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Patrick Juvet

Written by Dayna*

Swiss/French Disco artists (b. 1950 - present)

Patrick Juvet Patrick Juvet was born in Montreux, Switzerland on August 21st 1950,

Patrick Juvet Patrick Juvet became a music fan at a young age.
After modeling in Germany for 2 years The photogenically handsome Patrick moved to Paris which had been his dream since childhood.
Once involved in the French music scene
He met French producer Eddie Barclay
and his music carrer took off.
Not only singing but writing songs as well.
Juvet Graced us with dancefloor hits including "Ou sont les femmes" (1977), "I Love America" (1978) which went to number one in 15 different counries including the United States and "Lady Night" ,.
He went on a Europeon tour in 1980
"his first"

Since then Patrick Juvet has done A.I.D.s benifits and still works in the business. Still living in his beloved Paris.

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KDavid13 |

Living in Quebec - I can easily reaffirm that Patrick Juvet was NOT a one hit wonder.

His music (mainly ballads) were all over the airwaves.LES BLEUS AU COEUR is a very beautiful song.

His 2 Casablanca albums are at the top of my list when it comes to disco faves.And when you put them both on the same disc ; it's even better.

THE GAY PARIS medley is so great.

Dayna* |

Yes, so was Kelly Marie..
I specified "in Europe"..
Plus there was life for Patrick before "I Love America"..Just look at his Discography and I really like "Lady Night"the entire album, alot, which came after.

vyniljunkie |

Lady D, in Europe he was big, so was TINA CHARLES and DAVID HASSELHOFF. In the States? Almost a one-hit wonder, but more. How about a ONE-ALBUM WONDER?? He really didn't do much here after I LOVE AMERICA! Did he?? Not here, anyway.

Dayna* |

He was definately not a one hit wonder..
In Europe he "was" pretty much a Superstar
The States sometime over look very good talent and tracks as well..

Cory Ander |

well, when your biggest hit takes up an entire album side, maybe all you need is one hit (a la "In a Gadda Da Vida").

vyniljunkie |

In his day, I thought that PATRICK was going to be a superstar. After I LOVE AMERICA, how could you not think that! That song rocked the DISCO scene and packed their Dance Floors. Never had another HUGE hit like that again?? WONDERING WHY?? Glad to see he is still going strong!!


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