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Thread: Does Anyone Know...?

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    I'm looking for the following tunes on CD in their full 12" versions. I've checked the All Music Guide and while it tells me that some of these are on cd, it doesn't give me the timings. Does anyone have the full-length versions of the following on CD?

    "I Got To Have Your Love" - Fantastic Four

    "Feel The Need" - Detroit Emeralds (Tom Moulton Remix from 1977)

    "24 Hours A Day" - Barbara Pennington

    "Love Machine" - Tempest Trio

    Any info appreciated. Thanks.

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    Uh, guys & gals, are you telling me by your SILENCE that NOONE has any of these records on CD?

    Surely, someone has the Greatest Hits of Barbara Pennington, Fantastic Four, or Detroit Emeralds; all say the songs I want are on the CD's, but none give timings, so I'm assuming they are all radio edits.

    Doesn't anyone have the 411 on this?
    "Lost inside adorable illusion...."

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    You're not being ignored, at least by me. I just don't have any info on this.

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    Paul, I sounded a little petulant, I realize, but it was meant to be humorous. If no one knows, no big whoop--but, with all the obscure stuff people compare notes on here, these records seem pretty mainstream. Anyway, they're all really good and I want 'em.
    "Lost inside adorable illusion...."

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    Well, I can *make* a CD of 24 Hours A Day, but I don't have any of the others...

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    Hey Graham,

    Thanks for the offer. That would be great. Do you have the 12 inch? By the way, how does one get into that select circle of folks who receive the Graham Start restorations I read about here from time to time?

    If you'd rather not get into this on the board, please e-mail me. Thanks.


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    Check your email

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    .... buy vinyl!!!!!

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    Hey Graham,

    I e-mailed to the address you gave me and I just got a notice that it was undeliverable (the recipient name is not recognized). What now, my love? Will the Hotmail address listed work? Let me know. Thanks.


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    Ack.. did I put a typo in that message I sent? It should be ... I *know* it's working; I just tested it... oh yeah, and I get about 100 messages a day from various mailing lists.

    If that still fails (internet quirkiness, it happens) then yeah, my Hotmail address is still there, but I've been trying to wean myself off of it.

    BTW, it turns out that my copy of this is in pretty rough shape, so this might take a while.

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    "24 hours a day", Barbara Pennington 3:21 from "The Best of Barbara Pennington" CD

    "Love Machine", Tempest Trio 5:25 from "The Best of TK Records" CD

    BTW, Almighty Records released an updated remix of "24 hours a day" 8:14

    and a cover of "Feel the need" by Utopia

    Disco Lives !!!

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    On 2001-11-07 16:20, Giovanni wrote:

    .... buy vinyl!!!!!

    Right on Giovanni!

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    On 2001-11-07 23:28, ehuerta wrote:

    "24 hours a day", Barbara Pennington 3:21 from "The Best of Barbara Pennington" CD

    12" version clocks in at 9:22. One of the most over-extended tracks I have ever come across!

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    On 2001-11-08 01:28, JussiK wrote:

    On 2001-11-07 16:20, Giovanni wrote:

    .... buy vinyl!!!!!

    Right on Giovanni!

    (Gets on soapbox)

    Sorry guys... but I firmly believe that if we are to keep disco alive, we need to put it on a format that is widely accessible. If people don't by disco CDs, they won't make any more of them. Now for the ten of you who already own every single disco record ever, that's no big deal. But for the rest of us, it is. Case in point: the "Disco Forever" compilation is chock full o' ridiculously obscure tracks, some of which are worth a fortune today (like Universal Robot Band's "Barely Breaking Even"). There are probably only a couple hundred copies left of most of those songs. You can't just tell someone to "buy vinyl" for tracks like those; because you can't find them for love or money. You might as well try to buy Rembrandt paintings.

    The 12-inch of "24 Hours A Day" is out of print in all forms. If you can't find it used, you can't have it. Period. There are only so many copies of these records out there, and every day there are a few less to be had (although I concede that in this case, the record is relatively common... but that's not the point). In my town, there's a huge difference between now and even two years ago when it comes to buying vinyl. I've hardly bought anything locally in the last few months even though there's more and more that I want, because there's almost nothing to be found, and there are fewer places to go to. The owners of the shops I frequent tell me that people just aren't selling their vinyl like they used to. So what is one to do? I shell out big bucks to buy some stuff on the net, but I lot of the records that I want aren't to be found anywhere. If we want the music to survive, we need to accept the fact that not everyone can have it on the original format.

    As for the sound quality -- I readily concede that the 16-bit 44.1 kHz CD standard isn't the greatest, and I plan to do my restorations in 24/96 once I upgrade my PC in the hopes that future audio formats will take advantage of them. Then again, millions of people seem perfectly happy with MP3s, which is the worst-sounding format since the 8-track tape, as high-speed tape dubbing had a long way to go back then (BTW, I own a ton of 8-tracks, so I can vouch for this). But the arguement that vinyl is "pure" sound is absolute BULLSHIT. If you know anything about how a record is mastered, you know how compromised the signal path is. Two stages of EQ de-emphasis/emphasis, compression, can't have low frequencies out of phase, and headroom steadily decreases as the groove gets toward the centre. The sound gets so mucked around from the time it's cut to the time it hits your ears that it's amazing it's recognizeable at all. And then there's the surface noise -- which gets a little bit worse each time you play the disc, effectively destroying the sound. The general explanation of "but that's how the artists wanted their music to sound" is a load of crap. A handful of artists might like surface noise, but I'll best most did not appreciate the fact that their works had to be compressed, have the signal from 7 kHz on up steadily cut as the disc plays, or tolerate the distortion at the end of each side. But at the time, it was really the only option. The whole reason that the 12" single was created was *because* vinyl basically sucks. The problem with 12s is that vinyl was not designed to handle these signal levels... so again, you get terrible distortion and/or major treble loss at the end of each side. Having a very high-end stylus/cartridge/tonearm can reduce the distortion somewhat, but this is well beyond what most people can afford (and certainly not what your club DJ would be using).

    And then there is the quality of the presings themselves. Many disco labels used appallingly bad vinyl -- AVI, need I say more? Some people seem to be able to tune out enormous amounts of surface noise. Good for them. Personally, I'm always amazed at how much more of the *music* I can hear after I've corrected the EQ and pulled out all the clicks and rumble. Vinyl wasn't the most popular format back then because it was the best thing ever -- it was only the best thing at the time.

    (wipes foam off mouth)

    So please, spare us the "buy vinyl" arguement. Even with my tirade aside, there's dozens of records I would happily purchase... but I'm not likely to ever find them.

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    While you raise many valid points, I feel that you've taken Giovanni's and Jussi's comments too seriously. I'm pretty sure that if we were able to see them face to face there would have been a little wink-wink and light-hearted nudge on the shoulder to go along with their remarks. Truth be known, Jussi is a big Minidisc and CD fan Right Jussi?

    Back to vinyl, while it has many faults, I still love the warm sound and the great full-size artwork that usually goes with it. I sometimes don't even notice the occassional imperfections since I'm more into the music. Even so, I am getting a little used to the sterile sound of CDs.

    What kind of playback equipment do you have? Later...
    Bernard Lopez

    Owner/publisher of - on the web since 1996. on Facebook and Google+

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