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Gary Sumner |

Glen and I were good friends and spent alot of time together. We had alot in common such as playing guitar in local bands (he was in "Bags", mine was The Exsavyons). We also tripped on the fact we were born one month apart! Music brought us together and one thing I know for sure is he always wanted to play with P-Funk. He influenced my style during our "jam" sessions and anybody who heard Bags could close their eyes and swear it was P-Funk! Glen and another friend of ours, Daryl Dixon were on a mission to be Funkateers and it brought tears to my eyes when both succeeded. Daryl on sax soloing on Flashlight and Glen doing his thing on moust of their hits are true examples of teenagers dreaming, practicing, but most of all Believing that it can happen...it did!

jabrill devoy |

As a singer he is one of greats I learned from,his contributions to music will never be forgotten

Henry Russell |

I agree with all of the above comments on Glen Goins,adding the fact that his delivery had
the same effect as Donny Hathaway on me spiritual and hard to fully describe,God Bless.

Aharris |

I just lately clicked on to parlaiment/funkadelic, The Mothership Connection Live 1976. I cannot get enough of listening to all the cuts that Glen song on. I agree with all the comments I have read on this site. Glen was an AWESOME singer. I was so saddened to learn that he has been gone since 1978. It saddens my heart. One of the greatest singers of all time.

Jamil |


Im going to look into that for you. THE QUAZAR cd. I'll try some sources and see what I come up with. Keep FUNKIN ON

Glen's biggest fan |

I can only imagine what Glenn would have sounded like if he were here today. Can you imagine how many hit records he would have by now. Glenn is truly missed and there are'nt many if any who come closee to singing like him. I wonder if he had any children. Does anybody know? Does he have sblings who sound like him? His voice was so strong, no one could touch him. He couldbe heard above all the other members in the group, he had swag. His amazing voice will never be forgotten, all you have to do is play the Mothership Coneection record orr disc. The band was always good, but Glenn was always GREAT!!!!

Levon Williams |

@ Jamil

Do you know where the Quazar CD is available online? I mentioned it in my original entry, but hadn't heard anything back about it. I would love to get my hands on a copy of that album on CD.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Jamil |

Attn: Lorraine Jackson,

You are deffinitely in the P zone of funkativity. (smile) I agree with with u. EVERY FUNKATEER, CLONE and THUMPASAURIAN should have the Mothership DVD. Glen is truly missed. HOW MANY OF YOU BELIEVE IN THE MOTHERSHIP, ARE YOU GOING TO BE READY WHEN THE MOTHERSHIP COMES. Any time I play that I just re-live the days when I used to go to see PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC tear the roof off! By the way you had mentioned Garry Shider. It was a hard blow to see that he went to the other side.
If you get a chance get a hold of the QUAZAR cd. Glen Goins was the mastermind behind that cd.
To EVERYONE out there KEEP DA FUNK ALIVE.......We're standing on the verge of getting it on.

Lorraine Jackson |

Everytime I watch the tape Parliament Live 1976 that took place in Hoston, I am overwhelmed by the vocal ability of multi talented Glen Goins. Glen was a leader. His voice was by far the best vocal on the stage. When he sang you could hear his soulful, sexy voice over all others. I must admit he was also handsome. Before I bought this tape I always thought Garry Shider was singing the parts Glen sang. I did not knoe about Glen until I viewed this tape. Garry was also multi talented. I have met members of the group but hate I that I did not get to meet Glen . Parliament suffered a great lost when Glen left the group. Anyone who claims to be a funkateer should have this tape in their possession. Glen stole the show when he sang Mothership Connection and Funkin for Fun. I don't want to discount anyone in Parliament. They have had several multi talented band members. But, my opinion is Glen Goins was the best performer to date because of his multiple talents. May he rest in peace.

byron k. lee |

Glen had oneof the best voices and deliveries I have ever heard/seen, and I've seen a lot of them. Someone should honor his talent via a documentary or movie or something. Perhaps TV One Unsung could do something on him because Glen was definitely unsung. He had incredible passion when singing. You just knew that it was legitimate, not fake.

