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Edwin Starr

Written by Bernard Lopez

(1942-April 2, 2003)

Edwin Starr Edwin Starr (1942-April 2, 2003)
(Artist) Born Charles Hatcher in Nashville, TN. Best known for his early 1970's hits such as "War" and "25 Miles" and in the Disco years, "Contact" and "H. A. P. P. Y. Radio." Passed away from a heart attack at age 61.

Photos of promo shot of Edwin Starr and cover of Happy Radio song book submitted by Simon White.
Edwin Starr Edwin Starr



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vyniljunkie |

EDWIN STARR, was without a doubt one of the greatest singers of my generation, I just recently found out he had passed away. I was saddened by this, as were all his fans, and there must have been millions of them. As a youngster I remember hearing 25 MILES on WABC radio in NEW YORK City. Then a year or so later WAR was played on every station on my radio. It was a trying time in the United States, and WAR became the theme song of all the Vietnam War Protesters. The impact of that particular recording is immmesureable, not only did the BLACK PANTHERS use that song at all their rallies, but every juke-box in town always had it playing. When DISCO arrived, EDWIN went to work on creating a SUPER DISCO RECORD, and in late 1977 he let CONTACT to the listening and dancing public. Its constant drum beating would remain on your mind hours after you danced to it. Eye To Eye Contact was a favorite tactic used by men attempting to pick-up girls at the DISCO. then one day I receive HAPPY RADIO at the record pool. Instantly it shot up on all the DJ's play lists, quickly reaching the top. That is FOUR of the BEST recordings ever released, put out by one artist in less then ten years. No wonder, he was a STARR, EDWIN STARR! God Bless, and thank you from every dancer that ever grooved to your records.

DeeJayDoc |

I Tend To Search For The "Undergrond" Song On These Classic Singers And Mr. Starr Did'nt Fall Behind.

Take A Listen To "Running Back & Forth" And You'll Experience Hustle Music At It's Absolute Best.

While He Had Great Commercial Tracks It's The Unknown Tracks hat I Love.

Delmar Browne |

25 Miles, War, Contact, Happy R.A.D.I.O. among others were hit records that everyone enjoyed!

Motown, Disco and all have lost a legend!


Theo Loyla |

Edwin was the nicest man in disco. A brilliant entertainer and fantastic all round good guy. I never saw him down and he was always full of optimism. He always had time to talk to and listen to people. His contribution to the Disco Aid record "Give Give Give" was the best of his career and it was a travesty that this fantastic record was never a bigger hit.

djmikejames |

Contact... I was 12 yrs old when I heard this for the first time and I must have listened to the 12 inch single over and over... To this day, when I put it on the turntable I get shivers, his voice had so much presence, the breaks were so well sequenced.

One of the best disco records ever produced and a voice that will be missed.

rpavl |

Contact...What an awesome record....

disco79 |

Among Edwin Starr' greatest... Happy Radio and Eye to Eye contact always brought me to the dance floor wanting more. They just dont make them like this any more !!!


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