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Chantal Curtis

Written by Bernard Lopez

a.k.a. Chantal Sitruk, Tunisian born signer (b. 19--(??) - 1985)

Chantal Curtis Chantal Curtis a.k.a. Chantal Sitruk (19--(??) - 1985)

(Singer) Chantal Curtis, who hailed from Tunisia, is best known for the Disco song Get Another Love and Hit Man which appeared in America on the Key Records' label.

Chantal Curtis from the French Michele album cover Chantal's producer, Pierre Jaubert, tells DiscoMusic.com that he discovered her in the late 1970s on the streets of Paris. She was walking down the street while talking to another woman and he instantly liked the quality of her voice. Jaubert asked Chantal if she could sing. She said yes and that she was looking for work.

It's at the time of the release of her first album that her life goes spiraling out of control. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Philippe Briche who was a talented arranger and pianist, turned her on to hard drugs and she served some prison time because of it. Chantal Curtis recorded Can't You Feel It and several other tracks including Disco Dance, but because she was serving time in prison, Jaubert released the songs on an album under the pseudonym Michele. This was released in France on Epic Records and in America on West End Records with the big hit being Disco Dance.

Fast forward to 1979 and the duo work on releasing the Get Another Love album under her name. The album was released in America on Keylock Records out of New York and saw widespread discotheque and radio exposure.

Chantal was tragically murdered in Israel in 1985 by a bullet intended for Philipe, her drug-dealing boyfriend. The source of this is Pierre Jaubert, her producer.

The photo below was kindly submitted exclusively to DiscoMusic.com by Pierre Jaubert, the producer of the late Chantal Curtis / Chantal Sitruk. The photo was taken in 1978 and features Chantal on the left and Pierre on the right.
Chantal Curtis - Chantal Sitruk

Listen to Get Another Love:

Listen to a Live version of Get Another Love by Chantal Curtis:

Listen to I'm Burnin':

Listen to Disco Dance sung by Chantal Curtis under the pseudonym Michele:

Listen to Can't You Feel It:

Listen to Magic Love sung by Chantal Curtis under the pseudonym, Michele:

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Djaka |

I am looking to get in touch with Pierre Jaubert, it is very urgent. Anybody having is contact, please email me at djakasouare@gmail.com

Lloyd |

I, too, have a great love for "Get Another Love"...so funky and hypnotic. Bit of a tragic tale though, kinda similar to what happened to Tracy Weber, a mistaken bullet. I will have to check out "Hit Man"...thanks for taking the time out to post about this Pierre, the backstories are always interesting....

disco45 |

Mr. Pierre Jaubert.

I am Disco 45 from Japan. Owner of Disco Blog 'Disco 45'
I love your disco music so much. Chantal Curtis, ICE, Michele,Captain Dax(Big hit in Japan!) and more.

I want to know Chantal Curtis's more information and episode.
Her voice is very beautiful, strong and individual !
I love 'Hit Man'


pierre jaubert |

I am pierre jaubert , producer of Chantal Curtis , her real name was chantal Sitruk , she originated from Tunisia and was living in Paris , my contact with her , was in a street in Paris, she was talking to a girl friend walking along , and I qpoted her warm voice instantlt , walked to her and asked her she could sing , yes she said and I need money
if you want information , e mail me
hit man vinyl, is available

easypeasy |

This track is phenomenal. In London this went down an absolute storm when it was released...Especially in the black underground clubs. Even tho London underground was firmly in the grip of all things stateside, back in the late 70's this track more than held it's own with all the major tracks of the era. I would have to put it in my top ten all time killer classics from that era

jeff |

I've heard a famous DJ has remix the music of Chantal Curtis. Is he the Hitman you talk about?
i'm really looking for this music.... if one of you can help....
i love all what's connected to chantal curtis... that's why i'll try to make her survive!!
Thanx for helping (sorry for my bad english)

vyniljunkie |

What a waste, MURDERED??!!!!?? She was so talented, it is a shame that in this world, voices like angels doesn't make you immune to the violence of devils. God Bless her.

locotek |

Hitman, to me, is one of those rare masterpieces that validates the power of good disco music. I remember dancing to it at the Paradise Garage. I can still feel the vibe when that record came which he followed with the also timeless brake of Love and Kisses' I found love. Hitman has that mixture of good base, voice and percussion that kicks a** and can be worked today. Them tamborines in the brake are enough to push you to the edge. Unfortunately I have never seen it on CD which is really too bad.

DancinBoy |

Sad to know someone who's album i was just looking at last night has passed.Get Another Love i beieve was a great song but Hitman brought the heat. The interesting thing about Chantal Curtis is she was from Europe but her records were very New York she had a very sensual voice

Raphael |

Hello People,

I remembered when I first heard "Get Another Love" on WKTU in NYC...Paco (disc jockey at the time) had introduced Chantal in one of his mixes. The blend was so smooth that I had to run out and get me a copy. Hey, I still have that copy and in mint condition. I was shocked to see Chantal in this section. She had a beautiful voice, but did not have enough exposure. May you rest in peace, Chantal.


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