The first time I saw and heard him I simply said WOW!

Mojowurkin |

Im glad to be amongst true Funkateers singing the high praises of Glen Goins. It is sometimes sad that certain voices that define an era (Redding, Cooke, Hendrix, Goins) seem to be disproportionately taken from us too soon.....but our Father above brings us all here to do things on HIS time and we have to make the most of what we are blessed with....Brother Goins definitely did that.......he put the spirituality into the Mothership Connection and passion into every note to show all of us that PFunk wasnt just about playing around and jammin.....but about a real belief in your craft and your calling as a musician

*pointing the pfunk sign to the heavens for brother Glen and for all of our ancestors*

DonTheo |

As a kid growing up in the the '70s and trying to play guitar, it was mandatory to learn the songs of the hottest group of the time, ParliamentFunkadelic.
They had the funkiest, most soulful music of our time. George Clinton was a master at finding and combining the baddest musicians around into the P-Funk recipe.

In a band full of the most talented drummers, keyboardists, bassists, guitarists and horn players, Glen Goins was the icing on the cake. His voice dripped with soul. A more perfect singer I have yet to hear. Some say Rick James was a great soul singer, and he was. But, compared to Glen Goins he couldn't hold a candle. This brother just oozed passion, sex and soul in every syllable he sang. Listen to 'Handcuffs', 'Bop Gun', 'Funkin' Round For Fun', or the Live Mothership Connection album.
I remember seeing him call down the Mothership for the first time at Cole Field House at the Maryland University. His soulful wails cut right through me. Never had the chance to meet him, but this brother was a great impact on my guitar style, vocal presentation and stage presence. Not to say that I imitate him, he was a master at what he did, but his confidence and comfort inthe way he commanded a stage was something everyone who performs would love to possess. I'm a funkateer from the DC Funk Mob, went to every P-Funk show I could. I'd travel to Philly and to Richmond to see their shows again and again. And each night, Glen would steal the show with his soulful voice. There will never be another like him.
Rest in peace, soulbrother. Hope to meet you on the other side.


Glen Goins is a vocal genius. I did not realize how the pfunk band would have been so amazing w/out this amazing voice. I was fairly young during the pfunk 70's era. I am so greatful to have gotten to know the voice behind the excellence. R.I.P Hope to meet you someday.

zappafan |

If I could go back in time I would go see two concerts (then I'd go try to get laid earler knowing what i knbow now): The first is the Frank Zappa 1977 NYC concert on Halloween. This famous show went on to become his film "Baby Snakes". I was 7. Couldn't make it. Next I would go see the famous P-Funk concert in Houston in 1976 featuring the all mighty Glen Goins and all those cats. Glen was awesome and I really feel that if he were alive today we'd be singing (ha ha ) his praises as the TOP R&B cat out there. I loved this dude's soul. I would have loved to see him play in Zappa's band too. That would have been an amazingly perfect fit!

MeMyselfAndI |

Amen, Jamil!

I'm throwing my best P-FUNK sign up!!


Jamil (funkstar1) |

I am so glad i came upon this site. I was surfing the web for pictures & stories on Glen Goins. Im from Newark NJ. Im 47 yrs old & I have been Funkin' since the 70s. (Livin @ the top of the Syndrome (Placebo Syndrome) Everytime i listen to Glen calling upon the mothership to swing down I would get chills. It is so true what they say "IF YOU GOT FUNK YOU GOT STYLE" Anybody who hasn't heard Glen do his THANG is truly missing out. P-FUNK is already good to your earhole, throw Glen in there & you just FLY ON...Glory be to the ones who knows what the FUNK 's about!!! Me and some fellas, we called ourselves the FUNK MOB back in da day used to go to a record shop in Plainfield NJ. They would be playing P-FUNK all the time. They had some awsome pictures of Glen Goins in there also. The store was on FRONT ST. I wish I could get a hold of some pictures of Glen. If anybody knows where I could get some, hit me up at my email. (mother.ship1@yahoo.com)
To Kevin Goins and the rest of the family, you already know your family was blessed. As for Glen, rest in P my brother. (A Job Well Done) I truly hope I see you on the other side. Fly ON...


