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    the simple life top ten quotes!

    anyone else find the simple life funny? i think paris not only lives in a different state i think shes on another planet :lol: heres the top 10.....

    1. On arrival at their new 'home', the girls are stunned to discover that they'll be sleeping in a converted porch, which contains a grill-covered well:
    [Bemused looks]
    Paris: "What are wells for?"
    Janet Leding: "To get water."
    [Bemused looks]

    2. At the supermarket, the girls are looking for generic bottled water:
    Paris: "What does generic mean? Do you know?"
    Nicole: "No."

    3. At the supermarket checkout, the girls realise they've blown their $50 budget:
    Nicole to checkout guy: "We're a little short. Can we just have it?"
    Checkout guy: "No, you can't just have it. This isn't a soup kitchen."
    Paris: "Great, this is so lame."

    And on the way home from the supermarket...
    Nicole: "I can't believe he wouldn't just give it to us!"
    Paris mocking checkout guy: "I know 'This isn't a soup kitchen'."
    Nicole: "I know! What does that mean? 'soup kitchen'?"

    4. When grandma Curly Leding says she's going to teach the girls to pluck chickens, they're not amused:
    Nicole: "I'm not plucking anything? except my eyebrows!"

    5. Around the dinner table:
    Paris: "What is Walmart?? Do they sell walls stuff?"
    [Jaws drop...the Leding family look stunned]
    Nicole: "In 'The South' people hang out there."

    6. The girls are sent to spend a morning with the St. Mary's quilting circle but soon get bored:
    Nicole: "Don't you guys get bored of making squares? You guys should make it a little edgier? like maybe some cigarette burns."
    Shocked women: "Cigarette burns? I don't think people around here would want to buy that."
    Nicole: "Well, what about if you put some paint on it like graffiti?"
    Women: "No, absolutely not!"
    Nicole: "I know you guys are traditional but?" [falls off chair in mock-boredom]

    7. The girls start work at the Sonic burger bar, but Paris doesn't take kindly to her hairnet: "I'm going to start crying, I feel so ugly."

    8. While at the burger bar, the girls are asked to change the sign outside the drive-through. Their manager is less than impressed when they change it to read '1/2 price anal salty weiner bugers'.

    9. On being handed a pay cheque:
    Nicole: "What do we do with it?"
    Manager: "Cash it."
    Nicole: "Where?"
    Manager: "At the bank."

    10. The girls find road kill and decide to take it home with them:
    Paris: "I've never seen road kill in LA."
    Nicole: "Ergh, what is that?"
    Paris: "It's a new belt!"

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Voyage is offline Underground Hit [Level 5]
    I've never watched this show, but have heard from it...These quotes are so funny :lol:

    Voyage :P

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    This show I've only seen once since they started to air it over here. Paris is on another planet?? LOL That doesn't even describe it :lol:
    Actually shows like this tend to give me a headache!


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