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Chris |

I met Dennis at Studio 54 in 1980...he took me home that night on the back of his motorcycle....I was 20 years old....what a thrill for a kid new to NYC.


I met Jacque morali in France/nyc and again with parker/morali in brazil during carnival. I was good friends of morali before he made it big.

Seeker |

Those sound like very nice memories of a special friendship, Susan. Thanks for sharing them.

Susan Brooks |

Dennis and I were friends from the early 80s until his death. We met when he did some fundraising via Edge of Night for the nonprofit animal welfare organization I worked for. We became good friends and spent a lot of time together, He and his partner and my husband and I socialized frequently.....he even helped my husband build bookshelves and a window seat in our apartment. Dennis was one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever Known. He definitely did NOT commit suicide, but died of AIDS, which was still very much a stigma in 1985. I went through his illness with him and was with him the day before he passed away. He was a dear friend, and I miss him to this day.

Seeker |

I guess I'll just go for broke: I'm seriously considering writing a biography of Dennis Posa/Parker/Wade Nichols. I think there's a fascinating story here, and I'd like to tell it sympathetically. (I believe someone was planning to do a documentary film a couple of years ago, and maybe it's still in the works, but I haven't heard anything else about it.) Would anyone care to share their memories of Dennis for such a project? If so, please contact me at throwaways@yahoo.com

Seeker |

Thanks, Chris! I think Dennis was quite a good singer and an even better actor, and it's a shame that history has largely forgotten him.

Chris Hagan |

Seeker, I couldn't agree with you more. Dennis Parker was more than just a man who had AIDS. It's unfair to his memory that he is just remembered for that.

I loved him on "The Edge of Night" and his singing career was part of my life... dancing the night away. That's what I remember about Dennis. Not how and why he passed. He left us his music.

Seeker |

Greg wrote: "Whether or not he committed suicide, he did have AIDS."

Yes, he unquestionably had AIDS and was so ill that his character had to be written out of the show. But it's bad reportage at best and unfair to Dennis' memory at worst when his death is routinely listed as a suicide without any corroborating evidence. I never met Dennis Posa (I was only 12 years old when he died), and I have no connection to his family or friends: I'm just a fan. But it does make me sad to see the way people react to his YouTube videos...you know, the whole what-a-wacky-mustache, what-a-wacky-silver-jumpsuit, this-guy-sure-was-wacky routine. There's even some remix artist who calls himself Wade Nichols but uses a photo of Joel Crothers on his record covers as if Dennis and Joel were the same guy, or were interchangeable. It's like they think Dennis was a cartoon character rather than a real person. But he *was* a real person, and I think someone owes it to him to get all the facts straight. (I mean, even apart from the question of suicide, many sources list his real name as Wade Nichols and the year of his birth as 1955. What little biographical info is available is mostly worthless.)

Greg May |

Whether or not he committed suicide, he did have AIDS. Both Dennis Parker and Joel Crothers died of AIDS. Crothers played Dr. Miles Cavanaugh on EON. I also remember him from 'Dark Shadows' and 'The Secret Storm'. Dennis Parker was a regular on 'The Merv Griffin Show' back in the late 70's when Merv was featuring a lot of disco personalities like Grace Jones.

Seeker |

There appears to be some debate over whether or not he actually committed suicide. According to a source familiar with "Edge of Night" and who met Dennis a number of times, suicide was not mentioned in any of the obituaries and the rumor has never been verified.

Chris Hagan |

I recall Dennis on "the Edge of Night" and couldn't believe, years later, he was the same guy who's music I was dancing to in the gay clubs. I met him once in the early 80's at a Philly gay dance club. Nice guy! So sad that he left us at 30 years young.

Greg May |

I met DENNIS PARKER one night at The Parliament House - which was the Studio 54 of Orlando during the late 70's. I had just watched him on "The Merv Griffin Show". He was on the same show with my icon, Grace Jones. After his performance (he was promoting his album, 'Like An Eagle') I approached him and all I could talk about was Grace Jones! He looked at me funny and asked me to dance. He lifted me up and told me to grab the mirror ball. Then he walked away leaving me hanging there!

neil leinwohl |

I went to Freeport High School with a Dennis Posa. We graduated in 1964. Does anyone know if this is the same Dennis Posa

Greg May |

When I was a kid, I used to run home from school to watch "The Edge of Night." When I grew up, I fell in love with disco. I'll never forget the night I met GRACE JONES!!! And when DENNIS PARKER was tapped as the new chief-of-police on "Edge" I knew where my heart belonged . . . in show biz! There was a rumor the EON producer had a fling with Dennis -maybe. His suicide was such a waste of talent and charisma. Greg May Orlando, FL

Mark Faulkner |

The Edge of Night theme song was written by Jack Cortner and John Barranco, popular jingle writers in Manhattan during the 70's and 80's. John Barranco sang the vocals for EON's theme songs. The theme debuted in June 1976, and Dennis Parker (Posa) didn't join Edge until October 1979. One slight correction for Jackie Haber. It was Jack Cortner's wife who sang the low "ahhhs" on the track. Her name was Kacey Cisyx, and she is now deceased. Cortner and Barranco also did the instrumental and vocal themes for Search for Tomorrow, another Procter and Gamble serial.