PS. God Blessed me with two ears and along with that came the true blessing of being able to hear Glen's voice.

Everybody throw up your P-FUNK sign

Slash Recka |

I am a vocalist and guitarist, and writer.... with that said I would not be who Iam today musically with out God and ...Gods gift of .., (Glen Goins), when I first heard p- funk glen's impact was felt immediatley changing my perspective making me see into a track like never before almost like the gift of seeing the entirer basket ball court for jordon... Thank you glen even though you are in heaven your presence coudn't have been more influential I am much more than a fan , I am a product of your gift and life when Im gone I only hope to do the same for some one....To an amazing contrabution... so great , so funky , so spiritual ,so gone so soon, but never forgotten! Peace and Blessings

Visuals |

There is not much that I can say that hasn't already been said about the late great Glen Goins. Still, I feel compelled to add my own experiences and discovery of him.

There is one track from the Funkadelic album "Hardcore Jollies" that made me take notice of this gentleman....."You Scared The Love Right Out Of Me". His voice is easily distinguished and is right up front loud and clear. Very soulful, full of power and sounds as if it was trained in a church choir. I like to refer to Mr. Goins as a HEAVY crooner....Gospel style. Nobody has ever touched me such strong vocal abilities besides Glen. It is indeed hard to believe that this voice came from a man so young. All you need is the Mothership Connection, Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein, Funkentelechy VS Placebo Syndrome & Hardcore Jollies albums to become convinced of this brother's vocal prowess. A true legend that left us too soon.

Uncut |

"Funk in' For Fun"

Ooooh, hooo!
Hey, yeah
I got to go
Got to leave
Something's missing
That I need

I need to find it
Whatever it is
That's burdening my mind
I know mother will understand, yeah
I know she knows that I'm still the same man

They say bring up a child in the way he shall go
And he shall not depart
And I know when they said it, it turns my heart

Hey, hey, hey, hoo
Guy, guy guy guy guyeeee (x4)

Don't worry
Worry 'bout me (don't worry)
I'm just funkin' around
For fun

When you see my mother
Worry 'bout me (Tell her don't worry)
I'm just funkin' around (ai, ai)
For fun

Ohhh, nothing could compare
To my mother, nah, nah, nah, because I know she cared, yeah
I got to find my own way around
Hey, hey, I got to get down, yeah

Guy, guy guy guy guyeeee (x4)

Don't worry
Worry 'bout me (don't worry)
I'm just funkin' around
For fun

Don't worry
Worry 'bout me
I'm just funkin' around
For fun

When you see my mother
Hey, if you have a chance to see my father, my brother
Just tell 'em, that everything's all right
Hey, anytime
You find people assemble in the same place
Funkin' around
Everything's all right

Hey, hey
I don't think you heard me (coo coo ca choo) (say what)
Heyy, whooo (coo coo ca choo)
Owww, whooooaaa, aiiiii, hoooo!

If you see my mother (when you see my mother)
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun

When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
I'm just funkin' around
For fun

When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right (tell her you saw me and everything's all right)
I'm just funkin' around
For fun

Let's funk around
Funk me, baby
Let's funk around

If you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun
Yeah, ah, ah, ah oohh!

If you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun

When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun

Having a good time
I'm funking around for fun
I'm having a good, good good time, yeah
Playing my guitar
Funking around for fun

Giving up the P.Funk
Ahh, the Bomb

When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right (tell her everything's all right)
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun

If you see my mother
(tell her that I met a man called Dr. Funkenstein and everything's all right)
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun

If you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right (the P.Funk)
Tell her I'm all right (the bomb)
Just funkin' around
For fun


...fly on Glen.

