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Thread: 70's...Keep dancin? Help!!!

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    70's...Keep dancin? Help!!!

    need help with a 70's disco song

    sang by a man, with a VERY high pitched voice
    (kind of bee gees or michael jackson ,kc sunshine band sounding)

    this song is VERY disco sounding, fast paced

    the only words i know are Keep on dancing, or it might be disco dancing..something to that effect and it is repeated often through out the song...

    i wish i could sing it to someone as it is a popular song that i still hear now and then (it is not rare and a never heard song)

    it is not dancing machine by jackson 5, nor is it you should bbe dancing by bee gees...

    i have tried everything...obviously, the title of it is something that i would never think of.

    ANY suggestions would be appreciated

    please help get this song off my mind, it is driving me crazy.

    thanks in advance,


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    Michelle ma belle,

    Could it be Gary's Gang "Keep on' dancing"?

    Keep on the funky music

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    That was my thought too. It's on the "54" soundtrack. It's from 1979....more of a club record...but probably was played on the radio at the time... where you heard it would help to determine it's obviousness or obscurity level.

    "Keep on dancing to the funky music...

    Will you dance with me--eee-eee tonight? (this is sung in a falsetto) bum bum bum bum bum

    Dance, Dance, Dance....repeats

    It's got a festive, very distinctive sound. I think it's the keyboards...or some instrument that is unknown to me...lotsa of instrumental passages.
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    nope, it is not garys gang

    i wish it was, but it is not....

    and this song is actually played alot today on the radio

    so i think it is probabbly a common band, and a commom song,,, i just cant put my finger on it...

    kind of sounds like earth wind and they have one like that?

    thanks for your replies

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    OK, here's the info I was looking for. Stan has advised...keep all the info in the same thread....otherwise you've got people guessing things that have already been discarded as not the right song.

    Just do a reply to the orginal post...otherwise you confuse and eventually get on people's nerves. Oh no, NOT this again!!!! :lol:
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    OK, after my lecture... :P

    If the clue is Earth, Wind & Fire...

    try "Boogie Wonderland"...

    "Dance!! Boogie Wonderland!! Dance, Dance Dance!!"
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    sorry, i didnt know to just relpy to same thread...
    i am new on here, i will do that for now on

    anyway, it is not earth wind and fire boogie wonderland, but that is a great song too...

    the song probably is from a top 20 list...

    where can i look through some of those?

    thanks everyone,,,sorry if i am driving you crazy with this.

    michelle :D

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    Patti LaBelle 'Music is my way of life'

    just in case it really wasn't a mans voice :D

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    i will try and let you know...

    also, the voice and the music is kind of like jive...kind of maybe an african american disco..

    i will let you know


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    Try Grey and Hanks, "Dancin'". Male, African-American, kind of high in the vocal register. Lots of radio airplay.


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    it was not patti labelle music is my way of life...

    thanks anyway,
    i will try anything


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    Could it be something by Sylvester? Sings in a falsetto; fast disco tempos. Even that seems too obscure for K-Mart Radio...but "Dance, Disco Heat" maybe?

    Did ya check out "Boogie Nites" by Heatwave as someone suggested? That's more mainstream.
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    I was thinking maybe "Can't Stop Dancing" by Sylvester, but doubt that would be played on the radio.

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    Could it be "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" by Leo Sayer? He has a high pitched voice.

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    carls wife - i know that song!!!!!




    No Romanc, Just want to dance by Theo Vaness.

    "she says oh oh keep on dancing, oh oh keep on dancing"

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