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Spencer Harrison

Written by Bernard Lopez

b: May 17, 1962 - d: July 12, 1994

Spencer Harrison Spencer Harrison sang back-up for Philly International artists such as Jean Carn and Norman Connors. He was best know for his lead vocals on Norman Connors hit "I'm Your Melody."

(Photo of Spencer Harrison submitted by Nicci Smith.)


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H Deon |

Spencer Harrison's voice is by far one of the PUREST voices to ever touch a record! His work with Norman Connors on the "Passion" album is definitely timeless! I definitely rank Spencer's voice with other great vocalist like Johnny Hartman (Spencer's cover of Lush Life is classic), Luther Vandross, and Alexander O'Neal. Spencer like the other three vocalist I named had an extremely pure and relentlessly toned voice. Put Spencer's beautiful voice on top of Norman Connor's smooth tracks.... and well... The REST IS HISTORY!!! Spencer like myself was a Taurus and it was amazing to read about others mentioning his beautiful and playful personality. Spencer is definitely missed, but he has definitely left his mark on the world! To people unaware of who Spencer Harrsion is... Check out his discogs! I read a lot about people mentioning his song "I am Your Melody", but if you want to get deep into his classic songs, check out the song "Welcome to My Life".... The vocals and production on that record will blow your mind! Spencer will be missed, and he definitely is a Great Talent that the world will cherish for many many years to come!

Devon Lassiter |

Spencer, You were an inspiration, a friend, a confidant and a man with a magnificent gift. Your sweet humble spirit is sorely missed. Hearing your music makes me realize that much more how much i miss you. Thank you for leaving the legacy of your timeless voice with us. I love you!!!

Patrice |

I found some songs on You Tube where Spencer Harrison sings lead vocals on Lonnie Liston Smith's songs. He sings "Good Love", "Let's Spend the Night" !!!!!! After hearing those songs, I bought the CD. This man has a timeless, classic voice !!!!!!

Terry Carter |

Hey Parrish, I hope with all my heart you remember me. Me & Spencer started our journey together at Huey School. We became friends in the 3rd grade. Some guys were trying to "bully" him & I wasn't having it. We were friends from that moment on. We graduated from Huey and went our seperate ways. We met up again at Overbrook H.S. where I starred in basketball & he starred in singing. He made my suit for the prom. Got me a job when I came home from college. He loved me for who I was. And I the same for him. I lost track of you, your sister, ( her name is on the tip of my tongue) over the years. Sorry I wasn't there for his funeral. I was just to messed up then. Please call me at 484/554-8944 or e-mail at Would love to reconnect with you and the family! Was your sister'

Kevin |

WOW!!! I have been looking for years fpr Spencer's music, glad to stumble across this site. The Spencer I knew was a passionate talented man. Big heart to lmatch his stature and loved life, dancing, acting and lived to sing. Life goes on in his songs. Everytime I listen or hear one of the songs he performed it takes me back to the days at the "U" where we first met. Miss you Bro!!

John Dawson |

Hello Parris!!!!

I remember you very well by the way. Can you assist me on where and how I can get a copy of some of his music? Please feel free to give me a call @ (914-960-3693). I tried contacting Liz Hogue and others but no one seems to have the remake of Anita Baker compilation via Norman Conners.

Parris |

Wow! It's been a long time since I've looked at this site.
It's still alive and doing well.
I can't wait to tell my mother that the love for my brother is still coming in...

It makes me feel so good inside.


James |

I first meet Spencer when we were both attending the University of Miami and we reconnected when I moved to Washington DC and he would perform at various venues in Washington. Being a lover of music we connected and would spend hours with other friends talking music, singing and just having fun! Miss him a lot. A vocie gone too soon.

lester |

everytime i hear the song im your melody i just stop whatever im doing and listen one of my favorite songs of all time man o man what a voice spencer harrison

John Dawson |

Hello friends and family of Spencer!!!! I am so glad to see that his memory is continuosly celebrated. He has truly been an inspiration in my life. I've been trying to recover a complete and comprehensive compilation of all Spencer's musice. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME? I've looked all over the place..... I have two albums of Norman Conners. One specifice song is the remake of Anita Bakers tune.