Levon Williams |

Glen Goins was great. Like many of the people have a said, I grew up listening to him first from my father's records and then during my own music exploration as I got older. Goins' voice always stood out to me and many of the songs where his vocals were featured are my favorite P-Funk related records. "Handcuffs", "This Is The Way We Funk With You" & "I've Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)" are three amazing ones that come to mind. His voice is so mature sounding and resonates so that it is hard to believe that when he was in his mid 20s when he recorded his most famous work.

I've been trying to track down more music from him and I noticed that once he left the P-Funk outfit he had a band called Qwazar, Has anyone here heard that album? How does it compare to Goins' work w/Parliament-Funkadelic?

Rest In Peace to Glen Goins, I sincerely hope more people come to recognize your talent and tremendous contribution to the P-Funk Catalog.

MeMyselfAndI |

I have just discovered Glen Goins and I'm blown away at the perfection of this man's voice and soul. His talent is beyond compare. It's so sad that he had to leave so soon. I'm so grateful that I have had the chance to listen to his voice in my life. His voice is one of the reasons that it's great to be alive. May he rest in peace.

Adam Austin |

The first time I heard the "Bop Gun" I thought, "That is the best voice I have ever heard". No doubt in my mind. I replay the down tempo hook section (~5:23) over and over and it gives me chills every time. I can't believe he died so young. Rest in Peace.

Annie Christian |

Glen Goines was the masters voice. Like many on this page I grew up with Parliament/Funkadelic and lost all of my vinyl when my brother got religious and I was away in the Air Force and he burned all of them. I have stumbled upon the Mothership Connection video on You Tube and Glen is singing. If you haven't seen this it is so inspiring and the brother just tears the roof off that sucker for sure. If you type in Parliament this video of a concert in Houston usually comes up first. A must see!!!!!! Rest in Peace my Brother!

Godxilla |

I never knew Glen. I am 35 at the time of this writing so it was before my time. However, I have been touched by his voice in a way that will make me forever remember his name and tell all those who will listen about Glen's accomplishments. I currently work in entertainment and am an avid funkateer so I feel compelled to make it my duty that when someone says "Great Singer" or "Funk" that I say Glen Goines.

It pains me to know that until this year I didnt know the man's name whose voice I had been listening to for the past 20 years. It felt even worse to know he had passed so young. he and Leroy Hutson were two people I said I always wanted to work with. Anyway, I set this to notify me by e-mail if someone else adds to it. I'd love to commune with you all and maybe one day get a chance to hear some of the recordings he made that didnt go mainstream.

May The Funk Be With You.

Essia Best Underwood |

I am Glen Goins 1st cousin anf Lamont Macon's aunt.

Glen was one of the most talented people that I have

ever seen, even from a small he played guitar and H

He could hardly carry it. I really miss him even

I love reading the good things people say about him.

milo johnson |

growing up in the uk i was blessed to see the p-funk tour in london.Watching those guy's up on stage was amazing because i wanted to hear the same musical detail of the albums and got that.
When the "funkentelechy" album dropped i was also blown away by the vocals of Mr.Goins and his performance on "syndrome" is to me one of the greatest of all time.It's funny how when you get older you hear things differently ,and even though i played this album over and over for two weeks when it came out originally ,i still hear things today that i missed back then and that is why music of this quality will never die.There will never be another,ever.
one love.

Robbie Benson |

There was nobody badder than Glenn Goins!! Ever since i was little,i wanted to be like him,imitate him, play like him,etc. I always wanted to meet him.Sorry i never had that chance. He left us way too soon. R.I.P. my brother! I know your'e somewhere in a better place swangin' down that sweet chariot!

