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Derek Pavone

Written by Derek Pavone

Seattle, Washington DJ (b. April 22, 1973 - present)

Derek Pavone DJ Pavone has been listening to and collecting music since the late 1970s. Beginning his professional DJ career in Seattle at Purr Cocktail Lounge in 2007, he would spin a diverse collection of music including Jazz, Acid Jazz, Lounge, Nu-Disco, House, Indie Dance, Electro and Dub. He would soon discover the vast world of classic Disco and begin the long and wonderful journey towards becoming one of Seattle's most renowned Disco DJs.

While DJ Pavone sticks mainly to classic Disco, he can also be heard spinning Nu-Disco, Tech House, Indie Dance, Funk and Soul. Never compromising on quality and style, Pavone's DJ sets are sure to inspire and unite the dance floor.

In Seattle, DJ Pavone has graced the decks at Pony, Purr, Eagle, Cuff, Havana, Tommy Gun and Bus Stop. And in Portland, Oregon at Red Cap Garage and Aalto Lounge.

Derek Pavone's programming reflects an aesthetic that is timeless: he brings the same enthusiasm to championing noteworthy music minted two days ago as he does to uncovering lost classics from earlier eras, and knows how to intermingle all of them in a fluid style that keeps listeners engaged and entertained. His taste is impeccable. He's not only one of my favorite DJs in Seattle, he's one of my favorite DJs period.
--Kurt B. Reighley (DJ El Toro/KEXP)

DJ (Derek) Pavone is not just rising; he is a shooting star in Seattle. We first recognized his natural talent for mixing dance tunes three years ago during his humble beginnings at the pre-funk cocktail lounge, Purr. He's moved up to headline his own successful events at Pony and is now part of Seattle's first queer only "DJ Collective" team headed by the DJ deity, Nark.
--Seattle Gay Scene

DJ Derek always brings a party in the most unexpected ways! He's got a killer catalogue of rare tracks and stellar taste in music. And he gets more people moving than Activia yogurt!
--DJ Freddy, King of Pants





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