Thanks in advance for your help

Brenda Garrett |

I miss that laughter above everything! Thinking of the night we set in the car before one of your shows at Zanzibar (when it was on 11th Street and laughing at the fact that I was rushing to get there and had on one navy blue shoe and one black shoe. Of course, you told me it would be okay and no one would notice. But then you whispered it to all our friends. Then there was the night when you set in with the band I managed at The Fels Planetarium. Everyone will remember you interacting with the overhead images. But I remember you sitting on the floor and talking to my mother for an hour before show time. Love and miss you, Pooh Bear!!!

Kerry W |

I never met Spencer, but first heard him on the Grover Washington Jr Album "Monte Carlo Nights" I've listen to that song for year always amazed by the awesome vocals. In quest to find more from the artist that lead the vocals I google the information only to fall in love with another one of his songs with Norman Connors "Im your Melody" Wow..... could listen to it everyday. Its so sad in this world of new school music. No one truly connects. RIP Spencer you were truly blessed by God to have such an amazing voice and delivery. Thank you for the Songs you did have the opportunity to gave.

Gloria Kennedy |

Oppps louuuud laugh lol. Rip Spencer

Gloria Kennedy |

Hello it's Palm Sunday 2010,  I had the honor of singing with Spencer in the Celestial Choir at Bright Hope Baptist Church. As a little girl about 7, I can stll remember his bright smile loaaaaad laugh and what a beautiful voice. Yes as a child we played in the youth center during service but when Spencer , Renee or Ms Dee Dee , sang u had to, we had to go in the sancuary to hear them that was a must. So  I'm a little spoiled by there musical talent so much I tend to get a little uneasy when I go to church and they sing a song different then how I remember it as a child. Yeah I know grow up , but u didn't grow up with J Donald Dumpson as your musical director, or hear Ms Dee Dee sing Stand Still, Renee sing Only what you do for Christ will Last, and finally Spencer sing Always Remember Jesus. I am now 31 years old and can still hear those voices Especially Spencers load and clear. Yes he got sick yes he got weak but his voice is still very strong in my heart. I think about  you every Sunday and wonder of Donald has found another Spencer but who am I kidding you could never be replaced. Rip Spencer with a big hug u always gave me ....... Gloria 2010 I think I'll go to Bright Hope Sunday.     

CJ White-Lawrence |

I was blessed to know Spencer from singing on Bright Hope Baptist Church Celestial Choir in Philadelphia. All of the wonderful things that has been said of his character is true. You could not help but love Spencer. My choir director, J Donald Dumpson and Grover Washington Jr. gave a concert at our church to help with Spencer's medical bills. It was awesome to be a part of that whole experience. Everyone that participated came to visit him in the hospital: Grover, Jean Carne, Dawnn Lewis etc. Phyllis Hyman could not participate because she was scheduled to leave town but she visited him before leaving. Spencer was told of the success of the concert and got to see pictures from it. He was so pleased know of the outpouring of love. Four days later he passed away due to the complications of AIDS.

Renee Satchel |

Hello all:

For starters, I have always loved the song "I'm your melody" but never knew who actually song or just never took the time to research the person?? I knew that Norman Connors is known more so for conducting, producing music via other artists, and being a jazz drummer, etc., and not so much for his vocals, so I always knew that 'that' voice wasn't his.

So one day (I live in the Detroit area by the way), I was listening to a local station (107.5 - WGPR), where Mason had played "I'm your melody", and following he said 'that was by the late, great Spencer Harrison', so a name to match the voice now and I'm pleased. Just his voice alone was so strong, along w/his baritone, falsetto style is a style that WE will truly never hear/see again. I am oh so pleased knowing that his memory or legacy is still being recaptured by bloggers like US. Let's keep his brief time on earth in full bloom. Renee

Thomas Bugg |

Hello all on this Memorial Day. I stumbled across this page here while trying to find who did the excellent vocals on this song:

Turns out he was from my hometown! Just like Grover and George Howard, I regret never having the chance to see him live. He had kind of a Jeffery Osbourne type of flair in his vocal delivery.

RIP Spencer

Landton |

Spence, was truly a unique and talented "cat". He lived around the corner from me and was alwayd good for laughs, counseling, advice, whatever. I was referenced in an earlier commnet by Lisa, and I have to say that I agree with all of the previous people as well.

Spence was a "free spirit" to be sure, but he was also honest, unpretentious, generous, sensitive and genuine. I lived around the corner at the afore mentioned "laundromats" on 17th St. He actually helped me conquer my fear of performing back in the day with a very simple approach. I'll never forget that, as well as the many other converstions (some were extremely personal) we shared.

