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Gene Meer

Written by Bernard Lopez

Westchester, New York Disco DJ

Music has always been my passion. When I was getting my college and law degree. DJ'ing brought me money to pay my bills and many people who I may have never met.

Gene Meer

In the early 1970s I spent time in New York City listening and watching how people responded to the earliest DJs. I realized that the best music and energy were in the gay clubs. However, NYC had its own click of DJs and was very cut-throat and catty. Lots of back stabbing too.

I went to a little club - Bar in New Rochelle, New York. They were playing rock & roll music. I heard another club opened down the block on North Avenue. I went over there and the DJ was playing same stuff. He told me that he was going to quit place was dead. I introduced myself to the owners and told them I did some spinning from time to time.

The next week I took over and brought my New York City music knowledge and collection. The SECOND FLOOR was born and Westchester grew up. News traveled fast. New music hip fashion crowds hot girls. People were coming from all over NYC, Westchester, Connecticut, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn...

So from 1970-71 to 1976 I had a home and the owners were happy. Got a couple of raises to go along the way to help tuition and buy a new Corvette. Everyone wanted to know who was the DJ. Where was he getting these new records never heard on the radio yet.

The music system got upgraded: turntables, speakers, lights, action. Metronome was full and in affect. Music was played seamlessly taking the crowd higher and slowly bringing them back down only to hit them with something that made everyone scream. Never allowed my people to be bored to death with one continuous beat. Instruments voices and drums all complemented each other to create an atmosphere but not that fluffy stuff it had to have soul. A little crazy Waltz some good ole rock & roll at the end of the night no one was leaving. Well until the cops showed up.

Of course we were being copied and new clubs started to open up. It was inevitable. I was on the move Seconds , Kew Gardens, Queens, Gazebo Brooklyn opened club resident DJ till I quit 1977
Vamps nite club. Beef Steak Charlie's was in the same building Hartsdale,/ White Plains got to play with all the top Disco Groups 1977.

Blue Dalia Yonkers, NY got our gay crowd, but soon getting mixed crowd as people heard energy and music was dope. 1978

Gene Meer

In the end I was doing invitation nights at various clubs around NYC and the metro area. Finally wound up doing a gig in Puerto Rico and Caan, France 1979-1980 through my RE connections. I was repping designers GA Versace Ferragamo Valentino Chanel and so on. See me LinkedIn: Gene Meer president FRI NYC

My era ended, but the music never died in my heart. Oh, people ask what happened to your record collection. I gave it all up to a young upcoming Spanish DJ in the Bronx who went on to make a big name for himself.

In the end I want to thank all the people who partied with me all those magical years and gave me the enjoyment I will treasure forever.

Love & Peace

Photo below: Geno DJ today still spinning the wax 2014 New York City.
Gene Meer 2014

Photos below from Gene Meer.
Description: Tatiana, Ala Geno DJ My dancing girls loved gazebo Bkln girls rock DJ Geno still spinning the wax NYC 2014 Fashion runways.

Geno DJ


Your Comments

Geno DJ |

Jose, thank you for your compliment. Spent so much time sunshine records remixing cuts and finding future hits. So that we could present intoxicating music experience. From strings , brass , base, piano to voice melody s all intertwined to keep the music lovers , dancers captivated and wanting more. Like an artist capturing the essence of pure soul penetrating sound. Our dancers never missed a beat gliding on dance floor like a well produced choreography.
I studied the crowds and was always learning how to stay above the bar set. Thanks to some of early DJ's in NYC provided me the impetus to always strive provide the best music experience every night.

jose irizarry |

The best clubs in Westchester at the time were the Milky Way, Peachtree's and the Second Floor. They all provided the best party crowds and dancers from all over the area. People would come from as far as Connecticut and NYC. To see the Trammps, Teddy and Gloria perform at the Milky Way. At Peachtree's the parties were great. Wednesday's was the $5 all you could eat BBQ. While Roger Rocked the House with War(Galaxy), Cerrone or Teddy P. On some nights you would run into celebrities partying. But the FLOOR had the MUSIC, like the Salsoul Orchestra, Thelma, First Choice and Barry. Spinning the soul into your body until you were Stone to the Bone. After the partying died down in Westchester in the early 80's I continued on to the city where I found clubs like the Infernos, Paradise Garage, Infinities, The Funhouse, Gotham's, Bonds , Studio 54, Xenon's and many more. Those days were great. Those times and music can never be duplicated.

Geno DJ |

Thank you for comments !
Most definitely check them out,
Keep on dancing music is the a universal language in which anyone can express themselves.
Love & peace Geno

Janie-CT |

I loved those days, my son also got a degree in law and now changed to medical school while DJing with his partner (Dave&Gerardo) in NYC, FL, Brazil etc. to make money until he graduates. Google them. Their music remix is awesome for this time. Thanks Gene. I remember those fun times and great music as well. Never got as far as Brooklyn. Went to Ernie Barry's once, but not for dancing. I still enjoy listening to the music and the hustle and swing has gotten popular again. Too bad you gave it up. You might want to consider deejaying again.....


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