Robert Youngblood |

Glen was a bad mug, driving his blue on blue Seville around town, trying to hurry the Baskin Robbins salesman on Park ave for his German Choclate ice cream, tearing the house down whether it be at Mr C's or at Madison Square Garden, telling me how his son Kasette would be an 8 Track teenager and a reel to reel adult, I'll never forget him or Richard.

George White |


Barry Holmes |

I have always enjoyed Glenn Goins voice and music. I grew up in Plainfield where they was always a battle of the bands.Once George Clinton and P-Funk became famous.Local talent was forming bands and hoping to make it big.Glenn had the type of voice that went through your soul. Here are some tidbits for ya. I believe Glen Goins co-wrote Disco Lady sang by Johnnie Taylor.If you listen close you can hear his haunting rhythm guitar.Another one is get your Chocolate City Album and listen to Big Footin'. Glen takes you to church on this one. I remember the day he died, I was 18 years old. WNJR am radio gave a small tribute to him. Glen voice will live on forever in my soul.

Marilyn Jackson |

this is my first time connecting to a website. once i search the web for information on glen goines and discovered this site, i told my daugter i have yo get connected so i can express my feelings about glen. like other fans, i just discovered after all these years that glen was the voice behind the group parliment. i am not trying to discredit george clinton but dam you mean all this time glen was the one singing the landing of the muthership. my god that powerful yet soothing voice. i just discovered glen two weeks ago. i can not stop playing his songs. i am hook on glen like a junkie but in a good way. idream about gls. i share his videos with my children and anyone who would listen. i am thinking about making t-shirts with his face on it. the picture of his face when he did the mothership connection. ooh my god! the cool and mellow way he danced to the beat. hey, anybody, somebody, tell me please did glen have a girlfriend or a child at the time of his death? if so please inform me. i feel as if glen is related to me. my daughter bridget is into glen also. i can not stop thinking of this man and his legacy. we as fans need to join forces and do something in honor of a young genuis who left this world to soon. glen parents really produced a beautiful person that left his mark on mother earth! peace and blessing to his sister debra and brother kevin

Paul |

I've been listening to PFunk for about 15 years, and I'm now ashamed to admit I never knew about Glen Goins. But my god, did I HEAR him. His was the voice that's been electrifying my soul all this time. Thank you Glen.

funkythangzzz |

the likes of jackie wilson,sam cooke,jimi hendrix,and minnie ripperton who left us at an early age, glen goins is among them and sadly not mention in our music history.i believe he's a very important part of the legacy of parliament/funkadelic,from 1975 to 1977 his voice haunted the music industry.from "you scared the lovin' outta me" to "i've been watching you (move your sexy body)" to the last song i heard him sing with parliament "placebo syndrome".i'm a historic in music and i really never heard a voice like his til' this day.you have been missed glen if you can't tell up there in the heavens.peace"funkythangzzz"

Tobius Simmons |


Put Parliament Funkadelic or Glen Goins in and you will see and hear some great live footage of this masterful singer. I have been a P-Funk fan for many years and only now have just recognized the man behind the voice

FunkDaddy |

What a shame. he was only 23 when he passed. The greatest voice P Funk ever had

bryan jefferson |


Darrin B |

Glen Goins was the Master ! I grew up listening to Parliament and always have loved his voice. There were and is no one that sounds like him. The passion and strength this young brother sang with was incredible. If you ever get a chance to listen to "I've been watching you" or "Funkin For Fun", you're in for a treat. But the jam he tore the roof off with was "Bop Gun". Glen Goins should be in the Hall of Fame for his voice alone. Another one gone too soon. God Bless you Glen and Rest In Peace.