Rasmus |

Hey everybody. There's some interesting stuff being told here. Thnx!
Anyone knows who Dennis Parker played with, or who wrote the music?
Take care!

Jackie Haber |

For those of you who would like to confirm the singer of THE EDGE OF NIGHT theme, look up Mr. John Barranco. He has the wonderful you hear when you listen to the show's (vocal) closing themes between 1977 and 1981. With all due respect, Dennis Parker is not the singer. Actually, John's wife adds some high pitched vocals to the earlier version.


Jackie Haber |

Dennis Parker did not sing the theme for THE EDGE OF NIGHT. I should know since I was part of the production team (with Erwin (Nick) Nicholson). Both of the show's vocal themes, between 1977 - 1981 were sung by John B.


Rasmus |

I never knew him personally. I juat love his music. Still I'm wondering who the guys are he played with, and how he got to sing. He's got such a wonderfull voice.

vyniljunkie |

The DENNIS PARKER I knew wasn't a porn star, nor a gay-porn star. He wasn't the actor from the soaps either. Who he was , was a blooming DISCO star. He had a few tracks that would be played at gay clubs, and though I am streight, I thought that those cuts could have been bigger hits if he was on another label. Too bad he never had the chance to enjoy the rest of his life, he gave up to the eventuality of death. If he would have stayed around, he could have taken the COCKTAIL that prolongs so many. Too bad, GOD BLESS you DENNIS!

rico |

i remember "like an eagle" from 78 or 79-it was big in cape town,south africa where i grew up. sorry to hear about his tragic death.

skip |

dennis posa and i were a couple from 1969 thru 1973,he worked at simplicity fabric co on madison ave .we lived on 38th and madison.He was my first Love.He was 4 yrs older then myself.He was a beautiful man,but somewhat self absorbed. He met morelli,went to philadelphia came back w a new nose and carreer.I was with him in his apt having our last dinner together when he insisted we watch Merv Griffin who was interviewing morelli,when Bam! there was Dennnis singing "like and eagle" . I was thrilled for Him.Then realized he was seeing morelli. I saw very little of him from then on.He went on to do much.He was born in freeport LI in 1946.had a mom,and a brother who looks very much like him.We drove down to Virginia for thansgiving once to see them on his bike in Nov!Vacationed in St Thomas,had a wonderful 4 yrs w him. Will always remember that time w fondness.

Paul |

I met Dennis Parker aka Dennis Posa, Dennis Rush, when I was living in New York in the early early 80's. I met him at 12WEST. One of the nicest, hottest people I have ever known.

The night I met him, we went hoe together. I had never riffen on a motorcyle in my life. Dennis asked if I could ride, of course I said sure. I got on the bie and put my helmet on (upside down). Dennis was so polite that he never mentioned it until we got home. He was one of those guys that never let an embarrasing moment upset him. He was a wonderful guy and miss him.


I remember him on the soap "The Edge Of Night". Why did he commit suicide? i heard rumors of him having aids. Also i heard he was a former porn star. But i still love him as the police chief on the edge of night.

beagle |

I was fascinated by Boodikka's wealth of info about Dennis Parker. Thanks for all the interesting facts.

Eurodancemix |

I remember seeing Dennis Parker once on the Merv Griffin Show back in 1979. Unfortunately, Merv had spent too mcuh time with a previous guest and rushed Dennis on stage to sing "Like An Eagle" while the credits rolled. I had just bought Dennis' album and loved it! I was hoping he'd be rescheduled but that never happened.

Boodikka |

Dennis Parker was a adult film star appearing mostly in straight porn such as "Maraschino Cherry" and "Take-Off", and at least one all-male porn film entitled "Boyknapped".
He was best known as Derek Mallory on TV's "The Edge Of Night" (he even sang the series' closing theme song) and appeared on the sopa until it ended in 1984. He was diagnosed with AIDS-related illnesses and committed suicide in 1985.

disco fan from brasil |

With the production of the same people that made Village People and Ritchie Family famous (Jacques Moraly and Henry Belollo), Dennis recorded an interesting disco LP, Like An Eagle. His greatest hit here in Brasil was Im a Dancer, a disco hit included in Like And Eagle and very similar to YMCA. He was in Brasil em 1979/1980 to promote this record in television. A footnote in disco history.


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