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Peaches |

I was deeply hurt by the death of Brenda. I was president of her fan club in New York City, she has been to my house several times. I also have been to her home in Phila. No one can sing like her. I first met her at the Cheetah it was a club in New York over on 8th Ave. Dry your eyes, Tip of my tongue, stay together young lovers. etc. there's not a song of her's I did not like. I will always remember her death it was my mother birthday. She's still with me no matter what. I love you Brenda rest in peace Songbird.

lois weiss |

no one can sing Stay Together Young Lovers like Brenda & The Tabulations.

Robert Payton |

Hey i was listening to the music of Brenda Payton lately and it always remember how good it sounds i found out now that she is in heaven i remember my big cousin from when I was young in Buffalo and the positive things she would teach me when I was young she will always be missed

Pennylane |

Brenda and The Tabulations are part of the soundtrack to youth so privileged to have been exposed to her music, she will always be remembered by me always RIP Brenda….

Emmanuel X. Withers |

I didn't get to know her but she was one of my older cousins. and I wish I would have had the chance to sit down with her and talk about her experince as a artist out there in the the would trying to make a difference she is a roll model and a inspritation to her whole family the past, the present, and the future. To my cousins (her children) I may be Christopher H Withers Sr. youngest son but I am the family man which means if you need me I will be there Love yall and miss yall.

Joe |

Greatest Female singer of all times.

First I want to say thank you on behalf of our family for your kind words, but on the other hand I expected saddened from you not shocked because being that you guys were such good friends I'm sure you knew how ill she was. |

First I want to say thank you on behalf of our family for your kind words, but on the other hand I expected saddened from you not shocked because being that you guys were such good friends I'm sure you knew how ill she was.

Pat Mercer |

First I would like to say that I was shocked at Brenda"s Death. She was a great person , I was one of the Tabulations- Pat Mercer,Debbie Martin is also alive and we are best friends . We enjoyed several years of travel to many states across the country and many countries in Europe, England, Germany ,Italy, Spain ,Greece.Istambul etc. We did shows with The Temptations. The Manhattans,Delphonics and many more. Id like to say that "It was Right on the Tip of Mine Tongue" was written by Van McCoy and recorded by Brenda and the New Tabulations Pat Mercer & Debbie Martin. and Donnie Ford our Piano Player. To her family :I would like to say that she was a pleasure to work with and we had some great times together. God Rest Her Soul but the music will live forever. Thank you

dj dave |

BRENDA & the tabs are in my fav list
at weddings i always play 'a part of you'
"right on the tip of my tongue' reminds me
a former girl of mine because it took her
awhile to say the 3 words. thanks to
Brenda for what she gave us forever!!!

Kenyetta |

THANK YOU @BERNARD LOPEZ for correcting the dates of my mother's birth/death

k j walden |

i feel connected to her through her voice and music

Sheila F. General |

I was just listening to songs by the late great Brenda (Payton Hill) and the Tabulations. I love her music and continue to listen to her songs. I remember seeing Brenda and the Tabulations at the Uptown Theater in Philadelphia hosted by the late Georgie Woods. I will forever miss Brenda but she'll live on through her beautiful songs. She was an extraordinary singer. RIP and God Bless Brenda's family.

Pattylicious |

I too always wondered who she was singing to in Dry your eyes. I always think of MY mother when i hear this song. But in my own imagination i imagined a young mother goin away to prison & shes saying good bye to her baby. Idk. But its a tearful heartbreaking song.

Kenyetta |

I would like to see the correct dates displayed on this site as well as others, again my mother passed away on July 14th, 1992 and was born in 1945 not 1946

kent carmona |

The touch of you is forever a classic.

Kim |

The family is overwhelmed with the responses to this site, and in aswer to the question,"(Who Is Brenda Singing To)". That would be her daughter who is her older child and who was an infant at the time the song was recorded, she did not have a grown child at this time in her career.

Peggy |

My sister believes Breanda is talking to her son who is in the armed forces...he's been gone away for a long time. He's crying over the phone and she's consoling him but then has to hang up (thus...mother's gotta go).

I have always believed she was visiting her son in prison because she can physically see the tears, asking him to wipe them.

It is such a sad but beautiful song and I just was hoping to find out the meaning. Thanks!

Kenyetta |

@Peggy, Yes If listen to it well you'll hear her say mother's gotta go now, the rest is self explanatory

Peggy |

"Dry Your Eyes" is my all-time favorite song and I never tire of listending to it. I just wonder what the meaning is behind the song. I can't figure out who Brenda is singing to. She seems to be singing to somebody who has been away and yet she is asking the person not to cry. So does anybody know who she is singing this song to?

JJ |

Heey I love this music..I grew up on it.Brenda and The Tabulations was a super group. I didn't know she was no longer with us..rip.

Dorette Ham |

This is Evangelist Ham from Shekinah Revival Temple. Please let me know when you record, I would love to sit in or be a part in some way.

A. Lupinacci |

I was a teenager in the mid to late 60's and Brenda was one of my favorite singers. No one had her voice. I saw her perform at the Apollo and she was fantastic. I'll never forget that show. Also performing was Freddie Scott, Jerry Butler and Junior Walker and the Allstars. When I listen to her music now it brings back so many memories. It is truly sad that she is no longer with us.
God Bless Brenda and Her Family,
Tony Lupinacci

Kenyetta Payton |

@Doretta(honey), thank you very much, but I'd like to know who you are,that you've heard me sing. We will soon be rerecording my mother's songs. That is those which she wrote, one being (Right On The Tip Of my Tongue) with myself on lead vocals and other family members doing the background

Reggie Carter |

A friend of mine, pete, tells me that mr. Van McCoy.of Washington, D.C. wrote. "RIGHT OJ THE TIP F MY TONGUE" and the great Brenda of the Tabulations took it from there. It stayed on hits chart for over 2 months in 1971. I remember it because my wife's birthday is May 1 st. Brenda had genius touch her SOUL !!!