I guess we can all take solace in the fact that he is still very highly regarded in music circles (I remeber having a brief conversation with Will Downing about him some years back), and his name is definitley still mentioned by serious musicians in Philly who know the deal.

I was on the road when he passed, so unfortunately I missed the funeral, but I believe Lori Fulton another great mutual friend of mine and Spence sang at the service. Just wanted to "chime in" with some of my own memories and experiences with the "male Anita Baker". To his family, some of whom I've met, Spence obviously touched alot of folks and he will be remembered fondly, by not just those of us who were fortunate enough to know him, but by all those who still love his work(s). Peace to you all.

I am,

K |

Hello to the Harrison Family:

I too was and always shall be an avid fan of Spencer Harrison. (I fellowshipped with him on numerous occaisions). I use the base word fellowship because anyone who knew Spencer knew that no matter where we were, a bit of church was involved. ("Amen")!

Spencer, my Love, when God made you, he broke the mold. You are truly divine and there is no other like you. We all shall meet again in Heaven. Until then, we will continue to enjoy your music.

(Norman Connor's daughter)

PS Parris, it's been too long since I recall you and Spencer singing together. For you-Please sharpen your chops (not like this is needed since you're a natural) and get back out there & SING; for you know that your brother would have wanted you to do so, not only for his memory, but for yourself.

My family and I love you and the rest of the Harrison family. You know how to reach us! :)

A bit of a news flash for you: I now am married with 2 children of my own. Yes, time flies! Can't wait to see you again! Love, Hugs & Kisses!!

Renee Dolo |

I have never forgotten the first time that I heard Spencer Harrison sing - I was spellbound! For years I didn't know who the fabulous singer featured on 'I'm Your Melody' was, but believe me when I eventually did I wasted no time in buying that cassette (I'm dating myself). Spencer had very handsome chiseled features and stature that could just as easily been translated into a male model. Several years ago when I learned of his death I couldn't help but think that the world has lost a wonderfully gifted talent. Renee

Colonel Santo A. Chase,USA(Ret.) |

I had the honor of meeting & seeing Spencer perfom @ Blues Alley in D.C. in 1990. He was accompaning his friend & classmate Liz Hogue in her D.C. debut. His voice was a real treasure. He also sang some of his songs,including my favorite; I'M YOUR MELODY.

During the intermission I got to speak with him briefly & I mentioned to him that I purchased Norman Connors PASSION L.P. because of I'M YOUR MELODY.Spencer replied with that wonderful smile & chuckled;"Thank you for supporting a struggling brother". He was so down to earth & a natural showman.

I'll always cheerish thatmeeting and show. Spencer is sorely missed & much loved. I thank God that for one brief moment he allowed us to share time & space with one of his angels.That angel named Mr. Spencer Harrison. God bless the Harrison family,friends,& fans. God truely blessed us with Spencer.Though Spencer has left us his body of shall live on 4-ever.

R.I.P.Brother Spencer,job well done.You brought much joy to many & again brought honor & recoginition to "The School On The Hill".

Colonel Santo A. Chase,USA(Ret.)

"The name of friend is common;true friendship is rare".
Latin Proverb

Lisa Allen |

Wow I do not know where to start but I will be brief. I met Spencer back in 1988 when i was a production asst at the Cotton Club in Chicago. Norman Connors was performing and I had to make sure that all of the artists were ok. Spencer and I became so very close like family. After he left Chicago we would call each other at least twice a week. When I moved to Atlanta we lost contact for about a month and then I found out that he passed. I could not breathe. I was so honored to call him my friend. My TRUE FRIEND which is hard to find. I was even blessed to have the Passion album signed by him of which I still have. I listen to I am your melody everyday. My late godfather called him a true entertainer. And indeed he was. He passed on my sons birthday which is still hard but i know that he is on the Right Side of The Father singing like the angel that he was. Miss Parris I will email you soon because I would love to try to put together a benefit concert in his honor. Wow I truly miss him.
Lisa Allen

Toni Anastasia |

What is the title of the upbeat tune "Once I been there baby, once I been there, been there, been there, - I can always go back again", oh yes I can.

Love it.

