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Neil |

Minnie was exceptionally gifted, I'll say. This when
listen her voice I shall say. I let the music continue
why? Excellent 'artist" Minnie had integrity and pose.
My opinion if she would lived. Her talent would have
shine sadly. Minnie never played Europe...she is admired. In The Netherlands and UK this why admire. The
70's it so diversified...today just Pop standards! Minnie's albums all sound musically, different. If she
was actress would been better! Yes it has been 31yrs
since her death. The music is among us all that matters!

betty ward |

I truly enjoy her music. it is so sad, in the fact that people at large only hear lovin you a lot and not the mass of her beautiful music. but, the internet is giving people a chance to find her music. love her and what she lefted us with. b ward

senerca breaux |

her voice was so lovley and everybody who love her will miss her she is in hevan now flying with the angles

Hljmaar |

...for the fans it's thirty years! Wow to flys,
besides the music endures time. I recommend simply,
contact Minnie's former label. Sony/BGM they own
the masters to Minnie's Epic. Albums I always right
and inquire shall have. Tribute sight the American
site ...has been. Down for 3yrs nothing more than
basic information. I enjoy the music always remember
the music. Not so much the uneventful ending. Yes
I still at times ask profoundly, why this above.
My choice but anyway Minnie left a legacy thank
you Disco Music.

vyniljunkie |

One of my all-time favorite songs was LOVING YOU. MINNIE had an angelic voice. She sang so PRETTY, do you understand what I mean? It was a beautiful voice, her voice was so, so sweet sounding. It was like candy to someone with a sweet tooth. You wanted more of it. Too bad she passed away so young, at age 32!! That should be the beginning of her prime!! It was a pleasure playing her song, and I did for over twenty years every chance I got. For giving us LOVING YOU, I thank you. I hope that they enjoy it as much in heaven as I did. GOD BLESS.

Marshall |

Minnie, Minnie, Minnie, Minnie, Minnie, Minnie...a warm feeling and spectacular light of life she was and is. Growing up in NY I remember the weekend show SOUL that would highlight an artist for a solid hour. Minnie's was "The Songbird" and it think it was in 72. From Rotary Connection to the unfinished tracks that stars flocked to finish in her memory she will always be the 1. Beautiful inside and out, d*** Rudolph was an exceptionally lucky man to share a life and have a child with this special lady. Mariah is phenomenal BUT there was something about the effortlessness of Minnie that made you feel as though she was sitting in your living room singing to you then with no pretenses, no bravado, just a warmth of love.

I miss her and when I see Maya on tv I just smile and look up.

God Bless

Funk Daddy |

I was sad when she passed but her spirit lives on with her daughter Maya.

John Manley |

I can recall so clearly, one day back in the 70's listening to Minnie Ripperton singing "Loving You". This was shortly after the song had begun to receive much attention and mass appeal. I had never heard a voice of such unearthly beauty and it was at that very moment, I had an epiphany that she would die, very soon. A few years later after she had passed away, I heard the song "Can You Feel What I'm Saying", for the very first time. I was moved to tears by the purity and unbelievable range of her voice in that particular song. Her voice was the very essence of Heaven, itself. I can think of no greater praise, that anyone could bestow on another human being. John

Lisa |

Minnie Ripperton, I was such a young girl when I was first exposed to your awesome voice. Sadly you were taken away far too soon. You were a true one of a kind vocalist who shared your heart with the world, I felt it everytime I heard you sing.

I still listen to you and think of you. I know and believe in my heart that if you were alive today you would still be captivating us with your words, your song.

Rest in Peace and thank you for inspiring me to SING.


Sara |

I never tried to hit the high notes with you, i would only open my mouth.

Miss you

kirz78 |

No picture of Minnie Riperton captures her beauty and sense of humor more than her cover picture for her album "Perfect Angel". Her sly smile while holding the melting ice cream cone with her afro and overalls is just classic. She's the type of woman you would want to meet if you didn't know her. Luckily for us, when we listen to her music, we are in a sense "meeting" her and while she shares her talent with us we realize she truly is an angel......an angel that leaves us way too soon.

