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Jazit |

Fat Larry was without doubt that charismatic personality and the musical brain behind his band. Fat Larry being the great drummer that he was, was the soul beat and metronome of the band. Without him, the playas in his band were lost without him, which explains the demise of Fat Larry's Band. It was all Fat Larry's musical creation from the offset, alone - he was the very existence of the band been alive.

The problem with Fat Larry is that he was fat; meaning he must have had a high cholesterol problem, which is not good. And if he did do drugs then it would be have sent him to his grave early.

He's been dead all these years, but the legend of his music truly lives on.

jett sparks |

I was in a band from south Philly named MEGAHERTZ during FAT LARRYS BAND hey day! We were going to be on a show with them at a hotel in downtown Philly we were so excited but something went wrong with the money and FAT LARRYS BAND didn't perform. We Dixie the show but we were all looking forward to doing that show. I'll never forget that night. Now to hear that he has passed and the band has folded is a crying shame! I would sing CENTRR CITY at all of our shows! Lug ya and miss ya.....jetty sparks aka DR MEGATRON

Darryl Grant |

I was Larry's lead singer on the first three albums including "Peaceful Journey". I'm glad it was your favorite Eva!

bowdo61 |

After looking at your website this morning, I was saddened to realise that Larry James AKA ( Fat Larry ) had passed away in 1987. After all these years i had wondered what had become of the band. My favourite song would have to be ' ZOOM ', when I'm sad it brightens my day, just like in the song. Well done Larry, rest in peace mate !

Sd |

Fat larry lived in my neighborhood in nj. The guy threw a lot of parties and they used to do drugs in his house. They said he had a heart attack but I wonder if the drugs had anything to do with his death

Bacon |

I wondered what happened to him, and I was shocked and sad that he died so young. I worked with Fat Larry on music for a Philadelphia Fireman's Museum film in the late 1970s. Larry was very talented, and it was a peasure to work with him. Rest in peace, man.

lee gregson |

what caused 'Fat' Larry James's death ive tried seaching but was unsuccessful

Lee M. Harris |

I also remember The Fat Larry Band.from the eighties. My reason for being on the internet today was to try to find Some of Larry's music. My favorites are, Teach Me, Imagination, Stubborn Kinda Fellow, In My Song & Don't let it go to Your Head. I do wonder what caused Larry's Death because nothing I have read ever said exactly. I do feel that even if we here in the US act like we forgot The Fat Larry Band, they certainly haven't in the foreign countries. Sometimes other countries give us more love and respect that we do each other. Rest in Peace my Brother Larry!

stu |

Here comes the sun has to be one of my favorite disco tunes ever. I can't imagine ANYBODY not liking it
RIP Larry James

Space Lady is cool too


kerouani-badja |

Dawn ! I was just listening to the "Act like you know", whan I read the passing of Larry James on this website. Just know that here in Paris France, and in the whole country, French LOVE this guy and are still listening to his great sound. May the Great Spirit take care of his soul. He still lives thru his music. Thank you for everything, Man ! RIP

vyniljunkie |

I really don't know much about FAT LARRY, he sang and played the drums for his own band. He was from Philly. In 1979 he released LOOKIN FOR LOVE, and I played it nightly for a few months. It would pack the floor, or keep the floor. It never emptied the floor. Then I would throw it in occasionally for several more years during an OLDIE flashback. I would get screams and cheers. That gives me a very good memory about LARRY. I know he was big in PHILLY, but I never played anything else. I probably missed out. I know another LARRY that worked with him in the studios, and according to him, FAT LARRY was a great guy. He was fun to be around, and always happy. God Bless.

Eva |

"Peaceful Journey" was always my favorite jam by Fat Larry. I was very saddened to hear of his passing.

jrzdave |

"Lookin for Love" is one of my favorite disco songs ever!


that man should of have somebody follow him up after his death very talented steve harvey never talks about this guy or his group they are the meaning of quality music


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