Shana Bly |

Hey Paris! This is Grover's daughter, Shana... we spoke on the phone a few times and spent a little bit of time together at the hospital, at the tribute (I think), and at the funeral... I hope you are well.
I'm still having a hard time with Spencer not being here. Just as recent as this past weekend, I was hanging out over Gerald Veasley's house and we were throwing stories back and forth about Spencer... I miss his hugs, his laugh, his bug cheese-grin... I miss everything. We spent time together on tour and I still haven't laughed as hard as when I was with him in the Wolf Trap venue...giggle. I am (now 32 years old,) married with 2 daughters who know about my dad and your brother. My 3 year old can pick out his voice on my ipod and calls him "uncle Spenc"... she calls my dad, "pop-pop in the picture". Please reach out if you get this message. :) you can contact my thru my website:
Be well.

LUV the Music |

Spencer Harrison...
Curtis Hairston...

Three ULTRA TALENTED singers each with a unique voice that should definitely be mentioned in the same sentence as Luther that all came on the scene and left the scene way too early. Their voices, their music their gift to the "rest of us"

May they all R.I.P.

speak the truth |

Why isn't anyone disclosing how this man died?? I am soo sick of people trying to cover things up!! If he died of AIDS say it! At age 32 there is no way he was just sick. Please stop acting like it's the Pink Elephant in the room no one wants to talk about!! Oh BTW I knew who he was immediately when I saw my melody, which was a beautiful, haunting song. Phyllis committed suicide, we still love her and do no think any less of her. By mentioning how he died, will not lessen his memory or contribution to music. Step up! I am sure he was not ashamed of who he was, perhaps if folks didn't place such a stigma on the big disease with the little name, maybe he'd be alive today.

Parris |

Hi Jaleel!
I just poped in today 3/26/08 and I see you found us! It is so nice to find you here. How are you? I'll try to get you what you need on Uncle Spencer.
E-mail me at
I miss you and I know you are going to be the best at what you want to do.
Love you, Aunty Parris

Patrice |

There is a short bio about Spencer Harrison on the website: I think I typed the website correctly, if not just google

Patrice |

What a dynamic voice. He sounds a little like Jon Lucien. I listen to "I am Your Melody. None of the new school singers sound like this. Is there anything else out there where he sings lead vocals? If so, would will definitely purchase it. His voice is phenomenal !!!!

kit |

It's great to find this blog dedicated to Spencer. I learned of his death several years ago and was surprised that I was not able to find any info on his career or death on the net anywhere. I was such a fan of his voice. I often wondered why he never recorded and released a full-length CD.

Jaleel Harrison |

Hi Everybody,
I am Spencer's nephew..
(Uncle Spencer) was always good to me my first 4 years of life....i didn't know he was famous cuz everytime i seen him, we played Super Nintendo. lol.....

But if he was alive, life would be very different especially with advice i'm sure he would give to us. He probably be a legend by now and everybody would be usin' samples of him...
trust me i'm gonna do it....since i'm a producer, i know how to do stuff like that....
Aunty Parris... i read your thought thingy thing..

rite now, i'm trying to search for some songs of his and i cannot find any of his dad had a cassette tape but i cannot find where it is so....

i gotta myspace page...
Jaleel Harrison

Ron Lyles Jr |

Hey Parris, You might not remember me but I sang a duet with Spencer on Ave Maria probably about 30 years ago on the All Phila Boys Choir. We did it as a duet. I'm Ron. How are you? I think about Spencer often and what a unique talent he was. There are not too many voices even today that captivate ones attention as your brothers talent consistently did. I was at his funeral and remember all the lives he touched as well as peers in the business (Grover, Dawn, Rapture ...) I remember the many conversations Spence and I had concerning salvation and the Love of God. I use to talk to Spencer until all times. Unfortunately, I never knew he was sick. Many people I play for today sang with your brother in so many venues. I still run into folk who your brother and I dealt with in the music business. Spencer was one of a kind. He is still sorely missed.

khalif Aka Yodie |

I remember spencer a little bit cause i grew up with his brother when they lived around arch street and his brother who was younger used to come around mt. carmel apartments and play football and basketball with us and spencer would often walk through the hood gripping his younger brother up it's been so long but i think his brother name was andre if i'm correct but they looked a lot a like tall and lightskin but i was about seven years younger then spencer and even though his younger brother used to allways tell us that his older brother was a singer of course us a young bucks didn't believe him cause he wasn't on soul train or nothing back then lol and of course i'm talking bout the 80's. But i loved that song of his actually the Anita Baker remake Good Love that jawn was bangin.