Shawnette |

I was only 8 years old when Memory Lane came out, but it was my Aunt Maggies favorite album and we learned every song and sang it over and over again. I was so sad when I found out she died, being so young I really didn't understand death but it scared me and I remember thinking how could someone so young, beautiful and gifted die? I read articles in Jet and Ebony that told the story of her husband and how he nursed her in her time of ill health and thought that was soooo touching. Sadly my Aunt Maggie died way too young from Breast cancer as well and again I thought of her favorite singer..Minnie and how she died from the same. When I turned 26 I found out I had a lump in my breast and did not want to die young like these two women I adored, so I went and got a biopsy, thank God it was non-cancerous. I am now healthy happy and 34, I'm an active duty soldier serving in Iraq for he 2nd year in a row and you should have seen the look on my younger sodiers faces when I would play Minnie Ripperton, they had never heard of her but now they know. Young ladies take your health serious and you are never too young to get breast cancer. My Aunt Maggie died at age 43 because she was afraid to go to the doctor. Love and Peace......Shawnette

Arnold's Angel |

Her voice was so lovely. She could blow Mariah Carey out of the water with those vocals. She was a true talent. God rest her soul.

LuvNU75 |

Minnie Riperton is still an inspiration to me. Not only because she had the most beautiful voice ever recorded, but because Minnie was a light to so many who would have otherwise lived in darkness. Thank you Minnie for passing by this way.

LadyTweety72 |

Mrs. Ripperton has a light that will never die. Rest in Peace Minnie!

J. T. |

I still remember just like it was yesterday.... How proud I was of my high school, Chicago Vocational, when you took time to visit and the band moved you to tears when you found that we had in our possession your music and played for you when you came. (It made JET mag).I wasn't in high school yet, but I made sure that I went to that school, and that was one of the reasons why. I remember seeing you on the Johnny Carson show, all the class you had, your intelligence, and how very beautiful you were. I remember "Memory Lane" and how that was the "first" music video that I saw. I remember that incredible 5-1/2-octive voice of yours....wow. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey (she can do it too), Roberta Flack George Benson and others spoke so well of you. I remember how you your husband (RR) took that trip to Brazil and, sadly, I remember July 12, 1979, that morning when La Donna Tittle (then, WBMX radio station in Chicago) announced your passing...........I was 16, you were 32. I guess I had a crush.....you'll always have my love....

Helmet |

Sadly, we lost Minnie Riperton yes
as justified applied. The Perfect Angel
in regarding appreciate distinct ocative
Minnie discography. Yes, if there DJ's
reading it sought after. Because it
obscure and apparently of the domestic
retail market. ...Minnie deeply touch
me with her innocent introvising of the
lyrics. Especially the titles "Adventure
in Paradise and the Fredding Perrin
produce ' Let's Stay in Love". For those
how are unfamiliar with Minnie records.
I spin them myself, lower the RPM speed
on Let's Stay in Love to 80Rpm or 100rpm you'll appreciate Minnie musical
qualities. Yes, also the first album
"Come into My Garden" produce by
late Charles Stephey whom is renown
for Earth Wind Fire and Deneice Williams
1976 Mega hit " This is Neicy" Thanks
to DiscoMusic.Com for providing this
execellent artist website. If you see
any Minnie's vinyl albums Get out there
and grab them. Sought after investment
DiscoMusic.Com thanks for taking me
back when music was quality and artistic

Sincerely: Helmet

ARDiscoQueen |

One of my favorite singers and sorority sisters....she's truly missed.

geoff |

Yes, time has elasped since we lost the
beautiful Minnie Julia Riperton. At times
we, seem to only remember Minnie's
timeless voice and spirit. With her 1974
hit Loving You. If your an fan along with
myself. Appreciate the leagacy Minnie
left us she rein forever. I recommend
list to Minnie' s last album for Epic/Sony.
recorded in early, 1976 and it released
Feb 1977 it was certified gold. But due
contracts Minnie went over to Captiol Records to record her final release. Minnie which was release April 1979. Let's Stay in Love was produce by the
great Freddie Perrin. He later had success with Peaches & Herb and Gloria Gaynor. If your in to engineering sonics
well this the album for you. Record with
30isp tapes and multi-track 48tracks. Heavy bass and excellent Mid-Range it
was master by Kevin Gray. Yes who
us to master 12inch at Future Disc. At
times we only remember Minnie for a
ballard. Minnie could get funky okay especially the track Young Willing Able
Which was the flip side of Lets Stick together. As for this informative web site
thanks for the memories. Remember
fans Minnie discography is immortial.

Sincerely: Geoff

Boodikka |

Mother of SNL's Maya Rudolph.


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