.
Maybe Sir Bassoff could try to contact EMI for some sort of clearance

Aside of that i never understood the (unpardonable) motivation of Tracy Weber murderer.

Olivier |

Perhaps this is old news. Has anyone already checks this out? I was very surprised although I do not know the complete original song from Tracy Weber.



Diane |

I grew up in St. Albans, Queens on 196 Street, 3 blocks from Tracy & family. We went to the same church (Grace United Methodist on Murdock Ave.). My earliest memory of her singing is when she sang "Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me" in church. Even then her voice was amazing. Everyone was shocked when she was killed. No one I'd ever known my age was killed like that. Her funeral was heartbreaking--I recall her sorority sisters forming a ring around her casket and singing. So sad.

I also remember Bernice Watkins (Mahogany)from the neighborhood. She lived on 198 Street. When I was 8 I took piano lessons from her mom, Gladys. Wow, you bring back memories.

David |

Hello my name is David and I would like to have more information about Tracy Weber, any short biography would be helpful like where and when was she born, how and when did she start her career as a singer, why and when was she killed.
Her release "SURE SHOT" is still hitting in the most important Dance Clubs in Argentina but nobody knows that she passed the way. Rest in Peace.

Girard Hull |

It was 1982. I was a sophomore at UNC-Greensboro. It was my understanding that Tracy had left school North Carolina A&T State University to go and pursue her music career in NYC. "Sure Shot" had just dropped & was blowing up. Shortly after it's release, the news came that she was tragically killed (shot) in NYC. It was sadly unbelievable.

God rest her soul !

Delmar Browne |

A talented woman who made a hit record!

May she rest in peace and hopefully this, songwriting team bring the classics back to life!

Sure Shot was a big record mixed by Larry Levan and heard @ the Paradise Garage & radio in New York City.

Richard, get back to me via email and we'll speak behind the scenes.


Let me rephrase that - I re-read it and it looks like I wrote with you!! You and Nick were a favorite songwriting team of mine during the 80s dance music scene. I would buy just about anything that you two wrote - Tracey Weber, Mahogany, Michelle Wallace and others. Thanks for the great music. Peace....



Thank you so much for filling in the blanks concerning this artist. Quietly as it's kept, you and Nick were two of my favorite dance music writing partners during the 80s. And I have that song You Ought To Know - with Michelle Wallace singing it. Peace to you...

rbassoff |

Tracy was very out going with a great personalty.
Nicky knew her much better then I.
If your in New York stop at Harvy Electronics in the ABC Carpet building on Broadway. He works there.
Alot of the big club dance records do not do well on radio. Therefore you don't don't get the big money from radio play and Record Sales.

lil7256 |

I'm really surprised the money isn't good because you've done some tremendous work! Where did the money go? I had a label a long time ago but never a hit, so of course there was no money there, but the work you've done is major music history. I bet if you worked today, you would make money.

Can you tell me what Tracy was like and how you hooked up with her? As I said, nothing can be found online about her. This is the absolute most information I could ever learn, from you, so thank you again. As you can tell, I'm very interested.

ddog |

Thanks from me too, Richard.
I would like to ask you a question:
Do you like today's house music.....?
And if you do, what artists in particular ....?

rbassoff |

The satisfaction you get from writting songs like these and others I was invloved in is great. The money is terrible.
Big dance records don't =a living, unless they go pop.
I would consider again.
Tracy was shot to death in a friends apartment about 2 weeks before the record came out.

lil7256 |

Thanks! I just orderd it. You know, I can't believe you don't write and produce - how is this possible? And do you still talk to Nicky? It really made my day that I could communicate with you Richard. Sure Shot (also love the Larry Levan mix) and Ride on the Rhythm are two of my all time most favorite songs. I've always got them in my car and listen to both of them all the time.

Would you ever consider working in the industry again?

Once again, thank you so much. I've looked for info on Tracy Weber online over the past few years and have found nothing! What happened to her? Do you know when she died?

rbassoff |

You can get Tracy Weber's "Sure Shot" and "One Step at A Time" on CD through Amazon.
I have not writtin or produced a record in some time.
I left the New York area and moved to Florida.

lil7256 |

That's sucy an amazing story Richard!!! I love Sure Shot - it's one of my all time favorite songs. Never heard One Step at a Time but always wanted to - I can only find it on vinyl. Also thanks for the great info on Bernice Watkins. I love Ride on the Rhythm very much too, and pretty much all West End Records.

Are you still producing?

rbassoff |

We did another demo with Tracy Weber, which was never released called "You Ought To Know". I liked the song alot.

Tracy grew up in Jamaica Queens near my writting partner Nicky.
Thats where Nicky became friends with Tracy.

After Tracy died we found another great talent who was a friend of her's by the name of Bernice Watkins. We later named her Mahogany and released " Ride On The Rythm" through West End Records.

lil7256 |

rbassoff, please tell us more. Anything else you know about Tracy Weber. I can't find anything online and I think we would all appreciate if you shared your knowledge or any other memories you might have.
Thank you!

DJ Disco Balls |

The only releases I know of are "Sure Shot " and "One Step At A Time". What great songs. What a great talent silenced too soon.

ddog |

I would love to listen to something else from her, what do you suggest...?

rbassoff |

She was a good person and a great talent.
We wrote the the song in a day after a record exec. liked the first song we recorded with her "One Step At A Time".
He later said they did not have the money to release it.
It ended up with RFC Records through a person we worked with at the time.
She could sing any song just hearing it once.
Two takes in the studio was all she needed.

ddog |

Very sad story....I just listened to "Sure Shot" for the first time and did some research.....Can you tell us something about her, Richard.....by the way congratulation for the song....it's great....

rbassoff |

I wrote "Sure Shot" with Nicky Braddy.
I knew Tracy Weber very well.
There is a long story behind getting this record and others we made with her to the record company.
If your interested I'll tell you.

Richard Bassoff

Boodikka |

Tracy Weber was shot and killed in 1982.


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