Danyell |

WOW, I stumbled across this site, because i was looking for a song (Fortunate) by Lathun for a friend of mine, so I googled it, found it, so i thought well i haven't been able to find the Norman Connors cd (Passion), so when everything with Norman appeared, how happy was i, i must admit, i had just graduated from high school (86) when the passions cd came out in 88, can i tell u how EVERYONE here in DC had a copy of that cd, man oh man, how i would love to hear his voice, Parris it's okay to cry, he would love for u to paly him and release your hurt, I've never posted anything before, but i felt like i needed to share my story and how i came across the cd, I'm still looking, but i think i'll purchase on-line, if anyone can tell me other songs or albums and cd's that Spencer sang on, I'd greatly appreciate it, when i think of Spencer, i think of Phyllis as well, just sorry I never got the opportunity to see him in person.

Danyell Cole

Now I'm really HAPPY, I'm listening to I'm your Melody as I type to ALL of you, man the computer is such a GREAT TOOL. :-)

Lisa |

Hi again! Reading over all of the comments again. Although I'm not sure when they were even posted or if the authors even come back to this site, but I just wanted to ask Kelmar "What were the songs that The Choir sang at the funeral service?" I enjoyed hearing you all sing..very uplifting at that very sad time in our lives. And, Parris, if you still have them (silly question coming), I would like to know if I could have copies of those songs I mentioned in my previous post, whenever?

Thank you both, in advance, for your responses!

Lisa |

How ironic that I have come to, again, on this very sad, yet insiteful anniversary of my friend's Homegoing... I miss him so much! I used to think, "Well, at least we still have Luther.", but now he is gone, too. How unfair that two of the most beautiful and strongest male voices have been silenced! I take solace in knowing that I will hear them sing again one day.

Hello to you again, Parris! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I remember you and how so very proud and boastful Spencer spoke of you all the time! :-} We did meet a few times and I remember your little cutie( who is still little in my mind. You should have seen my jaw drop when typed that she is 20yrs old now!) I can just imagine how beautiful she is. I am very embarrassed to ask you to do this, but please tell your Mom "Thanks!" for her compliment that she gave me. I say "embarrassed" because she is only minutes away from me and I have yet to come visit her in the last few years. :-{ I'll make it my point to rectify that. Hopefully I'll see your daughter, you, and, I want to call her "Eunice"(correct me, if I'm wrong?), there too.

I'm glad you found this site, as well as the others that have spoken so well of Spencer. I know I have met a few of them through Spencer, but may have forgotten most of them from our brief meetings. As much as I loved to hang with Spencer, I usually made my exit when his friends and business associates came around. I was, and still am, a bit shy. I guess in that aspect, opposites truly do attract. Spencer was anything but shy!

As you can see from this and my other comments, I can ramble on forever... Parris, take care of you and yours! And for all of the others here, I also appreciate your kind words and thoughts of OUR dear friend, Spencer.

13 years gone, but NEVER forgotten! We love you, Spencer!

Parris |

Oh! Just wanted to say, he did make his mark on the world and that was through guys like you. He cared about and came to a lot of peoples aid. He stayed with my grandmother after he came home from college, and ended up taking care of her and becoming her best friend. And who is the one who spoke about singing like Spencer? I really hope you are the one. Even if it can come close to what we miss so very much, we need more like him. He was not just a great singer, he cared a lot about people. How wrong of me not to play his songs everywhere I go. I have to start! That's one way to keep his voice alive in this world. And my daughter is now twenty years old and in her last year of college. I did make sure she was well rounded in song and her late uncle Spencer. She found you all long before I did.

Parris |

Hi everyone, it was so very special to find this page. I'm Spencer's sister Parris. It's been a long, long time. I haven't been able to listen to my brother sing without crying. Miles! I remember you so well. How are you? And, Lisa, My mom tells me you are so beautiful. I also told my mom about this page. She wants to thank you all for your kind words. Spencer is my heart in so many ways. I can't tell you how hard it is to get over. I can talk about him and see his pictures, but to hear him sing, is hard. He would never want me to feel like this. I remember him telling me over the phone, "What are you crying for?" "What's wrong with you?" "I'm OK." We were very close.When I moved to Texas in 1991, I didn't know he was sick. When I was on my way to Texas to live, he took me to the airport. It was just Spencer and I and my daughter. She was three. I'll never forget the look in his eyes when we said goodbye. It was if he was trying to tell me something without saying it. My favorite song is, "I've been so many places in my life and time." We use to be togehter all the time. We sang togehter with Norman and I guess we went our different ways when I met my husband and I started singing with Lonnie Liston Smith. I had wonderful times with my brother. I guess he would be unhappy if he knew I only sing when I visit family or at family weddings.
thanks and god bless you all. I don't know what made me google his name, but I do it from time to time. It's just so nice to find you all here.

