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    Talkin' 'bout it : FREE MAN


    I'm wondering if I'm all alone on this one :oops: :oops:

    About South Shore Commission 's "FREE MAN "

    Is it apparent to everyone else that the two lead vocals switching back and forth ... that this is a pick-up dialogue being sung between a male and a female ???
    After finally really listening to the lyrics beyond ......
    ..... "I'm a free man and talkin' 'bout it "......
    ....... have I only recently figured this out :roll: :oops: ....I always thought it was a couple of guys hollerin' and braggin' while prowling and having a good night out on the town ....... oh well ... whudya know .... :)

    I'll say this ... that is one deep husky sexy voice though !!! ...... and his aint bad either !! :D


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    I always thought it was a man and a woman.

    Aren't the lyrics?

    "Girl I'm a free man, I'm a free man and talkin' bout it"

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    That part of the song , nrgbeat , a guy singing " Girl, I'm a free man ... " didn't strike me as odd .... it was when the other "guy" sings " ... I know you understand ..... why I don't want no married man ...." that I thought something was up .. this was either a very progressive song .... or ???? ....

    Even with that in mind I couldn't tell .. in that era of the Stylistics-like falsettos , the voice easily registers into the male range and with a strong vibrato too ...and since I'd alway heard it as male ... I still wasn't completely sure just by listening ....

    I had to look it up to clarify :

    The lead vocals are by Frank McGurry and Sheryl Henry ( & luckily not Chris or Pat Henry or something ...... :D )

    Hey maybe its actually Henry Sheryl !!! :roll:

    A classic tune and I like it even more as I listen to these two wantingly negotiate this seduction back and forth ......... I wonder how that night eventually progressed ?? ...... :P :P

    By the way this group put out only one album .... however , even so there's a greatest hits release!! ...and not just the best of either's the VERY best of The South Shore Commission :D :D


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    I'm wondering if I'm all alone on this one

    Remicks , don’t feel bad about missing the Male /Female vocals, it happened before around here…

    “Another Philly sparked act, South Shore Commission shot right into the disco pantheon in 1975. Produced by the brilliantly eccentric Bunny Sigler, “Free man” is a model of rhythmic relentlessness. Set up as an exchange between a suspicious woman (Don’t need no part time lover/comin to share my cover”) and an all to available man (“Girl, I’m a free man and talking ‘bout it”), it builds dramatically as they come to term, then slows for a break that strips the orchestrations and rebuilds it bit by bit"...…. "Freedom is the key to loving me” ripe with double meaning in the Black power years, gave “Free Man” an added edge" ...

    Taken from the ‘Super Rare Disco’ Vol 1 liner notes by Vince Aletti (1997)

    South Shore Commission also had a club hit later with “We’re on the right track" which was previously released in ’73 by Ultra High Frequency….

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    Thanks for the input and info Mixmachine ..... you must have one of the coolest record collections ....would love to see how you have it set up ..maybe you could post a picture or two of your library sometime?? ............ :D 8)

    That's a good summary of "FREE MAN " ..although I might argue that the guy 'n the gal are not so far apart on what they are each talkin' bout ... both doing the same dance ... just some different moves ....

    Definitely one of the all-time significant disco records ....


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    ...I'm not sure where I read I,but I think the song
    was slowed down(maybe by
    Tom Moulton)thus causing
    the lower register on both leads.Of In the clubs in 1975 we thought
    it was two men singing to
    each other-which of course
    made it much more hotter!


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