Dorette (Honey) |

Brenda Payton was a classic lady with a classic voice. Those of us who were privileged to enjoy her music witnessed an icon, who was beyond her time. In many ways she touched the world and her music lives on. Kenyatta her voice id still resonating in you. You got it girl, and God will open many doors for you. Just say Yes!

Kenyetta Payton |

She was born October 24, 1945. Sorry for the incorrect diction. We love her and miss her, but she will alway be remembered thru her music as well as her vibriant personality. The legacy she left behind was not only her music but also through us (her children and family). God Bless all who still keep the memory of her and the music close to your hearts. I'm sure from time to time she's smiling down on us!

Kenyetta Payton |

My mother past away June 14th, 1992 at around 2:30am. She born October 24th 1945

aj solomon |

First, let me say you couldn't meet a nicer or more professional recording artist. I met Brenda in person back in the mid 80's. Me and my recording partner hired her and her singing partner, Teri, to perform background vocals on his studio recording. Of course, we knew of her from many years before. Her recordings with the Tabulations were legendary. So, when our recording engineer said he could bring those talents into a recording session we were more than pleased! The young ladies we had utilized from the previous session, who were friends, hadn't quite cut it. But Brenda and Teri knew exactly how to enhance the recording with very little coaching. They had done this many times before. When I learned of her death a few years later it came as a shock. I felt privileged to have met her. She had a singing voice completely in her control. I think that voice helped us get airplay.

Paul Williams |

Christopher - My label Reel Music is reissuing Brenda's "I Keep Coming Back For More" on CD with bonus track 12" of "Lets Go All The Way (Down)". (By arrangement with Universal Music Group) I'm looking for Brenda's exact dates of birth and death to put a dedication to her memory in the booklet. Can you help. www.myreelmusic.com

Christopher H. Withers, Sr. |

I happen to be her cousin, she died in either 1991 or 92. Please check your facts or contact me for more info. I miss her very much 7 thank all those who still love her gift to us.

Vincent Ferguson |

yes it is true, Brenda was a great singer. i remember when me and Brenda was growing up together in North Philly, i was around 8 and i guess she was about 12, i was running around thinking that i was tough, she kick my little butt that day. i guess you can say that was one of life's lessons(LOL)

l0nnieugene |

i grew up listening2 & loving Brenda & The Tabulations. My passage thru puberty was jump started by their music. i recently received notice that 2of their cds are now available. Of course, i ordered them. Brenda had such a mature & mellow voice.

vyniljunkie |

I met Brenda in the Apollo Theater way back when. She had a classic voice that reached into your soul, grabbed it, and never let go. She was spectacular, and you could never forget that it was her who affected you so much. God Bless.

Peaches |

I had the pleasure of running her fan club in NY. I will always love her and I truly miss her. Great memories of the Cheetah and the Apollo, Bear Mountain, will always stay with me. Rest in Peace my Love.

Jean |

Stay Together Young Lovers.... was a song I would listen to intensively. Her music helded to molded me. Brenda Payton will always be in my heart.

Lenny |

I saw Brenda at the Apollo Theatre in NYC several times when I was from 12-15, her last TV appearance on a d*** Clark special in 1990. I miss her very much! She was very beautiful and possessed a sweet, gentle, girlish voice and the music was haunting. I loved it! Very original! Her last song (I forgot the title) was a disco song which did pretty well on the charts -she sang that on the d*** Clark special. Her music is always played on radio for millions to hear! She left a great music legacy!

musicismylife |

Wow! Finding out about her was a shock! Growing up as a teenager, songs like "Right on the tip of my tongue" "Stay together young lovers" (my all time favorite) "Dry your eyes" , to this day I listen to her songs and they still effect me pretty much the way they did the heart of a teenage girl all those years ago, Brenda & The Tabulations, their music is the stuff real classics are made of.

Mac |

Brenda and the tabulation in my opinon was one of the finest singer groups around doing my younger days in NY. I still enjoy Ms payton fine voice today,her music is as refreshng today as it was nearly 40 year ago. I had the pleasure of meeting her after one of her shows some year ago at the apollo In NY. She was not only a great singer but a very nice person. I know she will be miss by all of her fans.

dave evans |

I thought 'right on the tip of my tongue' was excellent, underrated,with haunting harmonies...playing it now it is hard to beleive it is nearly 40 years old.


To me i feel i am her #1 fan. Her music took me through puberty puppy love through teen puppy love.I even sang her songs in talent shows with my friends backing me up. She and Linda Jones were and still my favorite singers. Love and peace to u Brenda in our creator's home.

DoubleT814 |

Brenda was a great singer. I had the opportunity to perform with two of her band members; Maurice (keyboards) and Eddie (guitar). Boy, did I enjoy playing song's like "Dry Your Eyes"

Brenda, you are greatly missed!


What can i say i really don't have the words to express the way her music made me feel. I do fondly remember the dimmly lit basements we held parties in and how her records were always the ones held for the last part of the "Get togethers" as if those songs held so much more magic for you and your lover.
- Harlemred


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