Tony Henderson |

Glen goins was a genius ...me myself
growing up in the 70's and being
a guitar player always took note from the greats and he was surely one of them..not only knowing is nephew lamont makium ....lamont
if you read this holler at me my
E-mail is shaheedh@hotmail.com

Mike Walker |

I just wanted to share my testimony on how much of an impact Glen Goins had on me as a teenager in the 70's. For me listening to Glen Goins is like going to church, a truly spiritual experience. I spent so many hours as child listening to this brother that I feel like he is a part of me. It surprises me that so few people actually read the credits on the album jackets and were so unaware about this brothers' contribution to P-Funk. To me Glen Goins was the voice of Parliament and when we lost him a large part of the soul of P-Funk departed with him I'm now a 43yr. old father of 2 and to this day when I want to want to show my children what a real singer sounds like I play this brother for them. I can never, nor want to, get his voice out of my head and I feel truly honored and blessed to have been exposed to his genius.

larry Rogers |

Man, I love that voice from the Great-Late Glen. I watch the 75 concert over and over just to visualize what it would've been like with the P-funk tours if he was still here. Everytime i show a friend of mine the concert, they be like who is dude in amazement. It really hurts me when i tell them he died 2 yrs. later. That trade mark that i love to hear him say... "I think i see the mothership coming"... "OOOH Yeahh!! Damn why did he have to go?I wish i could get some pics of him to post. Peace.. and long live the Funk!!

bryan jefferson |

glen goins... when i think of glen or when i see his name, i think of "you scared the loving out of me. the moaning in that song makes youthink he`s really scard. "gone" glen goins , but never forgotten.

Essia Best Underwood |

Glen is my first cousin. I heard him sing as

small child and all his life he sang and

played the guitar, he had a beautiful voice

it almost bring me to tears to think of him

he was truly blessed. I will always miss


Essia Best Underwood

Andrew Jones |

I fondly think of Glenn Goins when someone talks of powerful, resonating, and passion filled male vocals. Put a period on it. Coincidentally, the previous poster to this thread, James Cozart is a good friend of mine (there can't be to many with his name running around).

I truly mourn the fact that he was not able to continue singing for us. Unfortunately, the funk has not been the same without him. There is just something missing.

Andrew Jones

James Cozart |

Every since Glenn Goins left P-Funk the vocals were never the same. He lifted them into a vocal catagory they had never been to. It was a very sad day in the music world when he passed. He was on his way to becoming a household name. I miss Genn and all that he could have accomplished. The entire music world was short changed of a phenom.

Tosh |

Glenn's voice must be the one that must be the closest to GOD himself. Phenomenal

d n z |

Damn, just found out this great singer never lived to grow old. I am actually shocked - I really like his voice very much!
Some 27 years after the fact, he remains heard and loved...

steviedelray |

Funk upon a time, in the days of The Funkapus...whenever I want to hear what real singing sounds like, I put on "TheClonesOfDr.Funkenstein" and "FunkentelechyVs.ThePlaceboSyndrome"; Mr. Goins voice cuts through the musical ether like a hot knife through butter. There had not been a singer of such power and passion before he came, and there has not been one since. "(Bop Gun) Endangered Species" should be required listening to any male singer who wants to move folks with his voice. PEACE.

jefft |

i worked with glen-brother uptil his last breath, that oustanding love and talent will live with me all my life, so sad we couldnt released all the stuff cos, ! so glad i still have original 'loving is easy' from my montreal sessions.
godbless you my brother . jeff t. u.k.

varfeleo |

"Yes, I remember Glen like you do too, he would aways call the Mothership down for you!" I had got his album from a pawnshop back in the late 80's. That was a real feel up until the Flashligh album. I also have him on song live videos (MSC tour 1975) which really show his deep soul energy. Very spiritual brother.

PFunky |

I have never heard anyone sing with as much soul as Glen Goins. He goes unrecognized by the mainstream but he is one of the greatist singers to have ever touched the hearts of people like myself. Such talent should not go unrecognized so I suggest that all of you get your copy of Parliament's "The Clones of Dr. Funkenstien"(if you don't own that , there is a missing piece in your collection of good music), listen to the last 2 tracks, and give up the funk for Glen Goins- Rest in P


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