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    I have to say vinyl all the way

    i have about 16 record boxes of all vinyl and i have to say its alot more work to carry them around then 1 box of cds but to me its not as fun as vinyl and i dont think u need to practice as much with vinyl. cds are alot easier i think

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    Hi djoem, welcome to the board!

    A lot of posts and a lot of conflicting ideas have been already spent on that!

    I am a vinyl lover, but I have to say some 12" I'm looking for I'll never get.

    Think about:

    Jakki - Sun sun sun

    Hamilton Affair - how can I keep in touch with you

    Orlando Riva Sound - Body to body boogie

    Johnson Products - Johnson Jumpin'

    BTW, could you give a listen to my locker at

    Thanks in advance


    Fan the fire!


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    Wow Artist

    JAKKI SUN...SUN...SUN... - PYRAMID RECORDS 12" EU VG+/VG+ (Very Good Plus) "" ARCHDD $201.00 BUY Info...

    You can go to for hard to find but it must be some collectable at $200 Bucks WOW

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    There is a version there for $18


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