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Gino Soccio

Written by vyniljunkie

Canadian Disco artist (b. 1955 to present)

When someone mentions GINO SOCCIO to a deejay, his eyes light up. This French Canadian gave us countless nights of spinning magic using his music. Born in Montreal, GINO'S songs gave us energy and thrills. The way his music lent itself for mixing and re-mixing made him very popular, especially with the better deejays who actually knew what they had.

GINO SOCCIO started as a musician, his early work was very impressive, he was KEBEKELETRICK(Quebec electric) who gave us MAGIC FLY and WAR DANCE amongst the more playable tracks.

He started producing, and his first release was a DISCO CLASSIC. A group produced by GINO called WITCH QUEEN released BANG-A-GONG. This was a huge hit, it roared through DISCO dance floors all over the world. I was hooked! Still as a producer, he gave us KAREN SILVER'S HOLD ON I'M COMING! While not a big hit, it was very DISCO, and was played at a lot of urban DISCOS.

Now GINO SOCCIO was ready.He knew exactly what he wanted to do as a soloist.First came a spectacular DISCO CLASSIC that started in GAY clubs and soon found its way into every club in the states, DANCER! The breaks were fantastic to mix in and out from. They also gave a great deejay a lot of room to improve it with their own re-mix versions. DANCER shot right up the charts, and soon was #1.Then came the very European sounding THE VISITORS. Another great mix song, it too, shot up the charts. Finally one of my all-time favorites, the very well received DANCE TO DANCE was released. It came with a few variations on the 12", and gave someone like me an opportunity to show-off. This was a re-mixers delight. Plenty of instrumental tracks lead to a fantastic break. So much one could do with it. It went right to number one. What every release from his first album featured was the euro-sound, and the ability for a excellent deejay to work magic and re-mix to his hearts desire.

His follow-up LP gave us more of the same. S-BEAT was more"New Wave", but still a DISCO sounding record that packed the dance floors. When DISCO-NET re-mixed RHYTHMS OF THE WORLD, more packed dance floors followed. By the time GINO SOCCIO released HEARTBREAKER, we had come to expect DISCO CLASSICS from him. He delivered! SIX songs got charted from his first two albums!

He surprised everyone when his third album was slower, less euro-sounding, more soulful, more like R&B. It didn't have that driving DISCO beat that his first two LP'S produced. I was worried. I was dumb to do that, the first three cuts from his third album did just like the others, they climbed the charts. CLOSER was a slower version of his prior work. It worked, the floors rumbled to GINO. And when TRY IT OUT was released, I went bonkers re-mixing it. I can remember performing various variations with my constant re-mixing. It would drive the dance floor crazy. Everyone wanted my version. I loved the horns on TRY IT OUT, would double-up on them, sent their echoing sounds throughout the song. Finally when HOLD TIGHT was released, it made nine songs charted from three albums. He was a stud this GINO SOCCIO.

His final album wasn't very good, music tastes had changed, and GINO saw the handwriting on the wall. He slowly faded into the background, literally. He became a studio musician and session player again. He has kept a low profile and today lives in Quebec. Maybe one day GINO will surprise us with another DANCE TO DANCE!

Listen to Dancer by Gino Soccio:

Listen to Remember by Gino Soccio:

It's Alright



The Scene

Turn It Around


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born2disco |

"His final album wasn't very good"… beg to differ! This is my favourite Gino album of all. No fillers on this one, just great understated funky disco gems. For his final album he went out not with a whimper, but a bang.

Frank Vega |

yeah wheres gino


Where is Gino


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