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    Please ID - "People Get Up...Stomp Your Feet"

    Does anyone know the name of the original song that has the vocals "People Get Up...Stomp Your Feet"? It is sampled by Brian Tappert & John Julius Knight in Delirious People. <DEAD LINK REMOVED> is a sample of the vocals being mixed with some Tribal House music. Please help me identify this song. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi SoloDeejay,

    i never heard of the "delirious people",although im also in this state from time to time.Anyhow: Its out of a funksong from the mid-70s.
    The track is called "Free and happy" from Mass Production (on their LP "Believe").

    Have a nice weekend and all the best :)

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    Thanks for the Quick Reply

    Wow, Thanks for the quick reply. Now to search for the Acapella.

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    It is by Mass Production, but the track's called 'People Get Up'. "People, get up...stomp your feet and get down..." is the a capella intro.
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    Where can I Find it

    Where can I find it?

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    Re: Where can I Find it

    Quote Originally Written by DJSolo
    Where can I find it?
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