Sandi |

I thought I was alone. I've been looking for anything he sang lead on. I fell in love with Spencer's voice after hearing "I Am Your Melody" on Slow Jams on the Jazz Tip, Vol. 1 almost 8 years ago. What enunciation, what a voice, what a talent gone too soon.
Thanks for sharing your stories and I'll continue to look for his other CDs.

Thom |

WOW! I didn't know Spencer had soo many fans out there. I didn't know Spencer that well, I met him thru a friend of mine who also sings. I remember she had a lil rehersal at the Convention Center downtown in Philly with Bill Jollie,for some kind of philly thing going on at the time. We got there early Spencer and the rest of ladies who sang were there, so as we waited, we were sitting at a table talking. Now Spencer had a soft talking voice, he was the only male singer there, so they finally started to rehearse. I'll never forget this (now as I said earlier he had a soft talking voice) I was reading a paper not really interested in the rehersal, because I had heard the ladies sing with Bill Jollie many times before. All of a sudden, I heard this barritone awsome voice, I knew it wasn't Spencer because I was just talking to him, I looked at every band member to see who was singing like that, low and behold it was Spencer. I was shocked. Like I said I didn't know the man at all but he damn sure left an impression on me, and like y'all said he left too early. I have two of his songs Mr Melody Man and A Song For You. I also am looking for "Good Love" and anything else that he sang.

Lisa |

Hey Mel B., I would like to hear the man that sounds like my dear friend, Spencer. He was taken way too soon and before he had the chance to make his REAL mark on this world. I look forward to you taking that sultry voice to the highest level! Good luck and God Bless!

Mel B. |

I had a friend of mine tell me when I sang that I sounded like a song he heard on a Norman Connors album. My mom sang so I was giving it a try, but I really didn't have the confidence to think I could be good at it. Then I went and bought the album. I was amazed at how tremendous his voice was, and honored to even think someone thought I sounded even close.

I learned "I'm Your Melody" and drove my friends crazy cause I wouldn't stop singing it. It's so sad that someone who inspired me to think I had a chance to do this, and so much more to give the world was taken so early. It's so unfair because judging by the comments I read, he was not only an awesome voice, but a great person too. RIP and blessings to family and friends.

Adeyemi |

It was on the liner notes of a Grover Washington Jr album, Soulful Strut, that I learnt of Spencer Harrison's passing. His outstanding rendition of Leon Russell's A Song For You can never be beaten. Prior to that he had performed Monte Carlo Nights on an early '80s GW album. Unfortunately, I discovered him too late but after hearing his unique delivery on a handful of songs, I knew he deserved a full album. Life has truly robbed us of a great talent. May his soul rest in peace.

Loretta |

Hey Miles. You probably don't remember me, but I am a cousin-in-law of Big Daddy's (Richard) by way of Top. I remember you, Jimmy, Richard, Leslie and I think Donnie (the bus driver) used to be together. In fact, I think Richard said that he and his other fiends painted one nail black in tribute to Spencer. Anywho, I recently (as late as June 2006) purchased a used copy of The Best of Norman Connors at FYE @ 24th & Oregon just because it contained Spencer's "I Am Your Melody". You may want to check any FYE or Coconuts (same store, different names) for used copies of the other singles/albums.

Nicci |

Norman Connors' 1988 album "Passion" with the Capitol Records features "I Am Your Melody" performed by the late Spencer Harrison and Gerald Veasley's 1992 album, "Look Ahead" features Spencer on back-up vocals on the song "Heaven In Your Eyes".
I hope this helps you find your songs, Miles.

Lisa |

I went on and on about Spencer so much, that I forgot to add this post.

Spencer Russell Harrison:
Sunrise - May 17, 1962
Sunset - July 12, 1994

If anyone knows how to download a picture on this site, I have one.

