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Tina Charles

Written by Bernard Lopez

Tina Charles is the British Disco singer best known for her 1970s hits, Dance Little Lady, Dance. (b. March 10th 1954 - Present)

Tina Charles speaks about her Disco days with Bernard Lopez of DiscoMusic.com.

Tina CharlesCould you give the readers of DiscoMusic.com a little background as to where and when you where born and a little about your family?

I was born on 10th March 1954 in London, I took my fathers forename Charles (Charles Hoskins the British actor) as my stage name. My family are all Londoners, I had a fantastic upbringing.

Although I understand you are from England, you always struck me as having a Mediterranean look. What is your families ethnicity?

My family heritage is from London, although it has been reported incorrectly that I am of Greek descent.

I have to say that I love your voice and the "feel-good" energy behind it. Thank you for giving us some truly memorable songs. How were you introduced to music and when did you decide to make it your livelihood?

I went to stage school, from there started to make demos when I was 15 years with Elton John and realised I would become a professional.

Divaduetz feat. Kelly Marie and Tina CharlesCould you tell us how you became involved with 5000 Volts?

It was two friends Martin and Tony, I recorded it for a session fee for only 200.

Many may not know this, but you worked early on with Trevor Horn. How did you meet and do you still keep in touch?

Trevor Horn and I go back a long way we were partners in the 70's. I most recently sang at his "Producers" gigs with Lol Creme, Chris Brade, Ash Colke and Steve Lipson at the Jazz Cafe in London in July 2007.

What prompted you to go solo?

I was always solo, however because I did was a session singer I was booked for all sorts of work.

Tina CharlesYou were extremely popular during the 1970s, did you have any challenges balancing your personal life and career?

It was hard not seeing my son Max walking and talking for the first time, he has turned out a fantastic adult, I am proud to be a Grandmother to his 3 boys Josh, Alex and Zak.

Please tell us how you met up with Biddu and how was it working with him. Are you still in contact with him?

Yes I am still in contact with Biddu and we met through a session singer called Lee Vanderbilt.

What is your favorite song from your solo career and why?

I just love "Go" and really enjoyed recording it.

Which song was your biggest single as far as sales go?

"I Love To Love."

Is there any unreleased material from that time that still hasn't seen the light of day and why?

I recorded "Blame it on the Boogie" before Michael Jackson, Sony said it was not a strong enough song.

What are your feelings on Disco?

I just love it.

Are you still performing today and do you have any new releases due out?

I am still performing and have just recorded a new album "Listen 2 the Music" which consists of my favourite songs. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

What are your hobbies and interests outside music?

I love cooking, dinning out and socialising with my dear friends.
I regularly look after my grandchildren and love my dogs Monty, Suzie and Porcha.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans at DiscoMusic.com?

Thank you so much for your support, I send big hugs.

Tina, thanks so much for taking time out to speak with DiscoMusic.com. All your fans here wish you the best and say, "Dance, Little Lady, Dance!"

- The End.

Written by Bernard Lopez [DiscoMusic.com] (July 2007)

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Your Comments

I am Luis lima, from brazil. |

Unforgetble that´s what Tina is to me. All comes back to you Tina! From litle lady dance to love bug. hope that you´re still full of life and very happy.

maria marley |

Always loved your records now my children's favourite did not realize you were born in Whitechapel the same as me would love to know which schools you went to

DeserTBoB |

This prompted me to dig around, and lo and behold, I found a promo 12" 45 of "I Love To Love". LOL

Trevor Corrigan |

I'm Trevor, live in Sydney Australia and love Tina Charles and her music. She has the greatest voice of all time in my opinion. I was a child when she was a star (I was born in 1971), but I remember hearing her on radio and TV and loved her music. My favourite song is "You Set My Heart On Fire". My favourite music is 1970's disco and this is due to Tina Charles. I hope that she tours Sydney, I'd love to see her perform. Thank you for great music Tina, may God bless you. Your music will be played in Heaven for sure.

Michel |

I recall Tina coming to Montreal for TV performance back in the days of the summer games years in late '76 it was a major event. "I love to love" is definitely in my top10 disco songs.

djemai locif |

halo salut tous le monde et aviva Algérie 123

Peter |

Tina is one of Germany's leading Disco Queens, there is no 70's show without
Tina Charles or 5000 Volts she has and still lights up the rooms and fills the dance floor with her music. RTL Televison just has voted her # 6 out
of the top 20 Disco stars ever!
Good luck with the new album,
amazing vocals and great songs selection.
Any remixes planed?

Dayna |

Great Interview Bernie..
Thanks to you and Tina...
lots of info I never knew..


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