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Thread: Informations about Sugarscoop Inc...

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    Informations about Sugarscoop Inc...


    have someone informations about Sugarscoop, Inc. :o

    Was Sugarscoop Records (Two Sisters, Bang Gang), Importe/12 Records (Tantra, Man Parrish), Cyclops Records (Jan Miles, Valerie Oliver) and the Disconet Program Service all parts of this company?
    Was Captain Mike Wilkinson founder from all this record labels?
    How was the company structure?

    I need so many informations as possible :D


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    Hi Steffen,

    Don't know about Cyclops, but all the others were part of the same company. From what I recall Disconet was the DJ only remix service, Importe/12 was for commercial releases and Sugarscoop was more for the then new B-Boy sound (Two Sisters...) a-la Tommy Boy Records.

    Mike Wilkinson was the founder of Disconet, but I can't confirm his involvement with the other labels.
    Bernard Lopez

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