Lisa |

Spencer,Spencer,Spencer...I do miss him so! I had the pleasure of meeting this tall,crazy,beautiful man in the neighborhood laundramat, just singing his head off. I couldn't help but listening and looking at him. He said "Hey Gurl, I hope you don't mind my singing?", laughing and smiling w/that gorgeous smile he always had. "MIND!" Was he crazy?!? I loved that voice then and I still love it to this day! He told me that he sings w/Norman Connors and that he had a song that had come out not too long before. I thought..."Yeah,Crazy!", and he left shortly after. Then like "twinteach", I was blessed to be properly introduced to Spencer through my,then,boyfriend. And get this, he lived just down the street fom me! It was on after that! Either he would walk down to my house or I would walk to his, but we became very good friends and were hanging out almost everyday. One night, we were driving to the 24hour Supermarket. It was pretty late, but Spencer had a sweet tooth. And when Spencer wanted something, by gollie, we were going to go get it. We drove around the corner and Spencer said" I don't feel too good", and pulled over, "you drive!" See Spencer knew I had just gotten my driver's licence and hadn't been driving and was scared. At first I got worried, but then I realized that there was nothing wrong w/him.He knew I wasn't going to tell him "no", even though I was scared to drive his car. That's the kind of man he was. He conquered alot of things, especially fear, just by DOING! I thank him for that. From that point on, I couldn't wait for him to hand the wheel over to me. I also want to thank him for just being my friend. He helped me through my grandmother's funeral in 1991 and even sang there. I helped him through his grandmother's funeral(wouldn't even dare DREAM of singing). He helped me through my break-up w/our mutual friend. And even tried to hook me up w/Norman Connors(we only spoke on the phone,never met). Spencer was just crazy and fun-loving like that.

As you can tell, I miss Spencer. I'm glad I was able to find this site where I could "chat" about my friend.I was searching to see if I could find a copy of his song for the Troops in Dessert Storm that he had wrote, produced, and performed in 1991. It was called "I'll Be Home". Of course he gave me a copy while we were driving to all of the radio stations promoting the song, but I had a flood in my basement where all of my things were stored. Also, he made a remake of "Good Love", by Anita Baker. So if there is any of you out there that has a copy of either one, please write back?

I apologize, if my story was too long for most, but it's too hard to sum up the too short of time that I had with my caring, talented, humorous, larger-than-life friend, Spencer. It seems that God takes the good ones too early...

Kelmar |

I had the honor to sing with Spenser in the Philadelphia Boys Choir. I also went to High School with him. I have great memories of singing with Spencer. Unfurtunately Spencer died far to soon. I was told by some mutual friend that spencer died from the HIV virus and other say cancer. Whatever the reason. It was to soon.

God bless you Spencer.

Eva |

Spencer Harrison had one of the most unique voices in the biz! So stirring, deep and rich.

I AM YOUR MELODY will always be my all-time favorite of his.

RIP Spencer.

Miles Wilbourn |

I had the honor of growing up next door to Spencer who spent most of his time at his late Grandmother's house in South Philly. He was a great person, friend and great, great singer. Can someone tell me how or where to get a copy of two songs I use to hear him sing through the walls. I'm your Melody and I see the heaven in your eyes. I have been to at least 10 stores looking for that Norman Connors' CD with no luck.

twinteach |

Chris...I was just goofing around when I saw your post about this awesome talent. He, like, Phyllis Hyman was larger than life in both size and talent but boy...could he "Sang". I was given the plesure of meeting him in the early 90's in a club in Philly. He even sang my name in the middle of one of his songs...I blushed like a school girl. His voice was so crisp it was almost unbelievable! A guy I once dated was good friends with Spenser and while we had spoken on the phone many wasn't until we had split that he finally arranged for me to meet him and hear him perform. I even have photos with him from that night. Spenser, if memory serves me correct passed away back in 1995...I found that out thru a friend who lived in Philly. I assumed that my then ex knew. Sadly, I was the one who had to break the news to him about his long time friend. He had no idea! Needless to say...he was devastated! I don't know the circumstances surrounding his passing. An awesome talent gone way before he had a chance to make it to the front...he also did backgrounds on Micki Howard's song..."Baby Be Mine." Hopes this gives you a little help!

Chris Vandoren |

I was a great fan of the vocal range of the late great Spencer Harrison. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of seeing one Norman Connors perform at the Jazz Cafe in London.

Nathan Heathan sang 'I'm your melody' and at the end of it attributed the original lead vocals to Mr Harrison - who had since passed. Only then did I realise he had actually died!! It was such a shock.

I wonder if anyone has any idea of when and how he died.

Chris Vandoren


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