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Written by Dayna*

1970- The Present

GroovearbanoGroovearbano Groovearbano

He started his music career as a guitarist and it was only after years of dirty rock 'n' roll that he eventually turned into a discofreak with a tender heart. He started playing around the old continent between the end of the '80s and the beginning of the '90s with Upset Noise, a quite popular band among the punk community of that time, which released a handful of albums of great impact.

After this experience, he formed another band, Jeko Baobab, also pretty known both in Italy and abroad, so to reach the finals of Arezzo Wave, a well-known Italian festival. As a dj, Groovearbano has been proposing for years a music that has few equals in terms of stylistic coherence, a rare mixture of disco-funk-electrosoul-phillysound strictly from the '75/'85period , not played with a revival spirit, but rather as a tribute to a sound that is warm and sensual like no other.

He has been dubbed The Godfather of Disco by many of his peers and you can "catch his show on Diva Radio on myspace 10 till midnight Central European time"
Playing 2 hours of pure D-I-S-C-O

I think he is a brilliant Dj and remixer..not to mention one of the sexiest EVER.."that's my opininon"..
here is his myspace link

Big hug and kiss to you Massimo


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Bobby Cutchins |

When I am at home on Saturday nights you can be sure that I am listening to "Groovearbano" on Diva Radio. You don't have to worry about the level of entertainment. The great Massimo always "ROCKS". He is definitely the master of the groove!

Bobby Cutchins


Chubbz (with a "C" as in "Can't keep my earz off the music!! |

WhaT it LooK LiKe, Y'aLL~

Groovearbano "Got it like That" on Diva radio.

Keeps the mix in check and makes me feel like I'm at Club Max in Beatown back in the sevenies~

Keep 'em spinnin', Massimo~~~~~(you go,bebecakes!!! LoL)

PS~Stinky says "Bau, bau, Groovearbano!"~heh heh heh...

Gene_Leone_Mix |

Hi DDayna!

Let me jump in here.. *lol*
Groovearbano is GREAT! "Massimo" is one the select, top shelf, genuinely talented DJ's of 2008... WHO "gets it" musically, mixing the best of the old with the best of the new in REAL MUSIC, and Groovearbano never misses a MIX or a GROOVE.

I'm picky about internet radio shows, and I listen to Groovearbano's shows on Diva on Saturday night regularly. It is also a pleasure working with him on musical creative levels as well, and he knows he's got my support, big time!
Yo Groove! Keep Kickin' It, Will Ya!
Gene Leone



Carolyn |

It has been an absolute delight encountering Groovearbano. He certainly gets my Disco juices flowing!
As a DJ, he definitely captures the spirit of the era. As a remixer he is AWESOME!
Our Collaboration has been assigned by the Gods. You are MY 'Kinda' FLAVA & I LOVE YOU!


Stiliyan |

Hi there;)
I'm Stiliyan from Bulgaria and I just want to thank you of what Groovearbano play as a disco,as he's just great!

Stiliyan a.k.a Love & Happiness Music

Dayna* |

Grooverbano's Diva Radio show is on Saturday nights 10pm-Midnight
Central European time
I forgot to put the day of the week in his Bio...


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